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Avatar m tn theres a lump in my throat and i no longer have a appetite im always tired and fatigued idk whats wrong with me
Avatar f tn Got a lump, bad smell and some pain in my throat after performing oral sex 4 days ago. I am extremely worried. What it can be?
Avatar f tn My sore throat went away but the lump is still there. Sometimes I have pain in my throat near the lump but it only lasts a second and then goes away. It's on the right side of my face, nothing on the left. Should I be alarms or does it just sound like swollen lymph node?? Help!!
Avatar m tn There is an artery in the area you are talking about and they have a pulse like in your wrist. It the lump a hard bump or a spongy lump that you feel your pulse when you press on it? It isn't on the bone it is above the bone right? if it is soft and spongy it may just be an artery. If it is solid and hard I would have the doc feel it.
Avatar m tn 24 hours before my antibiotic course was over, I noticed irritation and itching next to my clitoral area, in lips of labia. It developed into a swollen lump then developed a head; drained and is shrinking. Now, 72 hours after my antibiotic, I have white patches on my throat. I notice irritation down there in a new spot with itching and redness. I expect a lump to form. I get a spasm like feeling too. DR. Said its and inflamed gland....but why a second bout?? Is the throat thing related?
Avatar f tn i have a lump on the roof of my mouth it is very panfull when i eat or drink...
Avatar f tn HR would spike in 200s, elevated BP, SOB, chest pain, tightness in chest and throat, heavy lump in throat, flushing, weakness, tingling and numbness in legs and arms...pratcially every known SVT symptom all at once. EP doctor diagnosed it as left atrial tachy. I am 6 weeks post ablation and feel much better. Ablation seems to be succesfful but dr said there were a few more spots that could give me trouble later down the road.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much for advise he got really poorly and other side started to swell so moved his hos app forward they put a camera up his nose (he was really good and just lay no fuss bless him) they said his adeniods were enlarged and needed to be removed they said the lumps in throat was due to over work fighting infection they also said it may help with his ears which were continuous filled with liquid causing him to have hearing loss on one side they rang today and he is booked in for 12 th Ju
Avatar f tn Waiting for appointment with throat specialist said he will give me scope in throat,so nervous,hope they put me to sllep when put scope down throat,do they as have very badgaug reflax,cant even swallow put me on Pantoprazole for acid reflux says like nexium,so nervous hope they find out what wrong,hope not throat cancer or something serious like that from smoking all those years,left side hurts to touch,physio trying laser on it.sore throat in morning too,but gets better in the day.
Avatar n tn ve got hearing loss in my right ear, and the glands on the right side of my neck are swollen. I noticed a lump in my throat the other day and it has now got a little bigger and i keep getting a horrible taste in my mouth.idon't know if I should go to a&e or wait until Monday to see my Dr, my friend said it could be quinsy.
Avatar n tn the weird part is i have no fever. and the lumps near thyroid..
Avatar n tn I was left with a lump in my throat and problems swallowing. The antibiotics cleared up the infection but the problem swallowing would still be there. It was bad most days with the occasional good day. No problem swallowing when drinking water... Could eat OK but food did get stuck.. Based on the information in this Website. I told my Doctor I thought I had acid coming up from my stomach.
Avatar m tn Your sinuses are all interconnected with your ears and throat, and so that may be the cause of the lump in your throat and plugged ears. However, this doesn't explain your frequent night sweats. Have you had any blood work done?
Avatar n tn Most of the gas is gone as well as the lump feeling and sore throat, About the same time that I contaced my Doctor about the prilosec I started to notice a small amount of blood in my spit in the morning. It really is a small amount and most of the time, all but in the mornings. I really have to pull for it to come up. I was wondering if bleeding from gerd can come through the throat instead of through the bowels. I feel myself getting better everydayThe sore throat still comes and goes.
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum, this feeling of lump in the throat is known as Globus sensation. This is mainly seen in gastro esophageal reflex disease or hyperplastic tonsil. The other possibilities are abnormal upper esophageal sphincter function, stress or psychological abnormality causes this sensation due to altered upper esophageal pressure. Post nasal drip due to sinusitis can also cause such sensations. Do not worry, it is a self limiting condition and will recover in a week.
Avatar m tn I am also suffering from same kind of symtoms, in additions to this I also found some hard surface in my throat. I feel like I am having some heavy thing in my mouth, Sharp pains in throat and neck, this pain come from throat and goes to ear and head, My belches are stopped at throat only sometimes. What this could be?
Avatar f tn I finished those off and lost my voice completely and the lump in my throat never changed. So they then put me on Amoxicillin 500mg three times a day. I finished those off, the lump is still there. They sent me for blood work. I apparently have anemia. So they sent me for another set to see if I was allergic to any foods or what not for the anemia. The doctor I am seeing is sending me to do a Barium Swallow. Other then that they won't be back until the 5th of January.
Avatar m tn We got CT scan that showed weveral more bumps deeper in his throat but no sinus infection. We tried antibiotics, but they didn't work. We've seen several doctors, got all kinds of blood tests, and they are now telling us the continuing night sweats and lumps in his throat are likely viral. My son seems to be getting slowly worse. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this with the swine flu? I.e. a prolonged episode of night sweats with lumps in the throat.
Avatar f tn Now after two months of having it, i can feel extreme pain in my throat and in my neck when I move it. It seems now like i swallowed a big ball and it is stuck in my throat. I can't eat from this sensation. Can it be just stress and it's all in my head? Did anyone experience this before? If so, what did you do to relieve it?
613324 tn?1235231980 I start feeling hypo symptoms coming on especially when I feel a lump in my throat. The last I felt the lump was when my T4 levels were an 8. I received a throat sonogram and nothing irregular was found.My endo Dr increased my meds, and the lump and hypo symptoms vanished My levels are now a 2 but I am slowly feeling that lump again among the hypo symptoms these past 2 weeks and getting worse, obviously, something I'm taking or doing is causing my synthroid to not absorb fully?
Avatar n tn My throat feels like theres a lump in it. The lump rises and makes me struggle to breath. Resulting in me coughing until the lump goes back down. Sometimes it'll stay down but others it'll come back up. Any ideas what it is ?