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Avatar n tn Beta-blockers are used to treat high blood pressure, angina (chest pain), heart attacks, heart rhythm problems such as atrial fibrillation and more recently heart failure.
Avatar f tn I am so nervous about it. I have read that beta blockers can actually cause heart failure and other heart problems. I am scared to death that I am going to hurt my heart instead of making it better. Both of my doctors think i should go ahead and take it, but they say my heart is fine and the skips wont kill me, so why do they want me to take a heart med. Has anyone heard of anything bad happening to someone taking this drug???
Avatar n tn Withdrawal symptoms from Toprol XL can be severe. The heart gets used to the beta blocker and Toprol XL keep the levels constant throughout the day. The Atenolol is like Toprol, but does not keep the levels constant throughout the day. Atenolol peaks and drops. This is most likely why you had problems with it. Lopressor is Toprol. There is Toprol, which is not time released and there is Toprol XL, which is time released.
Avatar n tn Yet, at your tender age, lol, your dose may have been max for you. It depends on how strong your heart was when you began beta blocker therapy (Toprol XL). I only have one warning and it is; when you have taken a beta blocker, say for over a year or so, your Autonomic nervous system has become adjusted to the overriding affects of the beta blocker. It is used to having the beta blocker control force of contraction (BBs reduce this) and heart rate (BBs decrease heart rate).
Avatar n tn I did have some decrease in bp with Toprol XL 25 mg. But when I was also taking altace I was in the range that you was awful. It may be the combination. With Toprol alone (but a smaller dose than you are on) I did not experience those symptoms. Best of luck!
406399 tn?1201887900 High blood pressure increases your risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, heart failure and death. Tekturna is known as a renin inhibitor. Renin is an enzyme produced by your kidneys that starts a cascade of chemical steps that increases blood pressure. Tekturna works by reducing the ability of renin to begin this process. "Tekturna is unique because it acts earlier in your body's blood pressure regulation process than most other blood pressure medications.
Avatar n tn Hi, On Tues. I was prescribed Toprol XL to help my SVT. So far I am feeling really sluggish, sleepy, no appetite and I think it has considerably lowered my bp though I have no way to check. Despite these side effects I am feeling better on this med. My question is will these side effects lessen or go away after I've been on this med for a time, or are they something I'll just need to get used to? I've had toprol before but it was half this dose and I didn't experience any side effects.
Avatar n tn male with a history of accasional ectopic beats, I was on Toprol XL 100 mg/day to lessen ectopic frequency. Two months ago, the PVC's became much worse and my Dr. switched me to Pindolol (he noticed I tended to have the extra beats in bradycardia). The ectopic beats stopped miraculously. However, in their place, I now have jittery tremors, some tingling, occasional blurred vision and twitching and frequent urination. I have the general feeling like I need to leap out of my own skin.
406399 tn?1201887900 I am at a loss to figure why they put me on this medication toprol xl , as from what I read, its used most for people with heart failure ? I dont have heart failure and last tests show I dont ? maybe its money bonus pay they get ?? hate to think that but can happen!! sure wracks my brain !!
Avatar n tn I decided to try a bi-ventricular pacemaker- I'm getting that done in march in hope that my heart will be resyncronized and my ef and heart class could go up. I have also had a change in meds to toprol XL 200mg once daily and have noticed some weight gain. Is this a side effect from any of these drugs? Also has anyone else had a pacemaker implant for resync- and if so how did it go? Any reply would help. Also I am looking for people in their 20's with heart conditions too. Please reply!!
Avatar f tn went into congestive heart failure and my EF dropped from about 38% down to have history of heart attack and valve replacement 5 yrs ago. At the present time taking 50mg cozaar...25mg aldactone and 25mg of Toprol XL but am finding my BP stays fairly low 105-125 over 60-70 but more bothered by heart rate that drops to mid 50's at rest and up walking around only goes to 60-63. Tolerating the 60's but once I head down to mid 50's seem to develop headache and just not feeling right.
250051 tn?1328134730 So we changed from Toprol XL 125mg 2x day to Coreg 12.5 2x day, from Lasix 120mg per day to torsemide 100mg 2x day.
Avatar f tn Can diastolic dysfunction cause symptoms of heart failure? I have left ventricular hypertrophy with hyperdnamic systolic function. I have shortness of breath and chest pain with exercise or climbing stairs, and sometimes swollen legs. I was told it was diastolic heart failure. EF is normal to above normal. Left ventricle is stiff. Cath results are: pcwp: 23mm, pulmonary artery 45/23 mm, right atrium mean 17mm, right ventricle 45/17 mm, lvedp is 23mm. I don't know what these numbers mean.
Avatar n tn I am currently on Toprol XL and now I may feel 2-3 palpitations a week if that. Ask your doctor about it. Also with that many referals and doctors reading your reports the best thing to do is move on and ignore them. I know this is easier said then done but its the truth. One doctor may have missed something but the odds of over a dozen cardiologist and probably many many more internsits and med students missing something are as close to zero as you can get.
Avatar n tn Wanted to add..the toprol will slow your heart rate down and make it beat less forcefully, which may eliminate feeling some of the PVCs and PACS. Toprol for me did nothing as far as PVCS go, for me. In fact, it actually made them worse I think. I was switched to Bystolic another beta blocker, that seemed to help more than the toprol. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn or is this common after someone having surgery ? They started him on Toprol XL 25. The cardiologist says its the lowest dose. I am very very very concerned about heart failure. He is in great shape & feeling the best he has ever felt .. what gives ?
Avatar n tn 2) It is a conglomeration of disorders arising from areas of the heart above the ventricles which can cause symptoms of palpitations, dizziness, or even heart failure. 3) Toprol XL is a poor anti hypertensive, and may lower your blood pressure 10 mm Hg or so. 4) Combination of genetics and circumstance ( stresses of life, pulmonary, endocrine issues, etc). Not really sure about your particular case.
Avatar n tn My 59 year old father was taken to the hosptial with what they thought was an angina attack. After testing, he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension and Acute Coronary Syndrome. His arteries are blocked and his heart function is 20%. There is a lot of heart muscle damage from previous attacks. According to his doctors, surgery is not an option. During the nights in the hospital, his heart rate dropped to 35.
Avatar f tn Consider being seen by a heart valve or heart failure specialist for follow-up and management. Seeking a second opinion is always a good option!
Avatar n tn Well after the adenosine almost killed me I started feeling better- I think that it help treat the heart failure- they use it on elderly people with heart failure as a muscle strenghtener. My ejection fraction went from 44 to 65 this year. I ma still on medications and still have the LBBB- only it is intermittent- shows up on echo's but not always on ekg's.
Avatar n tn mabey heart failure, or at the other end just a minor imbalance. : : I have had two echoes, a chect x-ray, blood work, glucose tolerance tests, : : stress test and a few others over the years. Nothing ever seems to show : : up. I assume that these tests should identify a heart condition. I am going to see my MD next week and am just looking for your thoughts : : on my issues. I am told to not worry about how I feel, that it is just : : anxiety, stress, or being out of shape.
Avatar f tn 25mg aldactone and then supposed to be taking 50mg Toprol XL but started out at 25mg and find it puts my heart down in the mid 50's. All I want to know is if this is acceptable for someone with heart failure? I'm afraid to take the full 50mg.......I sometimes feel my HR is low enought without the beta blocker but then read that it is one of the good meds for heart failure so trying to find some way to take it and feel okay. Also take lasix on a as needed basis.
Avatar n tn wanted to try a different med. called Toprol XL. Many adverse side effects, but I stayed with it and my last echo showed improvement!! (+1 MR, better heart measurements etc). I have better exercise abilities also now. My question: Can this medicine actually heal the heart and/or valves or do mitral valve conditions improve on there own?? I inquired to my family Dr.
Avatar n tn My husband tried eating oatmeal for breakfast 5 days a week and was successful in lowering his cholesterol to the same numbers I have but I have to take 60 mg. Pravachol. Also eating fish a few times per week helps - my mom's HDL is over 100 but she eats fish 4 to 5 times per week..usually steamed or broiled rather than fried. I was able to increase my HDL from 30 to 46 by just adding a 20 minute walk 5 days a week.
250051 tn?1328134730 Today I saw a Heart Transplant / Heart Failure Specialist and she stated that I did not qualify for a heart transplant because I have a form of sickle cell with beta-thallasemia (blood disorders), shrunken kidneys (probably from my diabetes) Diabetes also caused gastroparesis, bladder paresis, and peripheral neuropathy. Not not only did she tell me I'm not eligible for transplant but I'm not eligible for assistive devices (LVAD).
Avatar n tn I have been taking heart meds for over three years. One year ago, my cardiologist switched me from coreg to toprol xl. My ef a year ago was in the 25%+ range. It took a while for me to adjust to the dizziness, etc. associated with twice a day doses of coreg, but I was really feeling pretty good at the time I changed over to Toprol.
Avatar m tn Do you have any advice for someone who has been diagnosed with diastolic dysfunction to delay the onset of congestive heart failure? I am using the following supplements in the hope that they will help my heart: Vitamin B12, Omega 3 (Mega Red Krill), and Co Q-10 (don't know if my dosage on this is high enough). Also taking prescription drugs - Imdur, Toprol XL, and Ranexa. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I am a 53 year old woman diagnosed with tachycardia approximately 8 years ago and I am taking Toprol XL 100. Three years ago I had renal failure and was hospitalized because my organs were shutting down, I was on a telemetry unit for 8 days, at that time there appeared to be some damage to my heart. My father died at 55 of a massive cardiac aneurysm.
229198 tn?1208784954 She has congestive heart failure. I'm not sure what all her meds are supposed to do, but the ones she takes are Diovan, Toprol XL, Catapres, Zestril, and Procardia.