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Avatar n tn Dear Janicec, Toprol XL is an extended release form of metoprolol which is a beta-blocker.Beta-blockers are used to treat high blood pressure, angina (chest pain), heart attacks, heart rhythm problems such as atrial fibrillation and more recently heart failure.
376186 tn?1219283105 I am back on Toprol XL, 50 mg for PVC's and have been doing a 'no no' reading about possible side effects of this drug and most of what I came away with is that this drug has lots of bad side effects for most people. There is a website where people can post their experiences with medications and 90% of the people who posted had terrible side effects w/this Beta Blocker. I hate taking meds to begin with and now I am not so sure that I should stay on this.
Avatar f tn To anyone who has suffered serious side effects of Metoprolol Succinate ER (Generic form of Toprol XL), please take 5 minutes and fill out an FDA medwatch form. The web site is: https://www.accessdata.fda.
343006 tn?1314450071 ahh you have one bad effect I read , dizzyness .. that adds a strike aginst Toprol xl !! I just got off toprol xl after weaning down slow for the past 2months, I have to say I feel wonderfull ! have energy and the one bad side effect I had went away totaly now.. low blood sugar problems. caused with long term useage 3 to 5 yrs .. I hit 5years on this junk ! I taking a Natural medication used for stubborn high blood pressure and its working so far.. fingers crossed it stays working !
Avatar n tn I am surprised that your doctor has not upped the dosage of toprol. You are taking a low dose. I was on toprol for alittle while, and it did help me. I was also on Sotalol for a few years (combined with Cardizem) and that helped me also. In regard to V-fib and sotalol, I really haven't heard of that. I have heard of v-tach a very low possibality when on sotalol, but not v-fib. I would recommend you trying the sotalol. When I was first put on it, I was monitored in the hospital for 3 days.
201324 tn?1191089878 I took the Toprol until I couldn't stand it anymore, then I was switched to the generic form of the same drug, metoprolol. It was not time released like the Toprol XL is. It is more of an immediate acting drug. I had almost none of the same side effects. But I quit taking it anyway because I wasn't getting any relief of the ectopic beats anyway. I went off it five or six months ago all together and I have not had any repeat episodes of the a-fib for a year. Good luck!
Avatar n tn For me Toprol is short for Toprol-XL which is the long acting form of metoprolol. There is no Brand name Toprol (just Toprol-XL). An example of short acting metoprolol would be Lopresor.
Avatar n tn Maybe this is a dumb question, but is there any chance that a beta blocker (metoprolol ER, the generic form of toprol XL) could actually increase the frequency of PACs? I was put on toprol almost a year ago after an episode of a-fib. After taking it for several weeks, I began to have PACs more and more often. My cardiologist kept increasing the dose to reduce the PACs, but every time they just kept increasing. Now I am having extended periods every day where every 3rd or 4th beat is a PAC.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Toprol XL at the same dosage and had horrible nightmares and depression. It did not improve my symptoms (PAC's) at all. However, it prevented me from having any more episodes of afib which I had as a result of pregnancy. I took it for about six months, and have been off of it now for six months. In answer to your questions: a) My cardiologist told me that the dose I was taking was "like peeing in the ocean". b) Did nothing to help my pacs.
1054923 tn?1258523671 The new symptom also was the Tachycardia that followed, at times 130 which for me at 35/42 was very fast and scary. Hence the new beating machine. My doctor subscribed Toprol XL/25 once a day. NO WAY I said, no medication for me. I went Home from the hospital on Friday and Sunday afternoon I was right back in the ER with a speeding HB where my Cardiologist happened to be on duty.......Well little will you take your pill; he said smiling? I did.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with PACs about six months ago, and was prescribed Toprol XL, which I have been taking daily. About a month ago, the PACs started to become more frequent, and now I have well over a hundred a day, just about every day. Should I be concerned about this?
Avatar f tn There has to be a generic form of Toprol XL. Here, the generic form has been around for ages. I remember my dad was taking it for angina for years. It was always the generic version, as far as I can remember. Now, after surgery he is only taking 25 mg, but it's still generic. In my honest opinion, Metoprolol is not the best medication. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and may have side effects like lethargy and tiredness, as well as sleeplessness at night.
Avatar n tn I have PVC,s and PAC's and The pounding one in a while and started TOPROL XL and it has almost illiminated everything. I think it is a good choice beta blocker. I wonder though if mabey I just put something at bey for a while because once in a while, I get one big hard PVC or a wierd feeling of an irratic 3 beats in a row type thing. Any one else?
Avatar n tn I wanted my doctor to let me try it (I am currently taking Toprol XL - which helps a little, but not a lot). My doctor said it is an older drug, so he wanted me to stay with Toprol. I think whenever you start a beta blocker - you feel more tired until you get used to it. I'm not sure about the blurred vision. Why don't you call your pharmacist - they can be very helpful.
Avatar n tn I am on 25mg of Toprol XL (the generic form of that...whatever it is called). I feel hopeless....I've quit all caffeine products, no longer enjoy a glass of wine, have nightmares which make me fearful of falling asleep, and have developed tightening of the chest. I went into the hospital with borderline hypertension and left with a full array of symptoms. I don't want to end up in the hospital again, but from everything I'm reading...when that withdrawal time comes - it's very likely.
1558471 tn?1331225635 A suggestion with regard to Toprol dosage...try taking 50 mg 2x/day and see how that works. I have found that a split dosage works better than once.
1097328 tn?1365559145 Hi, I have some understanding of your concerns as I have SVT and have taken Toprol XL (a time release form of metoprolol) for over 20 years and I have always struggled with low BP -- even before I began taking the beta blocker I had low BP. I take 25 mg per day because more than that causes me to have such low BP that I find it hard to function.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, insurance companies make medical decisions for financial reasons that are not correct. In your case, the Toprol XL is a long acting form of a medication called metoprolol (lopressor) that is a beta blocker. Obviously, this medication has benefited you greatly. The only medication that your company listed that is a beta blocker is propanolol. Propanolol is an older generation beta blocker that has more side effects than newer generation beta blockers like metoprolol.
Avatar n tn The first thing that I was diagnosed with was svt. I started out on 25 mg of Toprol xl, then 50 mg and now I am on 100 mg. My doctor said that my resting heart rate is still higher than he would like and would like to increase my Toprol even more. My resting heart rate is around 88. I feel like this is all related but I am not sure. When I first started taking the larger dosage I feel like my legs were jello and I was very tired.
746058 tn?1248348265 I actually take the same beta blocker you've been prescribed, and at the same dosage. Toprol XL 25mg 2x daily. As for the fainting, I might recommend going to emergency for the first couple of episodes. At least until they've been absolutely determined to be autonomic in origin. After that point, it's up to you and those around you to use their best digression.
Avatar n tn I eat an orange a day for potassium and don't take that in supplement form. I also take Toprol XL, 12.5 mg a day, which helps with fast heartbeat (I have anxiety issues and it prevents my heart from going out of control when I have a panic attack!).
Avatar n tn However, if a person is experiencing 15,000 to 20,000 PVCs per day, they are at risk for developing a cardiomyopathy (weakening of the heart muscle). Toprol XL is an excellent medication for controlling PVCs. If this does not help you may consider discussing the option of an ablation with your doctor.
Avatar f tn Some times I would get tachycardia out of the blue, for no reason, but usually it was associated with exertion. Toprol XL did not control it at all, even though I eventually was at an extremely high dosage of it. I noticed after about a year of IST that I was getting more breathless and feeling worse and worse. A stress echo showed my EF had decreased from 65% to 40%. I had 2 ablations. The first was unsuccessful, and the second took my heart rate way down.
1473852 tn?1288539231 I probably did better on it than anything else except like I said the my post above, I am a little concerned about long-term effects. I also took Toprol XL, a beta blocker, twice a day, I think only 25 mg. I know what you mean about taking time for the heart to calm down. I am so impatient..I want to get out and do something. We are temporarily living in Miss. because of the Oil Spill and I don't know anyone here. I am so bored so I stay on the computer waaaay too much.
Avatar n tn Hey guys - I take 12.5 mg a day of Toprol XL and it really doesn't help my PVCs all that much. It does lower my BP and heart rate, however - that is why I can't take a higher dose. I already have low BP anyway. I am wondering if Inderal might be better for me since I hear so many have had good success with it. I never tried Inderal because I heard it causes weight gain more than Toprol. No one here has had weight gain with it?
Avatar n tn I took 2 different versions of metoprolol, Toprol (metoprolol tartrate) and Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate). The second one is the extended release version. Toprol made my symtoms worse but Toprol XL worked fairly well in controlling my conditions, PVC's and PSVT. I was taking 50 mg a day in both cases. The only thing that affected me was a slight feeling of dizziness at times and some mental fatigue.
Avatar m tn he listened to my heart and lungs all fine but he did hear and feel my heart pounding..he thinks its all uncontrolable anxiety he prescribed me toprol xl 25 mg he said take that for a month and see how im doing..if im still having problems then hes going to send me to cardiologist...but i just read online if you stop this med suddenly it could make your condition worse or even cause heart attack should i be worried considering my heart is supposivly healthy,im 21 and im taking a low dosage?
Avatar n tn I also take wellbutrin 300 mg daily for nerves, Toprol XL 200 mg daily, Avapro 150mg, Amiodarone 200mg daily, and Coumadin daily for my heart. I also take Metformin and Glyburide twice a day for diabetes. Also Neurontin for diabetic neuropathy in my feet. I do attend church and the people are a blessing. I hope I did not write too much but this is my first two times posting.