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Avatar m tn I had strep throat about 2 weeks ago and they put me on antibiotics. I got better, but now my tonsils are swollen with white pus on them. They aren't sore at all. They are just swollen again and I don't know why. If any of you know, please let me know!!!
Avatar n tn So recently i had oral sex with my partner and like a day later I developed a cough. I've been coughing for about a week but today I noticed that my tonsils are swollen and i noticed 1 white spot on one of my tonsils. I got tonsilitus (sorry don't know how to spell that) when i was 16 and ever since then when i get sick my tonsils are the first thing to act up. They swell up and they hurt. This time they don't hurt but they are swollen.
Avatar f tn Okay, so here's the story. For the past month I've had swollen tonsils with white pieces of mucous or whatever and they tend to break off and they're not that great tasting. I've also had horrible breath and a slight sore throat. So i go to the doctor and he tells me it's strep so he gave me an antibiotic. I've known that it's not strep and the doctor was stupid.
Avatar f tn For two weeks my tonsils have been swollen with white spots all over them. But i have no other symptoms at all, no fever, headache, rash, cough, congestion or anything else. I've been holding off going to the doctors cause I feel fine, should I wait more or should I make an appointment?
Avatar f tn Well that's a relief. The doctors had told me that it looked like tonsillitis and prescribed me penicillin, also for an ear infection I have; she also took a swab of my throat to see is it was the streptococcus infection (strep throat) but I did not get told when the results would be back.
Avatar f tn I got rid of it by antibiotics and I got a cold senior year and only one of my tonsils got swollen and again I got antibiotics to get rid of it. Now I graduated 2012 and I have a cold and again one of tonsils are swollen. My aunt suggests I should get them removed but idk. I have a runny, stuffy nose and coughs.
Avatar f tn ve noticed a few small white spots on my tonsils while also experiencing a sore throat. My tonsils are slightly swollen as well. I've tried picking at them with my finger but they don't seem to come off - they're sort of mucus-like (not hard). Also it hurts to swallow. On my right tonsil there are a couple dots of white and on my left tonsil it looks a little stringy (which is why I thought it was just mucus). Any idea what this could be?
Avatar n tn So i had strep thoat and finished taking my course of pencillin vk about a week ago, and my tonsils still havent gone down, and my lymphnodes are still swollen, admittedly i have been putting my finger in my throat to feel my tonsils and they are still pretty big, the white stuffs gone off them but they're still big. When can i expect them to go cause this is driving me nuts, also my tongue sometimes has a thin layer of whiteish colored stuff that brushes off, is this normal?
Avatar n tn I have no idea what's going on with my tonsils. Three days ago I started to have a terrible sore throat. I didn't think much about until it didn't go away and it didn't feel quite like a sore throat. For one the pain wasn't where it normally would be. I started to panic when I finally looked in the mirror and saw white spots all over both tonsils. I went to the doctor and they told me I didn't have strep.
Avatar m tn Ok, over the past 3 days I have started to have a sore throat looked in the mirror and saw white patches on my tonsils the right one is kinda swollen and when I swallow it hurts not a stinging hurt but more of a sore hurt. I dont have a fever, I dont feel bad. My throat is just irritable. And the white patches look disgusting. I dont have health insurance and at this moment in time i cant afford to go to the Drs. Can someone help me?
Avatar f tn My throat go a little better over the next 4 days then a week after I went to urgent care I woke up and my tonsils were very swollen and covered in white. My glands were sore in my neck when I pushed on them. The next day the tonsils still very swollen and covered in white and very sore. Is this hiv related?
Avatar n tn Very swollen tonsils, sore throat, harder to swallow, strong/choking cough, sore neck, ears plugged, a little white (not bumps) around tonsil, perfect temperature. Day 4 (now): Very plugged ears, Swollen tonsils, less of sore throat, same cough, sore neck, same white around tonsil, a little bit plugged nose, perfect temperature still. I was trying to look it up but I don't know what I have. Help? Is this the right section, I'm new here?
Avatar n tn He looked at my tonsils and told be to invest in a Water Pik and clean your tonsils daily.
Avatar f tn I thought I had strep because I present many similar symptoms, including white stuff on my swollen tonsils. I have oral to a new guy about a week ago or less and these symptoms shows up a few days ago. All symptoms are: swollen throat/lymph node Occasional fever Body aches Nausea Hurts to swallow or talk Also would like to note I tested negative for strep and mono. Went to the ER this morning I was in so much pain.
Avatar n tn My throat does not burn, I do not have a fever, just uncomfortable to swallow because of the swollen tonsils. The white on my tonsils can be scraped off and is only on the tonsil. What could this be? Are the bumps on the floor of my mouth connected to what's going on with my tonsils? I'm actually more concerned with the bumps under my tongue because I think I have tonsilithes. I've been gargling with warm salt water and with a 50/50 Listerine / Peroxide mix.
Avatar m tn my son of 9 yrs complaint with difficulty in Swallowing , we have observed white patches on tonsils and also in the throat inner area. he is reported with fever, cold, and cough occassionally and feels anemic. he is well vaccinated . what clould be the problem, and how to diagnise it ,. is there any treatment for these symptoms??????
Avatar n tn Within 3 days, I had developed a sore throat and huge swollen tonsils with white splotches all over them. I have seen where white splotches can be indicative of HIV. I went to my Doctor. He did a strep test and also tested for mono. He did not think it was mono, because I am 37 and he said it is highly unusual to have mono at my age. Mono proved negative. As did strep. He gave me a round of antibiotics and it all cleared up. He left it rather nonspecific.
Avatar f tn Hi, If you still have tonsils, this situation is common. I have enlarged tonsils and these small white or off white deposits collect in the "crypts" or pockets of the tonsils. I mentioned this to my Dr, but she did not seem to be concerned. I had them this week and also started to feel swollen glands and symtoms of a sinus infection. I find sinus issue and tonsil issues lead to a very stressful lefestyle. Even if I am not fighting infection, I am constantly reminded of these problems.
Avatar m tn The doctor that diagnosed me was very concerned about the size of my tonsils, he told me that my uvula was deviated and he was worried about them but since he was from a low cost clinic he knew I couldnt afford to go the ER. So, treated me with strep and the swelling went way down. Every since then, I go through days where I still have trouble with the swelling coming back. The problem is that when I search for symptoms everywhere says that sore throat goes along with that symptom.
Avatar n tn m dating. Two days after our encounter, I woke up with a red, itchy throat, swollen tonsils and a white coating on my tongue. I also had all of the symptoms of a yeast infection. I went to my doctor to have all of the STD tests run and am awaiting the results. I also was given treatment for oral thrush and vaginal yeast. While these are slowly clearing, the swollen tonsils and redness in the throat have not improved at all. I've read that oral herpes can present as tonsillitis.
Avatar n tn But I did infact have Stomach aches, tiredness and maybe slight fever, tonsils swollen with white stuff on them loss of appetite, body aches, loss weight too. At 33 days after intercourse I went to the clinic and tested negative for hiv. My partner went too and tested negative a week after me. I been having anxiety attacks thinking well maybe he did something to make the test negative. He tells me he doesnt have anything but I just don't believe him idk why.
Avatar m tn For the past like 4 and a half months, my tonsils and back of throat have been red, sore, and slightly blistered with one swollen lymph node in my neck and a white discharge from my throat which coats my tongue.
Avatar m tn A week later I notice my tonsils were swollen and had some white patches/spots. Consulted my doctor and he prescribed a stronger anti biotic (ampicillin) for which I took the complete dose. Saw no change (still white spots on swollen tonsils,NO PAIN). I further go prescribed augmentin tablets which I swallowed complete dose but nothing has changed. I am now confused. what the hell could this be. Anyone had a similar experience, please share.
Avatar f tn its allergy season, i live in nevada (if that matters), my throat is sore, and my tonsils are swollen (the left is way bigger). is it allergies? ive never had any allergies before (im only allergic to nickle). do i need to see a doctor? theres no white stuff or bad breath or anything, just sore and swollen.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me if there is a correlation btwn having swollen tonsils and unprotected sex? I have never had issues w my tonsils ever in my life, but after we had unprotected they got swollen and white spots on them a week after. Doctor said it wasn't strep or mono, but claims it was tonsil stones. Both bf and I are clean for stds, but all of this didn't start until after unprotected sex. Could stress/anxiety cause this cus I am suffering from both? Could it be an std?