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Avatar m tn I have just started getting this burning sensation, like I just touched something hot, in the tips of my thumb, index finger and middle finger. The worsens when I close my hand tightly but gets better if I soak it in water. What could be causing this?
Avatar n tn i have had numbness, tingling , and at times small shocking feelings in my index finger and middle finger on my left hand from the nuckle up to the tip of my certain positions it sort of hurts. what could be causing this? it has been going on for several weeks and did not accompany a injury. i am a nurse an do alot of physical work but again, no injury.
Avatar m tn Since then, I have had numbness on the tips of my fingers, with the exception of the thumb, index finger and middle finger on my right hand; the left thumb, index finger and middle finger have more feeling than the others, but the numbness is present.. They are fully functional, but have limited sensation. My concern is what happened, and whether or not the damage is permanent?
Avatar f tn I had CTS surgery 4 weeks ago which relieved the tingling and numbness in my thumb, index and middle finger. Prior to surgery I had numbness in all of my fingers on my right hand. They did an EMG and found loss to all my fingers. After surgery now both my ringfinger, little finger and that outer side of my hand are totally numb. I am also experiencing pain in the palm of my hand so bad that I have to take Ultram or Hydracodone.
Avatar m tn A cause of numbness of the index finger and middle finger is carpal tunnel syndrome. It usually also has sensory changes of the palm at the thumb, index and middle fingers, and the ring finger on the side near the middle finger. I am not sure if you have these other features or not, but I will elaborate on carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression/entrapment syndrome of the median nerve at the wrist.
Avatar n tn last night I couln't sleep I had severe finger cramps thumb, index and middle fingers the pain and cramps were so severe the pain and cramp would go up to my elbows. Does anyone has any idea what could this be?
Avatar f tn Its more like to be due to local causes like compression of the median nerve at the wrist. The nerve innervating (supplying) the thumb, the index finger and the middle fingers is the median nerve. This can get compressed in the wrist, leading to numbness of these areas leading to a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If her symptoms persist check with your doctor to rule out this condition. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn It began on my left thumb, then right pinky. Then right middle finger, right index finger, left middle finger, left index finger, and finally left pinky. The only 2 fingers unaffected are my ring fingers. I have seen a multitude of dermatologists and have tried steroid creams. Nothing seems to help. I have not met anyone else that has this condition and many doctors look at my fingers like they have never seen anything like it before.
Avatar m tn On August 21 2010, I was placed in handcuffs for a moment not being arrested but just for questioning and the hand cuffs we put on very very tight, since then I have has constant numbness in my thumb, index finger, and middle finger, after almost 30 days the middle finger is 90% back to normal, index finger 10 % back to normal and thumb 5% back to normal I have never experienced this before until these hand cuffs were put on extremely tight, I thought the numbness would go away since I have seen
1090905 tn?1256858903 All of a sudden a few hours ago my arm, wrist, thumb and three of four fingers went numb and tingly and I can't really make a fist or hold a glass. (Index finger is fine??) And NOw in the last hour or so the left Index and Middle fingers are going the same way...that arm has had the Ulnar Nerve transposed 8 yrs ago ...
1625195 tn?1332182262 There is little to no numbness. The ring finger is the same as well. But my middle finger, index finger and thumb are definitely numb and slightly swollen. My index finger, though, is the only finger experiencing some pain along with the numbness and swelling. Things to note: I did not bang my elbow on anything.
Avatar n tn It would take close to 10-15 minutes before my hand felt normal again. Flash forward to 2 weeks ago when my thumb, index and middle fingers became numb. There is pain associated with this numbness. The pain shoots up to my shoulder and my fingers feel swollen. A really strange thing is that the top part of my arm also feels faintly numb while the bottom half of it does not. The opposite applies to my hand. The top part is not numb; the bottom part is faintly numb.
Avatar f tn index finger and 3rd and ring finger turn blue intermittently? - thoracic outlet syndrome a consideration for my posture is bad and I always have "knots in my shoulders" and recently more back pain associated within the region of scapulas - the chest pain I experienced once late at night radiated to the posterior of my back again in scapular region. raynards syndrome is that also related to toc? - or should I have a cardiac workup and or angio for evaluation of flow?
Avatar n tn Hmmm, I need a little bit more information regarding the distribution of your numbness and when the numbness occurs to offer you the best advice, however, I can give you 2 separate diagnoses which you may be experiencing, The first, and most likely, is a common condition known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) which results when the median nerve (a nerve in the arm that supplies the hand) gets compressed/irritated as it passes through a connective tissue sheath at the level of the wrist.
Avatar n tn The nerve innervating (supplying) the thumb, the index finger and the middle fingers is the median nerve. This can get compressed in the wrist, leading to numbness of these areas leading to a condition called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. The nerve can get compressed due to obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, hypothyroidism, arthritis and trauma.
Avatar n tn It started with my index finger having spasms, and then moved to in between my middle finger and pointer finger knuckle. It now is deblilitating my pinkie and ring finger and causing some minor pain in the outside part of my wrist. With my hand straight out I cannot I cannot put my pinkie or ring finger together and I cannot get my ring finger together with my middle finger. Any thoughts? I have attached a pic of how close I can get my fingers together. I am 32 and relatively healthy.
Avatar n tn i sometimes lose circulation in my left index finger from the middle knuckle to the tip. when this happens my finger turns white and goes numb. but only from the middle to the tip! i have to keep twisting and rubbing it to get it to go back to normal and this usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. it seems to be getting more frequent. i have asked my doctor and he seems to be not too concerned but i am. i had a wrist fusion about 7 years ago.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The nerve innervating (supplying) the thumb, the index finger and the middle fingers is the median nerve. This can get compressed in the wrist, leading to numbness of these areas leading to a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So, surgery for this syndrome should help to recover your thumb movements. If the surgery has been done recently wait for the swelling and inflammation to subside, then your symptoms should improve.
Avatar f tn Doctors seem to want to pass this off as carpal tunnel syndrome although none of the fingers involved are related to the carpal tunnel. I have no problems with my wrist, thumb, index or middle fingers. My numbness is restricted to the little finger and the outside of my ring finger and outside of my hand on my right hand - I am lefthanded. Overuse is not an issue as I am extremely lefthanded. I agree this is a problem with the ulnar nerve.
Avatar f tn The underside of the middle joint of my left index finger got pressed on really hard for an extended period of time (maybe 30 minutes), cutting off blood circulation to the finger. I won't go into the details of how this happened. The tip of this finger (from the last joint on but only on the right side close to the thumb) is now numb and has been for almost 3 days now. It tingles and has that pins and needles feeling. What might this be? Did I pinch the nerve or vein or something?
Avatar n tn yesterday morning (about 20 hrs ago) I woke up with a numb left index finger- all of the top joint and partly the middle is numb. It has not improved and I'm getting worried. My history: 24 y.o. female. In 7/95 I developed repetitive strain injuries from keyboarding- mostly in right hand, arm- no numbness, just achy feelings. Then I had a car accident in 12/95 with minor whiplash. About 3 months after accident I began having neck and upper back pain.
Avatar f tn The first symptoms of CTS may appear when sleeping and typically include numbness and paresthesia (a burning and tingling sensation) in the fingers, especially the thumb, index, and middle fingers. Clinical assessment by history taking and physical examination can frequently diagnose CTS. Treatments can be generally divided into four basic categories: 1. You must rest your hand for weeks 2. The doctor may include some drugs to relieve the pain 3.
Avatar n tn The middle finger (not injured either) will bend but the joint closest to the nail will not curl under. Thumb and Index are fine. I was wondering if there is an injury to one finger can it affect the other fingers beside it?
Avatar f tn Since both of these events, the numbness has moved down my finger and now includes my thumb and to a lesser degree of numbness my middle finger. I am starting to feel it progress to my ring finger (next to the pinkie) and also past my wrist at the point where the nozzle hit my forearm. Very rarely, that hand has "locked up" at the knuckles but this has happened before either event. . My question is do you have any ideas what could be causing the numbness.?
Avatar n tn whenever i rest my hand on my work desk / table or arm rest at my chair, i feel discomfort on my right lower shoulder blade and feel numbness from my right shoulder from the triceps to my thumb, index and middle finger. the numbness will be gone within 5 minutes and will return if i make any big movements and rest my arms on my desk / table or chair again. The problem started about 7 months ago and has gotten serious past 2 months.