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Avatar m tn it is last 2 days I have pressure in ears and ringing ears (not due to sound). Could this be liver disease related?
Avatar n tn Hello,I'm a 21 year old male who for the past 3 months have had ringing in my ears. Its in both of them and I only really notice it when I'm in a real quite room or when I'm trying to sleep, what could this be? I don't really have headaches or dizziness, but am tired and sometimes weak, please help and respond!
Avatar n tn He has been feeling progressively worse. He has a constant ringing in his ears, pressure in the ears, is dizzy and has periods of fever. One minute his temperature is fine and the next minute he is burning up. It has gotten so bad that he spends more time at home sick than he does at work. He's been feeling this way for a long time now. His doctor keeps treating the sinus infections he continues to get but they never seem to go completely away and most of the antibiotics don't seem to work.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else experience sudden ringing in ears, muffled hearing and a feeling of fullness or pressure in their ears when they are anxious? It drives me crazy, I am working and out of nowhere, my hearing goes muffled and I get a hot flash. Now that I know that is normally how my attacks happen, I am able to stop them before they really start, but man it is frustrating! An absolutely horrible feeling! Could this be a side effect from my meds as well? (Lexapro & Lorazapam) Thanks!
Avatar n tn Both times i experienced ringing in my ears to the point where it was all i could hear or think about and i began to feel dizzy in the teeter-totter kind of way, not the virtigo way and fainted for under a minute. i felt like i was dying. Instead of color rushing to my face, it stayed pale after i woke up which was the only thing the EMT was "concerned about". These incidents of fainting were relatively 4-5 months apart.
Avatar m tn I also had Raynaud's in my hands this past winter. The ringing in my ears started this week - I am so hopeful you've found a diagnosis!
1390055 tn?1365618655 I read that if you listen to music or have background noise, it distracts you from thinking there is ringing in your ears. So I did that for pretty much the rest of the day and played video games and listening to music, and it was pretty un-noticeable for that time, but the moment I stopped playing the game or stopped the music, my ringing was back. I was up later than usual last night trying to sleep.
Avatar m tn Since last 2 weeks, I am getting a very high pitched ringing in my left ear. I can also feel a bit of air pressure in both ears. Get headaches when I wake up in the morning. A little bit of stiffness in the neck. Blood results are ok. Slight elevated cholesterol levels but blood sugar levels, liver, kidney all ok. Blood pressure was a bit concerning - lower was 100! Will get it checked again in the next few days. Getting MTHFR, homocysteine & vit B levels checked.
1288270 tn?1301291212 My mom, My moms sister and My grandfather all have ringing in their ears/ear... I've had alot of ear infections in my left ear too...Should I worry about this, Is there something seriously wrong with my head, Do I have a brain tumor or a brain aneurysm? Im only 15. Im not sure if alot of 15 year olds have brain tumors or brain aneurysm's.
621217 tn?1289012687 It turned out that i had an upper viral throat infection that was causing a small amount of mucus to form in my throat and lungs. And this triggered an Inner ear infection. I had to take antibiotics for both, ear drops for my ear and medication for my throat. I hope this helps a little. How have you been ? I've been dying to know.
Avatar f tn This can also result in infection of the ears. The blocked ears can be opened up by the valsalva maneuver, where air is blown into the cheeks against a closed nostrils, this sometimes helps to open up the tubes. Steam inhalations can help clear the tube. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn About 5 days ago I became ill. The symptoms are unusual - ringing in my ears, loss of appetite, and horrible lethargy - I just didn't care about anything. Also some agitation - I couldn't sit still and spend a lot of time slowly pacing. I also noticed some breathing discomfort - when I sit still, I feel as if I can't catch my breath, but it's minor and goes away if I get up. I don't sleep well because of the ringing in my ears. Today is day 5. I really feel much better.
Avatar m tn Ringing in the ears Pressure around Temples and Eyes Eyes have floating things in vision I feel quick dizzy spells when I move my head too fast or when I eat (Hard chewing a lot brings it on) BP is 130/90 and When they take my BP on my left arm, I get anxiety attack automatically muscular pain that is sporadic over my body, sometimes like needle stabs tremors in my feet, fingers, and groin - feels like vibrating cell phone - not constant I also get rashes in groin, toes and underarms - smells
Avatar n tn Its 2 weeks now and is constant. I feel low pain in swollow and constant ringing in ear(though when i m in closed space) intensity i can say 30-40 %. My doc told me some infection in ear, gave me some anti allergic. My neck stiffness is still there, during office work i feel he3viness in head specially area behind ear. I had neck stiffness and pain 2 years back and it went after some days but it was without ear ringing. . What i should do now. Please suggest.
Avatar f tn I have similar symptoms and was just wondering how you are doing now and what worked for you. I started with sinus stuffiness and ear ringing now spasms in my throat as well as burning. Hope you are feeling better. I need some hope and help.
Avatar f tn This not a question but more of a statement about a problem I had with my heart beating in my ears. On Sept 21, 09 I had a knee replacement which seems to be fine. On Nov 30, 09 I had the other knee replaced. With both knee replacements I was given an anti-biotic with my IV. I had the operation on Monday and on Tuesday the IV was removed. Apparently, I was given an anti-biotic pill on Tuesday night. They thought I might have some kind of infection so it was just a safety measure.
Avatar f tn I am 21. 2 weeks ago I woke up with a high pitched sound in both of my ears, pressure in both ears, and when I swallow they both crack. My local GP was closed so I rang the NHS help line, they said it was a head cold and that the sinuses were most likely swollen, and was told to take ibuprofen. I was worried so went to A and E and the doctor I saw said they couldn't see anything wrong with my ears, but said my tonsils were enlarged, he also said it was a head cold.
290867 tn?1333572878 Oh and I want to add that I have no hearing problems, no ringing ears, etc. In Kindergarten my teacher wrote on my report card that I had a hard time pronouncing many letters, though. I have no idea if that had to do with my age or with not having had tubes yet (I was 7 when I got the 2nd pair). I think it's worth it to get them for him. It will be hard for you but it's a low-risk surgery and he'll do fine.
1889811 tn?1321051636 I am 57 and my wife and I are very healthy, eat well and very clean. My wife and I had an overly rough session of anal sex. About a week later, upon ejaculation during regular intercourse, everything immediately started spining and I became very sic. I vomited for approximately 24 hours and couldn't keep anything down, not even a sip of water. That ended in a day or two and I have been eating normally since, but the dizzyness or "vertigo" and ringing in the ears has never left.
Avatar n tn Hi there, yes it could be the ears nose and throat is the place to go, I had it start when I was 22 after visiting a brand new golf course, I was allergic to the stuff used on the grass, had a severe allergic reaction but never took anything to relieve it as we were headed to the snow and everything was shut.
Avatar f tn About two years ago I started having severe allergies and suspected black mold in my apartment. I also had recently acquired two cats. Suddenly I started having ringing in my ears and was diagnosed with a salivary gland infection to which I was treated with antibiotics. The ringing came back and I was again treated with antibiotics (they didn't work the second time). In the course of the second dose of antibiotics I became dizzy and have been every since.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to let you know that I have had ringing in the ears and pressure in my head. My pressure is inside my skull but sometimes it feels as though it is my lymph nodes behind my ears swelling up like rocks. I have had other symptoms but all of my symptoms were caused by taking an SSRI: Lexapro. I am assuming you have ruled out tinitis and menengitis (due to the strep).
Avatar n tn Sometimes there could be a Eustachian tube dysfunction, which can cause repeated blockage to the ears and further build of fluid in the ears and infection. So, please consult your primary care physician first, from there you can proceed with referrals. Good luck with your therapy. Regards.
Avatar n tn Constant clicking and ears ringing. I found out the clicking in my ears is caused by a Deviated Septum, and either surgery or TUBES in my ears is what I can do. TUBES are gods gift to ears. TRUST ME, if I wasnt pregnant I would be getting them again. But Zoloft heightened my symptoms....and I have horrible side effects...but im waiting to see if it helps because I SUFFER from anxiety. Hope this helps a little bit...
789820 tn?1315452113 continuous ear ache, striking pain and no build up of wax in my left ear. However, I am experiencing ringing in both of my ears on a daily basis. The ringing can happen with or without sound. Any sounds louder than a person yelling makes my left ear throw a ringing fit. I am unable to sleep properly at night; it takes me hours to fall asleep and when I do fall asleep i'm woken up several times through out the night. Most recently experienced what is called "exploding head syndrome".
Avatar m tn This tube can get blocked due to infections of the throat, which can give lead to a feeling of fullness in the ears. This can also result in infection of the ears. The blocked ears can be opened up by the valsalva maneuver, where air is blown into the cheeks against a closed nostrils, this sometimes helps to open up the tubes. Steam inhalations can help clear the tube. Try warm salt water gargles. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn This tube can get blocked due to infections of the throat, which can give lead to a feeling of fullness in the ears. This can also result in infection of the ears and tinnitus. Tinnitus should resolve once the infection subsides. So, continue with your medications. In addition, the blocked ears can be opened up by the valsalva maneuver, where air is blown into the cheeks against a closed nostrils, this sometimes helps to open up the tubes.