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Avatar n tn I am thinking of switching to Toprol-XL in hopes it will be as effective as Coreg with fewer side effects. What has been the Cleveland Clinic's experience with people taking Coreg switching to Toprol-xl to lessen side effects? Do they maintain the EF gains they experienced taking Coreg? I don't want to do something stupid. However, I would like to have more stamina.
Avatar n tn the metoprolol won't bring down my heart rate alone but in combination with the cardizem my heart rate remains normal and my bp is normal.I haven't tried toprol xl for my heart rate but I was taking it when I was first diagnosed with afib and it worked to a degree. maybe I can try it again for my heart rate. I've just got to find an alternative to the cardizem cd.
Avatar n tn since then with no problems. Now using 50 mg Toprol-XL, coumadin, spironolactone, lisinopril and have used this combination with no problems for three years. My systolic (measured with an Omron instrument) is usually in the range 110 - 135. Heart rate is about 60 - 69. A year ago an ICD was implanted. Recent data from the ICD (over a 6 month interval) indicated a couple of events that were properly converted. The cardiologist who did the implant recommended taking amiodarone.
Avatar f tn I was wondering how well toprol xl is tolerated in the general population. My doctor (regular doctor not cardiologist) wants me to try metoprolol (toprol xl) he gave me a very low dose of 25 mg and told me to break it in half for the first four days then take the whole pill there after. First off I do not like taking medications at all and second of all im so afaid of the side effects.
Avatar f tn Hello! The Toprol (it is Toprol, isn't it?) is a beta-blocker. It will slow down your heart rate and blood pressure to buy you time until the hyper symptoms pass (it may be several weeks)...More than likely you are artificially hyper from your meds (free-Ts will tell for sure) and you thyroid med dose needs to be reduced...Are you having other hyperthyroid symptoms? Tremors, frequent bowel movements, higher blood pressure, etc? Also, have you had your calcium and potassium levels done?
Avatar n tn I am told this is an excellent medication and typically very well tolerated. I tried Toprol XL before for several months. Did not tolerate it well, mainly due to severe nightmares. Once removed from the Toprol, nightmares stopped. Is this a different class of beta blocker that is safer and what (if anything) should I be concerned about? Meds are aspirin (81), protonix (40), HCTZ (25), Lisinopril (10-20) sertraline (50) and now the 6.25 carvedilol.
376186 tn?1219283105 Do nothing and live w/the daily arrhythmias which can cause much anxiety. I have tried Toprol XL 25mg (almost a year) and then Varapmil 180 mg and I have a question about that...would it take longer than one week to see good results, b/c I only stayed on it for that length of time. Someone told me yesterday that it takes a month or so to see a difference. Try more BB's or Calcium Blockers to see if there is one that would help.
1005642 tn?1286910758 I left the gym because I never had that many in a row at once during my cardio exercise. Currently I am on 12.5 mg of Toprol XL and I believe my doctor needs to up the dosage or switch my meds, Lexapro 10mg and Xanax as needed. Its really depressing and a downer to realize that simple things such as exercising can cause PVC's. My cardiologist keeps telling me that there is no underlying heart condition, however I have PVC's.
Avatar n tn Glimeperide 4mg. BID Glucophage 850mg. 1 BID liptor 10mg. 1 QD Cozaar 50mg. 1 QD Cymbalta 60mg. 1 HS Toprol XL 25mg. 1 QD and Asa 325mg. QD An OCCASIONAL alcoholic beverage, like 1 beer, or a mixed drink twice a week. I have already looked up drug interactions, and I don't think I see anything, although I could be wrong. He will have a repeat Dilantin level next week, due to the half life of dilantin being 7 to 10 days. By next Monday, he should be back within his 300mg. level range.
Avatar n tn Trade name (generic name) Acebutolol (Sectral) Atenolol (Tenormin) Metoprolol (Lopressor, Lopressor LA, Toprol XL) Nadolol (Corgard) Timolol (Blocadren) Beta blockers are also used to treat hypertension therefore reducing your BP. So, with use you will notice a drop in BP. I suffer from SVT (Afib) you can read my history under "trying to decide" I am an RN as well, sometimes I wish I weren't...because I know too much :) Sometimes a good thing and sometimes not so good.
Avatar n tn You may also discuss with your doctor increasing your Toprol dosage. There is not a 'limit' on the number of PVCs that an individual may have although 10,000 beats in one day is quite a few. The most I have seen was nearly 20,000 in a 24 hour period. Some people do complain of chest pain with PVCs but other causes of chest pain such as heart blockages and gastric reflux should also be excluded.
168348 tn?1379360675 Current TSH 0.54 Synthroid 100mcg Alprazolam 0.5mg x 6 a day Toprol XL 50mg Ranitidine 150mg x 2 a day Vitamin D3 1,000IU Multivitamin x 2 a day.
Avatar m tn I'm 54 and have had maybe 7-8 short bouts of artrial fibrillation since I was in my early 20's. They come several years apart. I just had it two weeks ago, and prior to that it was in 2008 (when the market crashed and I let it screw up my mental health at the time). When I get it, it lasts a day or two, and it's always gone away without a cardio coversion, but along with medication taken at the onset, most recently Metropolol.
Avatar n tn As a fellow runner and 51 yrs old I am encountering the same difficulties. Im on 25g of Toprol XL also. I was Rx them for suppression of PVC which for the most part has been successful. I have been a pretty heavy exerciser for years. My blood pressure was running in the range of 145/90 and with the addition of Toprol it goes from about 110 over 70 to 115/75. Ill be interested in the answer. However from the beginning i noticed a "heavy leg" effect. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I had to take Toprol XL 100 beta blockers to calm my heart palpitations down(which scared me so much).It also increased the inflammation of my eyes causing them to be red and dry, with blurry vision. Now this does not happen to everyone that I have talked to. If I would have known this could happen, it would have been my very last choice of treatment. Before RAI I was taking PTU and it was hard to regulate the dose, just as if you are taking thyroid replacement hormone.
110220 tn?1309310461 I was told that I had had a SVT episode and was released with no meds. I was seen by my GP in which he prescribed Toprol XL 50mg. I took them for a few months, weened myself off and I thought that I was fine. In July of this year, (20 months later), I experienced another SVT episode, my husband drove me to the ER and I again recieved adenosine and within a minute, my heart rate was in normal range. I went to see a cardiologist who put me on Metoprolol 25mg (12.5 twice a day).
Avatar n tn I am currently on 50mg Toprol XL. 40 times a year when I first lay down at night I sense a fluttering in my chest but maintain a normal pulse. I get very light headed, somewhat nauseous and dizzy and fill up with gas. It generally gets worse until I get up and pace the house for twenty minutes, releasing gas by burping. This will sometimes take care of the problem but if it doesn't a half tablet of zanax usually will. Is there a possibility that this fluttering I feel is a-fib?
343006 tn?1314450071 p has to be the worst **** on the market -besides toprol xl or diovan ! killer drugs ! iv been off the coreg now for over 14 hours - and will soon go back on the verapamil and dieretic pills as I would rather live with swollen ankles and get out of breath here and there.. at least my b.p was down to normal levels. coreg didnt lower my b.p down .. it stayed up 2days of this ! and its pure horse plop ! Isnt there a law somewhere that protects us people from these drug makers..
Avatar n tn Intense emotional situations may also get it started. I have tried Toprol XL to control it but it was of limited value and made exercise more difficult. (I also have been an avid cyclist and runner for 30 years). The tip-off that I am in A fib is that my pulse is very irregular and weak and my heart rate monitor refuses to update it reading due to the irregular pulse. For the last 9 months I have been taking amiodarone, an anti-arrythmic with no incidents so far.
Avatar n tn I have not had problems with my heart racing but only extreme fatigue added to my existing condition of Epstein Barr (chronic fatigue) IBS, and gastritis and enemia. My heart rate would range from 75 to 100+ which seemed normal for me since I was a smoker. My cardiologist was suggesting I try Toprol XL for the fatigue but I quit smoking and now my heart rate is under 60 per minute and I feel light headed and confused and nauseous.
Avatar n tn Also, exercising increases my heart rate very fast and it takes awhile for it to slow down. Im on Toprol XL, 50 mg. But my Cardiologist is leery of increasing the dosage. He says I dont need a higher dosage. And, to tell you the truth I dont want one because I can barely stay awake taking the 50mg.
Avatar n tn The first thing that I was diagnosed with was svt. I started out on 25 mg of Toprol xl, then 50 mg and now I am on 100 mg. My doctor said that my resting heart rate is still higher than he would like and would like to increase my Toprol even more. My resting heart rate is around 88. I feel like this is all related but I am not sure. When I first started taking the larger dosage I feel like my legs were jello and I was very tired.
Avatar n tn I guess my years of hard training and borderline bp brought this on. I left the cardio yesterday and she gave me toprol xl (which im scared to start taking) and told me no lifting at all until i get the ct scan (thats if the insurance approves it) if it is indeed 4.0 im not allowed to lift ever again. This is devastating on me for many reasons, one is that lifting has always been a sort of therapy for me as well as an excellent stress outlet.
Avatar m tn I do notice climbing stiars or even walking around house raises my bp and hr and leaves me out of breathe...hoping its just pregnancy and/or increase in dosage of toprol. Cardio is giving me an echo next week to make sure I have not developed mitral valve prolapse (spelling?) due to pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I continue to have high blood pressure and tychacardia of about 120bpm at rest without medicine. I'm currently taking 200mg a day Toprol XL and 20mg a day Zestril, and these control those problems. I do still have a lowered tolerance to exercise however, with some fatigue, breathlessness, and fast heart rate with exersion. But, basically I'm feeling much better than when I was first diagnosed (by several cardiologists) with Cardiomyopathy.
Avatar n tn However, if a person is experiencing 15,000 to 20,000 PVCs per day, they are at risk for developing a cardiomyopathy (weakening of the heart muscle). Toprol XL is an excellent medication for controlling PVCs. If this does not help you may consider discussing the option of an ablation with your doctor.
746058 tn?1248348265 I actually take the same beta blocker you've been prescribed, and at the same dosage. Toprol XL 25mg 2x daily. As for the fainting, I might recommend going to emergency for the first couple of episodes. At least until they've been absolutely determined to be autonomic in origin. After that point, it's up to you and those around you to use their best digression.
Avatar n tn At least for me, my sinus tach responds nicely to Inderal. As a side note, a six month course of Toprol XL didn't help my tach and actually made my PVC's worse. Standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor and every word here is just my personal opinion and experience. Your mileage may vary. Take care and be well.
Avatar n tn 100 mg. Toprol XL x 2 300 mg. Disopyramide (Norpace CR) x 2 Right now, I'm only taking: 50 mg. Toprol XL x 1 150 mg. Disopyramide x 1 (I fully realize that this only stays in my system for 12 hrs., but my attacks are sometimes during the 12 hour span and sometimes not). I'm puzzled by other posters on this board saying they take such small doses of these drugs, i.e. 12.5 mg. Toprol XL. How is it that my doctor recommends 200 mg. per day? I've never even tried less than 50 mg. per day!
Avatar n tn I took 2 different versions of metoprolol, Toprol (metoprolol tartrate) and Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate). The second one is the extended release version. Toprol made my symtoms worse but Toprol XL worked fairly well in controlling my conditions, PVC's and PSVT. I was taking 50 mg a day in both cases. The only thing that affected me was a slight feeling of dizziness at times and some mental fatigue.