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Avatar f tn I felt like my throat was closing up and I could feel my uvula sitting on my tongue. And after looking in the mirror I could clearly see that my uvula was very red and swollen. And the rest of my throat very red too. I havent noticed any white spots on the back of my throat. I am 11weeks pregnant and am worried that i maybe wasting my gps time by going down to the surgery because he may not be able to give me any medication which would help me while im pregnant.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat. When I looked in the mirror, my uvula was 3 times it normal size & laying on my tongue, red with a bit of white spots, & tongue a bit swollen too. I asked my husband if I was snoring & he didn't remember hearing me snore. I called my obgyn for advice since I'm 36 weeks & they want me to go get a strep test to be on the safe side. I don't have tonsils so it's not tonsillitis. Had anybody else experienced this?
Avatar m tn I had an outpatient gyn procedure done 4 days ago with post procedure mouth, uvula, and throat soreness. By the evening, my uvula was so long and red, it was gagging me. The area of the throat directly behind the uvula and the right tonsillar pillar was red and sore. Slowly, over the past few days, the uvula has shortened, but still rests on my tongue. The lower third of it is now grayish-white.
Avatar n tn then after a few days she got rashes... tiny red itchy spots at her legs and arms also at her head... she is so worried about this because she read the symptoms of herps that is close to that.... she feel also pain in her abdomen at the middle of her sleep... please tell us what is this... thank you hoping for your kind response...
Avatar m tn THe tonsils appear to be slighty red but other than that they do not appear to have spots or white anything on them. I have begun having problems sleeping as a result of this. I have no health insurance, in this day and age it is too hard to get it. I want to know what the problem could be.
Avatar m tn I went to look into the mirror to find the right side of my throat/tonsil (not sure the proper term here) was swollen and red and the left side had white spots. First thing I thought was oh great I'm getting strep. I use to get strep every year and the doctor at one time told me I need to look into having my tonsils taken out do to the chronic strep and they looked inflamed. Well the next day or so the tenderness was gone so I figured it was getting better.
Avatar n tn I am also having problems with my throat and have lumps on my uvula as well as pain further back and feeling of having a swollen tongue. I was wondering if anyone ever got a definate diagnosis? I too suffer from anxiety which I am doing something about and am four weeks into CBT to tackle my health anxiety problem. Ive got myself convinced that Ive got the start of throat cancer and the ongoing lumpy feeling when I swallow doesnt help to alleviate my fears.
Avatar n tn Shortly after finishing amox throat becomes sore again. Prescribed APO-AZITHROMYCIN, throat worsened. Prescribed PMS-CIPROFLOXACIN 500MG as well as some APO-BENZYDAMINE throat gargle. After 5 days of treatment my tonsils and uvula are severely swollen with a some white specs on the tonsils. The pain has intensified on my right side.
372466 tn?1198890824 My tongue seems to be somewhat swollen and so does my uvula. There are no white spots/pus or red spots on the roof of my mouth or on my tonsils. It hurts to swallow and other than that there is no pain, just left over congestion from my cold. Could it be Strep Throat? Or could this just be a symptom of a virus/cold? Thank You so much.
Avatar f tn Secondly its now over 3months after the exposure and i now have had a swollen uvula in my mouth and very red and white spots on roof of my mouth and uvula!could this be because of hiv or am i just losing my mind!
Avatar m tn I then got a flashlight and mirror and looked inside and saw huge red spots right above the uvula with some purple/blue coloration. I panicked for about 15 minutes thinking I got an std from him (even though he said he got tested a month ago and got tested for Herpes the day of us messing around as I asked him to). Obviously, his test results did not come back but he assured me he did not have anything or been with anyone for several months. Then I started to calm down and think...
Avatar f tn I got tested for hiv and it was negative the next 2 month was tested negative again... But currently i have got this small single red spots on my skin,ie chest, arms, belly and back, a pink rash in my palms but not itchy... I had fever, and swollen uvula.... Even though i still have some months of testing.... Am scared.. Could dis be hiv?
Avatar f tn One week ago, I developed a severely sore throat, several days later I developed small pimple like spots on the back of my throat. My uvula is red and inflamed but does not have any spots on it. I have been very sick with a fever, swollen glands and general flu-like symptoms including a productive cough. I do not have any lesions on my tongue, other areas of my mouth or lips. The spots in my throat have still not diminished.
195647 tn?1198854134 When I got home my throat was very red and had about 6 white dots on it with red spots up into the posterior roof of my mouth. There are no puss spots on my tonsils, just around them. My throat isnt incredibly sore and the lymphnodes in my neck are just slightly swollen. I later ate and 3 of them disappeared with no sign of being there but a few still linger. I am not running a fever (but I have been taking tylenol for backache).
Avatar f tn I've been on antibiotics 3 X, every time I'm done, infection comes back, even after tooth extraction. Please see details below, I need your opinion. Thank You... Started with Left sore throat, then Gum Pain & hard white painful bump near #17 wisdom tooth. Got severe, hard to swallow, chew, painful. My reg. Dentist Rx'd Amoxicillin - took 6 days to start working. After swelling went down,did x-ray, he could not find any problem -tooth not abcessed.
Avatar m tn I have had a sore throat with swollen, red tonsils and white spots for almost 8 weeks, and it has become worse, making swallowing more difficult and causing pain in my neck and jawline, despite penicillin injections and other treatments in response to the high antistreptolysin-o results noted in my last post.
Avatar n tn red bumps in the beginning that went away. now the red spots are back on my uvula and in my throat...but they're bigger this time and more red. If this was a symptom of ARS...wouldn't it come along with OTHER flu like symptoms and only last a few days...not a month on and off? please help...I'm freaking out because of these red spots.
Avatar f tn I have no fever, and I feel fine other than the emotional effects that this is causing me. Now my tonsils are swollen, I have a spot on my throat behind my uvula and I am still very red around my labia. I have no white spots in my throat. I am not sure what to do. Are they related? What is wrong with me? I have been tested for sti's (gonnorhea & chlamydia) and they have come back negative. I do have some diahhrea, but I am not sure if that is related to the stress?
Avatar m tn In addition to the red bumps, I have one large whitish sore directly on my uvula. It's more than just a bump, it looks like a perfectly circular raised thing of skin with possibly an indented center. It doesn't appear to have any open/exposed skin like a blister would and it's a little smaller than a dime.
Avatar n tn Pain isnt as bad. Started to notice red spots on back of throat that were painful. Day 15,16,17 - White stuff cleared up. Still fatigued but that could be due from anxiety. Went into the gym, started sweating and noticed a small red rash on back of left shoulder blade. It burned but did not itch. It is more of an oval shape,localized, little red spots. I am currenty working in the middle of a warzone so I dont have an std clinic i can go to. I order the Home Access Express HIV test.
372466 tn?1198890824 My concern is now that I am feeling better, no fever, some left over congestion and no sore throat other than my tonsil on the right side is swollen and very painful when I swallow. My tongue seems to be somewhat swollen and so does my uvula. There are no white spots/pus or red spots on the roof of my mouth or on my tonsils. It hurts to swallow and other than that there is no pain, just left over congestion from my cold. Could it be Strep Throat? Or could this just be a symptom of a virus/cold?
6716427 tn?1384068839 Then about 4 days ago I noticed a small red sore like pimple in the back of my mouth (right exactly above my uvula in the dead center of my soft palate) It was red around it and the head of it was white-ish yellow. It did not hurt nor did it burst. It disappeared just yesterday so it lasted only about 3 days. Now my testicles have a slight soreness and my lower back still has pains and I feel sort of pain around my bladder area and the tip of my penis head had little sensations, rarely painful.
Avatar m tn The entire thing probably lasted all of 30 seconds. Around 3 months later, I found a few white spots on my uvula (which disappeared with gargling salt water) and redness in the back of my throat. To this day, I still have a kind of white coating/raised red bumps at the back of the tongue and slight redness in the throat.
Avatar m tn No sore throat but a bit of a tickle. No fever. No swollen glands. No other flu-like symptoms. No perceptible lesions on or around the mouth. However, I did notice a white spot on my tonsil tonight (33 days after exposure). Not sure how long the spot has been there. 1. Is oral HSV-2 a concern here? 2. In your practice, have you seen oral HSV-2 present with my set of symptoms? 3. At Day 33, would a herpetic lesion expect to look different than a single white spot? 4.
Avatar m tn I got bean like red swelling behind my neck which i didn't know if it was insect bite or swollen lymph node. Next day when I slept, I woke up with stiff shoulder. Everytime I move my neck,it used to pain. I attributed this to improper sleep posture but soon found on google that this maybe due to ARS. I tried to sleep without pillow to avoid stiff back. When I used to sleep without pillow, my left ear used to pain like someone pulling it. This continued for a week or so.
196896 tn?1189759421 The thingy that hangs down the back of your throat...??...its so swollen its laying on the back of my tongue. Twice in the past I have had that and both times it ended up being strep. So.....I called the surgeon, they said if its an infection to call the primary dr. Ok so I called them they had me come in and do a strep test. It was negative...so hes saying the problem is because of surgery and dumped me back onto the surgeon.
Avatar m tn one other thing that concerns me but may not be relevant was a swollen throat that enlarged the uvula to the point of dangling on the back of my tongue for a few days, one week after the encounter. looking back now that somewhat concerns me as ive never had that condition in the past.
Avatar n tn Then the next couple of days on sat and sun, my lip was really swollen, my uvula the thing in the back of my throat had a mark on it and the back of my throat is somewhat reddish with what looks like very tiny small bumps in the back roof of my mouth that are not red but very small, also on sat-sun my tongue now has tiny red dots on the front of the tongue going along the sides as well. There is no pain associated with anything going on in my mouth. (I have never had these symptoms before).
4772520 tn?1359142360 I had a sore throat for a couple of weeks and on December 21st my throat was so sore, and my tonsils had swollen so badly that they were squishing against my Uvula, so on December 22nd, I went to Urgent Care. For any doctors here, I'll highlight what are in boxes: LKCS 13.6, ABSOLUTE LYMPHS 7.6, ABS MONOS 1.0, AST 61, ALT 64 (I'm assuming boxed ones are ones of concern since there's an H in the "fagged" column next to it). Anyways.