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Avatar f tn Well that's a relief. The doctors had told me that it looked like tonsillitis and prescribed me penicillin, also for an ear infection I have; she also took a swab of my throat to see is it was the streptococcus infection (strep throat) but I did not get told when the results would be back.
Avatar n tn I have no idea what's going on with my tonsils. Three days ago I started to have a terrible sore throat. I didn't think much about until it didn't go away and it didn't feel quite like a sore throat. For one the pain wasn't where it normally would be. I started to panic when I finally looked in the mirror and saw white spots all over both tonsils. I went to the doctor and they told me I didn't have strep.
Avatar f tn For two weeks my tonsils have been swollen with white spots all over them. But i have no other symptoms at all, no fever, headache, rash, cough, congestion or anything else. I've been holding off going to the doctors cause I feel fine, should I wait more or should I make an appointment?
Avatar f tn Okay, so here's the story. For the past month I've had swollen tonsils with white pieces of mucous or whatever and they tend to break off and they're not that great tasting. I've also had horrible breath and a slight sore throat. So i go to the doctor and he tells me it's strep so he gave me an antibiotic. I've known that it's not strep and the doctor was stupid.
Avatar n tn He looked at my tonsils and told be to invest in a Water Pik and clean your tonsils daily.
Avatar m tn A week later I notice my tonsils were swollen and had some white patches/spots. Consulted my doctor and he prescribed a stronger anti biotic (ampicillin) for which I took the complete dose. Saw no change (still white spots on swollen tonsils,NO PAIN). I further go prescribed augmentin tablets which I swallowed complete dose but nothing has changed. I am now confused. what the hell could this be. Anyone had a similar experience, please share.
Avatar n tn I have white dots on my tonsils but I'm not in pain they're not swollen I haven't got sick in a while and I haven't had a fever should I be concerned ??
Avatar f tn Went to the ER was diagnosed with strep and was prescribed amoxicillin. I noticed the white spots when i felt my tonsils swelling but it wasnt bad and i was thinking maybe its a bad sore throat but when the pain came the white spots spread. But as i was on amoxi i broke out in a rash towards the end of the prescription. The dr. Didnt swab my my throat just looked and said strep.
Avatar n tn but the glands in my throat have been swollen (pea sized) for about 3 months now, the back of my throat very red and tonsils seem enlarged . 4 weeks after I had white spots on my tonsils, low grade fever 99.5- 100.4 it was off and on. alittle chills no much, sore throat and cough. negitve strep and mono test . this just sucks.
Avatar f tn ve developed White spots in the tonsils and blood mixed with mucus down the back of my throat. Should I be worried? How long will this last? Is it outliving antibiotics?
Avatar m tn Four days after I hooked up with this guy. I developed white spots on my tonsils, my throat was sore and felt like I had rocks in it, and my neck was swollen, This all went away after 3 and a half days. On the 3rd day of it, I went and had it checked out for strep, and strep test came up negative. I am still waiting on results for the STD tests, but I am having anxiety and can't wait. The guy swears he is completely STD free. Im just wondering if anyone has any idea what it could be.
Avatar n tn Within 3 days, I had developed a sore throat and huge swollen tonsils with white splotches all over them. I have seen where white splotches can be indicative of HIV. I went to my Doctor. He did a strep test and also tested for mono. He did not think it was mono, because I am 37 and he said it is highly unusual to have mono at my age. Mono proved negative. As did strep. He gave me a round of antibiotics and it all cleared up. He left it rather nonspecific.
1149339 tn?1261805108 Can tonsils grow back? I've been sick so much lately, are my tonsils there again? It's so swollen that it looks like I still have them. I can't even see that little hanging thing in the back of my throat. My sister just told me that it was a partial tonsillectomy if that means anything. I'm not going to a doctor, they haven't done anything to help before. If you guys know then please help me. My throat's never hurt this bad before, I just want it to stop.
Avatar n tn I never had a fever or any pain (or any white spots), and my left tonsil was always more swollen. I went to a doctor last week, and he prescribed an antibiotic mouthwash and then penicillin, neither of which worked. I'm now waiting for blood work results. Could this be anything serious?
Avatar m tn THe tonsils appear to be slighty red but other than that they do not appear to have spots or white anything on them. I have begun having problems sleeping as a result of this. I have no health insurance, in this day and age it is too hard to get it. I want to know what the problem could be.
Avatar m tn So my question is, does this sound like another STD besides HIV that would give me an inflamed red throat/tonsils, on and off sore throat, bumps/blisters on the back of my throat, one swollen cervical lymph node, reoccurring white spots on tonsils, and whitish/yellow discharge from my throat which coats my tongue.
Avatar m tn A little over a week ago, I perfomed oral sex to a friend of mine. I just noticed white spots at the back of my throat, namely the tonsils. They aren't inflamed or swollen, just white spots. they don't hurt or anything. Could this be tonsilitis or some kind of std/sti? no pain or discomfort as of yet, I'm planning to get them check out. but for a small peace of mind for now, can anyone tell me what they might be?
Avatar n tn t had much of an appetite. Recently my tongue has had a thick white coating with red spots toward the front half. My tonsils are a little swollen and a little sore, with some minor white flecks. The glands on the side of my next are just slightly swollen, but not really sore. Also, I've been somewhat congested lately, but I have no other symptoms of illness/cold/allergies.
Avatar f tn t hurt, there are no other symptoms in my throat. I also had some white spots on my throat and swollen lymph nodes but I was given and antibiotic and something to swish and swallow and those have gone away and stayed away. I swill have the swollen tonsils though and I've gone to an ear nose and throat doctor and he basically says that your tonsils can hold viruses and has given me two treatments of something he puts on the back of my throat. It doesn't look any better though.
Avatar f tn Things were getting better a few days ago, I thought I was the luckiest mono patient in the world! My white spots were gone and my tonsils were just left swollen. However, this morning I looked back there after I woke up with my throat dry and hurting again. Sure enough, the white spots are all over, back again. They're smaller this time, but they're definitely all over again. I cant find anybody else online that says, "hey, me too!! Don't worry it's normal!
Avatar f tn ve noticed a few small white spots on my tonsils while also experiencing a sore throat. My tonsils are slightly swollen as well. I've tried picking at them with my finger but they don't seem to come off - they're sort of mucus-like (not hard). Also it hurts to swallow. On my right tonsil there are a couple dots of white and on my left tonsil it looks a little stringy (which is why I thought it was just mucus). Any idea what this could be?
Avatar f tn White spots on the tonsils can indicate exudate, i.e. pus coming out of the tonsils. This would be a form of tonsilitis, possibly even strep, however that does not sound like your case as you have no discomfort with these spots. It's actually failry common for women, or men, to get throat infections after performing oral sex. One way to try to prevent infections is immediately gargaling with anti-bacterial or bacterial fighting agents-mouthwash will do, after the oral sex.
Avatar f tn Then on january 6 i got swollen tonsils with white pus spots on them they only hurt for a couple days and the spots went away but today march 4th my tonsils are still swollen. on february11th i woke up with a rash right around my armpits, a few days later i developed small blisters on my fingers and palms that have not gone away and the rash still persists. When i first got the rash i began searching for causes of a rash and swollen tonsils and hiv was one of them.
Avatar n tn m dating. Two days after our encounter, I woke up with a red, itchy throat, swollen tonsils and a white coating on my tongue. I also had all of the symptoms of a yeast infection. I went to my doctor to have all of the STD tests run and am awaiting the results. I also was given treatment for oral thrush and vaginal yeast. While these are slowly clearing, the swollen tonsils and redness in the throat have not improved at all. I've read that oral herpes can present as tonsillitis.