Index finger numbness and shoulder pain

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Avatar m tn When scalene muscle is the cause of pain, the pain is referred to chest, inner lining of scapula (shoulder bone), shoulder, posterior and lateral sides of the arm right up to the thumb and index finger. Repeated clicking of mouse of computer can injure the tendon of index, cause compression of median nerve and also cause this numbness. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Take care!
Avatar n tn It is usually resolved by changing the position of my shoulder although some numbness in the distal portion of my index finger remains and I cannot distinguish between hot and cold. There is no pain. I have been referred to a Neurologist for evaluation of radial nerve impingement. If it is determined that this is the diagnosis, are there treatments other than surgery available?
Avatar m tn Nerve root compression at that level can cause triceps weakness and decreased reflex. It can also refer pain into shoulder blade area and cause pain in your wrist and forearm. When this happen to me, I had everything you have and I was getting a lot of shocking pain in my shoulder, arm and hand. It was horrible. My thumb and first 2 fingers went numb. If your doctor can keep you supplied with Vicoden and muscle relaxants till December, you could probably make it.
Avatar n tn I've had periodic shoulder pain and periodic numbness in my index and middle finger for about two weeks. It seems to be getting better. My question is, will I be doing harm if I exercise?
Avatar f tn My right thumb and index finger feel numb also. I think that this pain started after going camping and sleeping on a bad mattress on my right side for an extended period of time. This arm feels much weaker than normal. Lifting anything is much harder than it used to be. I really can't do push ups any more, etc. This pain/weakness has been very sudden, so I do not believe it is carpal tunnel or anything like that. My family doc thinks it is my rotator cuff that is the problem.
Avatar n tn there is a little pain that is in my right arm like a tightness in my tendant and it goes dowmn to my index right index finger is a little numb ...i took aleve and it seemed to help the pain but the finger is still you know what is causing this ..and do you have any remedies...thanks ...
Avatar n tn The arm pain got worse as the days went on with numbness in my right index finger and burning pain in my fore arm.Cold air on it made it worse as if It were an icicle.This is all on the right side. One day more back pain then other days more arm pain. seems to switch off.Got so bad could only releave pain by putting arm over head or flat on my back. Driving , computer and writing is the worst!!
556780 tn?1225453204 I cut my right index finger with a razor cutter. I have tremendous amount pain and numbness. Each day its the same pain morning and night. Please help.
Avatar n tn In the last two weeks I've had sudden numbness in my INDEX finger only. It feels bruised when you stroke the finger tip (pad area) and a pins and needles sensation. I thought it was carpel tunnel but it's only one finger on the hand I rarely use for anything. I ended up going to a chiropractor last week, had some alignments done on my hips and two in my neck. For the first hour I felt some relief and could freely move my neck again. Then the pain started coming back.
Avatar f tn Hi, i've been having numbness and tingling in my right index and middle finger for about a week or so now. I've also noticed that my arm goes weak when I try to hold things (like a fork to eat or a cup of coffee) or when I write or type. I have to stop and shake my hand. The symptoms do not wake me up at night. I have worn a wrist brace on that hand for years and lately have worn it very tightly to avoid pain.
Avatar f tn After the second week the pain seemed to go away but now my thumb and index finger is numb. This does not leave and when I move my arm a certain way it feels like the whole hand will go numb in a throbbing sort of way. Now after 2 weeks of this I seem to notice some weakness in this arm. I went to a chiropractor for 2 visits with no relief and $120 plus. Do you think I have a condition that will require surgery? I just want this numbness to go away. Thanks so much for listening.
Avatar f tn I should mention I did NOT have this symptom prior to surgery. I had pain, but not numbness in my index finger and thumb. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, to those that may be interested, I did research the fusion vs the ADR and I am a runner, do sprint triathlons and a lot of yoga. Very active, am 47 and have never been for fit in my life. It is very important to me to not lose mobility and this is why I chose replacement vs fusion. I found this site very helpful....
Avatar m tn Since before Mother's dayI have been having pain in my left arm just below the elbow and just above my left wrist. Some times I also have pain in my left shoulder. Along with this pain I get numbness, and a feeling of "pens and needles" in my left thumb and index finger. This pain lasts for up to 45 minutes, and then goes away. The pain is usually a 5/10, but sometimes is a 7/10. The pain is similar to the pain I get sometimes in my lower back and legs from a prior low back injury.
Avatar f tn Perhaps it's carpal tunnel in my left hand with some arthritis, although there are other pain things going on also between my shoulder and hand. I am now looking at yoga and other forms of chronic pain therapies. Really don't think they have found everything yet and am going to be persistent about it. Can a doc to go a certain area and pinpoint a pinched nerve or is that difficult to diagnose? What is the best course of treatment for a pinched nerve?
Avatar m tn I am 38 and about 3 months ago I woke with a lump on the right side of my neck as well as severe pain in my right shoulder and complete numbness in just my right hand. I stayed in the hospital for 8 days, got the MRI, CT, X-Rays, Nerve Conduction Study, and blood tests. All came back normal! I was given the diagnosis of Brachial Plexopothy but my Neurologist (x2) said my nerves are fine. I had two lumps removed and both were not cancerous.
Avatar m tn The pain in my upper back/lower neck came back really bad, as did the numbness in my index finger and tip of my right thumb. Turning my head does not seem to help. Doctor prescribed Vicodin and muscle relaxers, plus physical therapy. Since this is an HMO (Kaiser), Physical therapy was 6 weeks out. I went to a Chiropactor while waiting on PT. The Chiropractor took xrays and said my disc at one level (lower C or upper T?) was very narrow and told me there was nothing he could do.
Avatar n tn I have a searing pain in my index, middle and ring fingers. It is accompanied by a twinge in both shoulders and in the middle of my spine. The pain occurs regularly at night when I lie down. I have some numbness that occurs during the day. The pain I experience at night interrupts my sleep and I have to get out of bed. What could this possibly be?
Avatar n tn Flash forward to 2 weeks ago when my thumb, index and middle fingers became numb. There is pain associated with this numbness. The pain shoots up to my shoulder and my fingers feel swollen. A really strange thing is that the top part of my arm also feels faintly numb while the bottom half of it does not. The opposite applies to my hand. The top part is not numb; the bottom part is faintly numb.
Avatar f tn Hi, this could be due to thoracic outlet syndrome, cervical spondylosis, carpal tunnel syndrome etc. Symptoms due to thoracic outlet syndrome include neck, shoulder, and arm pain, numbness, or impaired circulation to the extremities (causing discoloration). Often symptoms are reproduced when the arm is positioned above the shoulder or extended. Patients can have a wide spectrum of symptoms from mild and intermittent, to severe and constant.
Avatar f tn Since that time, I have had severe, debilitating neck pain, left leg weakness, facial numbness and drooping on the left side, left eye blurriness, left arm pain, and left hand shaking with index finger jerking. My GP did an MRI of the brain and cervical spine and the only notable issue was disk degeneration. I have since seen my surgeon (Ortho specializing in spine and neck surgery). In his office, he put 2 Trigger point injections around C6. This did not help at all.
Avatar n tn in forearm less intense and shorter duration, numbness @ index finger tip diminishing. I have read and read and read and asked all I could. This is what I came to: surgical intervention maybe in order, but certainly not now. Most people will not tolerate the pain long enough for this to heal...and in 95+% of the cases, they do heal. You just have to REST and amend your activities that may have contributed....mine was lifting weights. Your shoulder position...mine L one is still pulled up..
Avatar f tn It depends on where the pain and numbness is. There is a cause of numbness of the index finger and middle finger called carpal tunnel syndrome. It usually also has sensory changes of the palm at the thumb, index and middle fingers, and the ring finger on the side near the middle finger. I am not sure if you have these other features or not, but I will elaborate on this. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression/entrapment syndrome of the median nerve at the wrist.
Avatar n tn When scalene muscle is the cause of pain, the pain is referred to (either all or a combination of) chest, inner lining of scapula (shoulder bone), shoulder, posterior and lateral sides of the arm right up to the thumb and index finger.
Avatar n tn Since then, the pain has moved down into the whole arm, and I have numbness in my index and middle fingers, which has seemed to have gotten better in the last week, but is still there. At random times, I will get tingling down the arm into my hand. My work place sent me to a workman's comp physician, since I had gotten the flu shot through my workplace.
Avatar n tn It was quite relaxing and calming and 100% pain free. Lately, I have been having some neck pain and also tingling and numbness in my right outer forearm and right outer calf. I hear some clicking sounds when I move my neck side to side as well. I am going to get an X ray this week but I know what they are going to tell me :0( I am pretty sure I have some disc degeneration up there too. My brother had neck and shoulder pain so bad he could not sit down or turn his head.
Avatar f tn After seeing numerous docs had MRI and c5/6 (7) disc is buldged? lost use to bend thumb about 2 months ago and also index finger (unable to bend at second knuckle, the one closest to the nail) my forearm is numb and coordination in my left hand is starting to get weak and have pain in my thumb like the tendons are getting shorter and its being pulled into my had, with random sharp shooting pains!! has anyone had/head of this not being able to use my thumb!?
Avatar m tn This injury took place 4 days ago. Today, I started having numbness and tingling in the tip of my right index finger? Any ideas on what's going on. Do I need to see a doctor? I'd really prefer to only go if there could be something serious going I have two small children and I'm a stay at home mom w/ little outside help. Thank you!