Throat infection that wont go away

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Avatar n tn initially i got flu like symptoms that left mewith a cough that will not go away. that was 16 months ago. i was put on a course of amoxcillan which did not help followed by brycinal inhalers and simbocort which did not help. then i had an endoscopy whichhh sowed large hyatis hernia, dr felt that maybe acid hade burnt larynx because my voice started to become hoarse. dr put me on nexium. i then had a chest scan one with dye, one without dye nothing showed except the hernia.
4430758 tn?1354482428 However, oral sex can result in throat infection with gonorrhea. The bottom line is that you should have a reexamination and a complete throat culture, complete in the sense that it is not a culture designed to reveal the presence or absence of Strep.
Avatar n tn yesterday i went to see the doctor again, told him that the fever wont go away he gave me antibiotics and fever med again. right now my temp still reading 39 degrees, whats wrong with me ? nothing seems to help at all and im aching all over my body especially my neck area.
Avatar f tn And if so, you will be prescribed with an inhaler. Sometimes, a cough that will not go away can be due to an allergy and that allergy can be to anything from dust, bed bugs, animal fur, smoke, perfumes, the list is endless. Sometimes what happens is that you may get what is called "post nasal drip". This is when the mucus drops down your throat from the sinus area causing an irritation and making you cough.
Avatar f tn It seems that no matter what you do it wont go away or the doctors think it is in your head. It is possible that now you have a yeast infection because the medicine you have taken for the BV. I hope find your answers. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn hi, my mother has had a cough that just wont go away she went to the doctor and he said it was allergies but the medicine has done anything and her cough seems to go aways when she turns off the A/C in her house but when she goes anywhere else where there is A/C her cough starts up again. her eyes get blood shot and she get dry throat and can get that cough to go away she's been like this for a good 6 months now. she also tells me she get a sharp pain in the heel of her foot.
4430758 tn?1354482428 Do you still have the symptoms that you mentioned? Pharyngitis may be attributed to infection that may be viral, bacterial or even from gonorrhea, or chlamydia infection. If it is viral infection, this usually resolves after a few days of rest and symptomatic relief. However, if it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Additional diagnostic tests such as a rapid test or throat culture may also be done. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have been sick with a variety of ailments for almost 5 months now. Here's a quick list of the issues. 1. Sore throat, nasal thing - took amoxicillian. Cleared it up 2. Bacterial Vaginosis while pregnant - took Flagal. Cleared it up. Then got a yeast infection, which I used Monistat for. It cleared up as well. 3. Had a bad cough in November - was given an antibiotic (can't remember which), cleared it up, but I had a late term miscarriage right afterward.