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Avatar f tn Hearing about what the drug was made from, what areas of my body were being affected by this drug (example - did you know there was a strong anti-depressant (similar to effexor) contained within drug, along with its synthetic opiate? I DID NOT know about this (thanks doc) and it made withdrawing from this drug so much more confusing than your standard opiate (please don't get me wrong, I know getting off any drug is difficult).
Avatar f tn How does one withdraw from tramadol without being sedated. Used it for many years. Can take 20 a day.
Avatar n tn I've seen some treatment centers advertise that they use tramadol to help with opiate withdrawal, yet I've also read that taking tramadol during opiate withdrawal can INCREASE withdrawal symptoms. Can someone set me straight on this? Thanks in advance.
1349329 tn?1276988802 I feel groggy today, but the Anxiety is not as bad as with the Tramadol. I'm not taking enough Vicodin to get "high," but just to take the edge off. I'm also continuing to take my supplements and am keeping things quiet so I don't get more stressed out. I know that in a month the worst should be over, and I will start feeling better.
Avatar n tn Hello Andrew, I'm sure you have probably received replies to your posting by now, but I thought I should let you know about my experience with Ultram (tramadol). I was taking Ultram for about 6 months, right after its introduction, for lower back pain from 2 spinal surgeries. During this time, I was also suffering from depression. I was prescribed elevil (tricyclic antidepressant) along with Ultram. These two meds didn't mix!
Avatar n tn but, I mention them because at the beginning of this year I was extremely depressed from taking them (my brain was just too shut down), I was also on tramadol's at the same time. My doctor then put me on Effexor to deal with the depression (that was in January). Luckily, I could not take the full dose of effexor due to my dystonia (tremor stuff), so i was taking 75 mg. (along with all my dystonia med's - which are all CNS depressants!. As you can imagine, i've been a frickin zombie all year!
Avatar m tn but they all contain tylenol///ultracet is tam with tylenol....Ultram is just tramadol///tramadol is the generic name and Ultam is a brand name Trams do have both an AD quality causing increased seratonin/which is the same action as many popular ADs...zoloft, lexapro, prozac paxil, celexa...but it is an intense immediate effect with trams and these other ADs have to build up over time to help depression...
Avatar n tn I started out on Lexapro fine and have no problems with it still but with Tramadol I feel completely alone with dealing what I can clearly see as an addiction. I started out at 2 pills in the am and 2 and night. Now I take ten in the morning till I start to slow down around lunch time then I take ten more. I take 20 50mg pills a day and I can't stop. The quantities consistently increase no matter how I try to stop taking them all together. The withdrawls scare the hell out of me.
Avatar f tn I have been completely off of Effexor for two weeks now and am still experiencing severs withdrawal symptoms. At peak I was on 300 mg./day, tapered down to 150mg/day, then tapered that to every other day, got to every third day and went to 75 mg. same regiment, down to 37.5's and was havig to take then every other day for a while. Dr. said when I got to every third day, go ahead and stop.
Avatar f tn Oh and if it's your first try on antidepressant you could really have used a softer one to start with. Yes tramadol withdrawals can be devastating mainly due to it's action on the u-opioid receptor but also due to it's SNRI action (like Effexor, so I think it was the reasoning of your doctor or a pure coincidence) it's chemical structure is extremely close to Effexor. ''Pregnant women There are few, well-controlled studies of venlafaxine in pregnant women.
Avatar f tn But after taking so many pain meds, and needing to try a new one, he agreed to let me try Tramadol slowly. The Tramadol has worked well for me, and luckily I didn't have any problems with the combination of drugs. Actually the Tramadol has really helped my mood ( I think because of the snri). So I have started to taper off the Effexor. I was on 150, now taking 75 mg and will be starting 37.5 very other day for the next month. I hope this info helps you make a decision.
Avatar f tn As you are only recently off the tramadol & effexor has a virtually identical chemical structure to the antidepressant in tramadol, this may be effecting your body's response to the effexor. Having said that it's common enough for NARI/SSRI combo drugs to cause a bit of a speed rush with the initial doses. This class of meds don't usually help with anxiety or insomnia so you may want to try some melatonin; valerian; kava or nyquil for that side of things.
Avatar f tn I am deathly afraid of it. I almost did it and it felt like an Effexor WD. I used Heroin and detoxed off it at home at 18 and it was hell too but either its been too long since then or the Trams WD feels like it takes longer!!!! 3days of hell with heroin was enough but it taking me waay longer on Trams. Anyone got any advice?
Avatar n tn It may help but something like effexor might help you more .Tramadol works as a pain reliever and an antidepressant like effexor thats why it was working for you depression .I guess what I wonder is you said you used it for its antidepressant quality not its pain relief why did you keep raising your dose was it not working on your depression anymore ?
Avatar m tn I am a 40 year old married man with 2 kids and have been taking tramadol for the last 6 years or so. I average about 750mg per day everyday. I order the pills through websites who send to my house via fedex. There are 2 reasons I want to quit. Number one is that I dont like being a "slave" to this drug and most importantly is the financial impact of this on me and my family. I have had to go 4 or 5 days without tramadol in the past and for me it is like living death.
Avatar f tn There are a few members who have experience with Tramadol withdrawal and they''ll post to you so keep checking back. In the meantime,any withdrawal is going to affect your life. You know that. But,certainly there are things you can do to help yourself along. First of all: Relax and don't worry! Next,you're wise to taper. Keep going down and go slowly. I think it may help you in the long run. You don't need to hurry it along. Just steadily decrease the dose. Keep your fluid intake high.
475300 tn?1312426726 Trust me on this as I've tried over 10 on many different intervals and finally gave up and found a way, for me, that works to handle any of my depression issues. I do however, take Tramadol as it helps me immensely with the aches and pains and actually gives me a bit of a mood boost as well. I do not take the Tramadol that has acet./Tylenol in it. I take just the regular strength of Tramadol 50mg, not the ER. It works fine for me.
Avatar n tn So, if you can get some Effexor and let yourself run completely out of tramadol then start Effexor the next day maybe you can stay "stopped". If you can taper off, that would be even better but I just can't. If tramadol is around I take it all! You wondered about long term effects, I have heard that if you use tramadol in an abuse long term manner as I have (and will again no doubt) it can cause fybromyalgia which would be an additional burdon.
1316053 tn?1279513097 I am sorry to hear of your chronic pain but I want to add my cautionary tale. I was on your dose which was prescribed for a chronic trigeminal neuralgia & although I think initially my mood benefitted from the antidepressant component of the drug, I never developed any urge to take more than the prescribed dose.
Avatar f tn This will ease your transition off of the tramadol, but will not totally erase withdrawals, because by the time you get to zero, with no tramadol in your system, you still have to deal with the MENTAL addiction, as well, and continue to excersize, eat healthy, and don't take any more tramadol EVER. I have personally been on tramadol for several years, doctor-prescribed, but for some reason, I have never developed a dependence on the drug itself. I am currently on a taper-down myself.
4753943 tn?1359938169 I finally went through the hell of getting off of Vicodin, now I'm stuck with Tramadol. I have not abused Tramadol like I did Vicodin, I have been taking it strictly for pain, twice daily. So total that's 200mg per day. I need to get off of it. I don't feel mentally addicted but definitely physically addicted. I sweat like crazy, feel dizzy and nauseous, and my body feels so sore, feverish and hot. So I'm stuck having to take it just to get rid of the feeling.
Avatar m tn Can you speak with a psychiatrist? I've heard that they can help you divide and conquer the elements of Tramadol. It works differently in different people, that's what I've heard, because it's the metabolites of the drug that affect us, and we don't all metabolize it the same way. Maybe you metabolize it very efficiently and thoroughly and that makes it really hard to jump off of any dose. I feel for you. I quit on January 9.
Avatar m tn Please take this opportunity to quit. Tramadol does act on the same opiate receptors as vicodin etc & has all the tolerance issues of narcotics but with a kicker, if you keep increasing your dose as many do because they like the feel, you have a real risk of seizure. There are plenty of posts on here from people who have started in your position & before too long found themselves taking 20 pills a day. There are also plenty who have reported seizures at these high doses.
Avatar f tn I've gone through a really strange feeling of shame with this tramadol thing; having kicked crack, heroine, and even a morphine spell, I simply did not have the respect I should have had for OTC drugs (well, otc in India where I'd been living the last couple years until returning to the U.S. a couple weeks ago). Now I feel just stupid for having these insane withdrawals from what I would've once thought of as an amateur-hour drug. Well, I sure learned the hard way.
1239856 tn?1268176680 The thing that makes Tramadol problematic is that it has a strong relation to it has antidepressant properties. So, from what I've seen, the best course of action is to make sure your mental health is OK. If you're already depressed, then do this under a doctor's care. The best next step is to taper down. It's really the best way not to be hit with huge withdrawal symptoms. Search for Tramadol on the search engine...there will be lots of info.
Avatar f tn Getting ready to come off Tramadol. Last two pills will be taken at 12:30pm. I was up to 8-9 50mg pills per day and took them for 2 yrs I am unable to get any so this is it, it's time. I have 18 klonopin from a prior script to help with the w/d. What i need is has anyone cold turkey'd from this amount? Scared.
Avatar f tn I too think it was easier to get off straight opiates - there's an anti-depressant quality to the tramadol (similar to effexor) and that's what makes the withdrawal so tricky (and difficult). But it's TOTALLY doable and I think tapering is the way to go. But please reconsider telling someone you trust and love about what you're going through - tapering can be pretty tough to do on your own as we can be tempted to take more than we're supposed to as we're dropping down in dosages.
Avatar f tn Tramadol contains an opiate AND an antidepressant component similar to Effexor. Some folks begin an antidepressant after stopping Tramadol. You need to find an understanding doctor to assist you with furthering your taper but you're doing fine so far. If this were me,I would go to the local urgent care here and get some advice from a knowledgable doctor. But that's just me... We have a few members who have detoxed from Tramadol. I'm sure they'll post to you.
Avatar f tn Hi Krystal and welcome! I can relate to your story...I too struggled with addiction to Tramadol for 15 years and when I finally quit about 6 months ago my does was at least double what you are taking. It can be done. Is there any way you can taper? Where do you get the pills; do you have a doctor you can talk to about a taper plan and/or possibly some other non-narcotic meds to help you through the detox?