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Avatar n tn My gums eroded. Exposing the tooth. I now have just one tooth in my mouth. It is starting to decay. Should I have a general cleaning, or have the area next to gumline filled with a dental temporary substance like root canals ? I see cavity around base. Help me to make right decision before going to dentists I can be informed. Would any kind of drilling be hazardous. My surgeon said Bell's palsy imminent if removed.
Avatar f tn A cone beam ct scan revealed an inflammatory process in the sinus above the implant and apical periodontal inflammation on the tooth behind the implant which was also giving me night fevers. I have since had the root canal retreated on the tooth that was being blamed for my mouth discomfort.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? Some of the causes of bitter taste in the lips can be a dry mouth, tooth or gum decay. Smoking, diabetes and underactive thyroid can also interfere with taste sensation. Does any of this sound familiar to you?
Avatar m tn I just recently went to the dentist and had a tooth pulled. Other work still needs to be done but unable to afford it presently. However leading up to the tooth being pulled i was on heavy dosage of amoxicillian (875mg). currently though i am not taking any medication except Excedrin for occasional headaches. We recently had a exterminator spray our new apartment for tiny, ant infestation. So far it appears the ants are gone. We live in an apartment on ground floor.