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6581828 tn?1382643059 When I exhale there is a foul odor that comes from my throat. It is like rotten eggs. It only comes into my mouth, not through my nose when I exhale. My family says they cant smell it, but I can. I am a vocalist and when i sing it is so bad to me that I can't stand it. This has only been going for about 3 weeks. I am in great health, active and the only med i take is Ambien. The dentist says my teeth are perfect. Mints and tooth brushing do not help at all.
Avatar f tn I have been having this very FOUL odor coming from my nose , throat and mouth. This has been going on for more than 2 months maybe more than 6. It's as if I have bad breath when I don't. The smell is for sure in my throat and nose. Even when my mouth is closed , people can smell my odor because it comes out of my nose. I am so depressed about this because I spent countless nights googling what it can be . I WANT T DIE because of this.
Avatar f tn Hi. oral sex is low risk for contracting any std,.
Avatar f tn I am wondering whats going on first it is our stinky cat smell only on me or body odor smell that is stinky n she would get sinus issues and now she states we have perfumey smell on us and everytime it makes her sinuses run and she says its the detergent and we dont use any fragrance type of products even if our next door neighbuses one I get serious reaction to strong smel so then i wonder whats going on with a family member whse 63 because its tiring to hear her complain of unexisting sme
Avatar n tn The main reason I am asking is because the first time I performed oral sex on her I got a very bad bacterial infection in my throat; figuring it was from that I did not do it for a long period of time, then when I performed the act again 2 nights ago I am again showing signs of a bacterial infection but not as severe.
Avatar f tn Im fairly new to this post so this may have been asked before or discussed before but has anyone been tested for Systematic Yeast/Fungal Infections? For those who have been blood tested is this one of the things they look out for? Systematic Yeast infections usually occur in an immune system compromised host. Since it unlikely in people considered "healthy" it may be overlooked. My infant daughter recently came down with Thrush.
Avatar m tn throat infection go see a ears nose and throat doctor..I took 1mg of risperidone for alittle over a two weeks spitting out phlem constantly..The good news no oder.
Avatar n tn You should first get a complete exam of your nose and throat by an ENT specialist and treatment for whatever infection is found. Some medicines can also cause bad or at least unusual odors. Unlikely to be vitamins but you might want to hold the vitamins for a week or two. A condition called atrophic rhinitis can also do this. It is associated with excessive dryness of the membrane lining the nose.
Avatar m tn I awoke one morning with a strong vaginal taste/odor emanating from my throat. Brushing my teeth, mouthwash, breath mints could not mask the odor. Later that evening, it developed into a throat irritation whenever I swallow. As of now, I'm having mild to severe pain swallowing. The pain is only on one side of my throat, near the location of my tonsils I believe. I also have some pain in my ear on the same side. This pain is deep, inner ear area.
Avatar f tn I have this bad odour coming from my nose and I can't smell it but everyone around me can smell it. This bad odour is ruining my life, it's has been 3yrs now and I can't take it anymore. somebody please help I need to go back to school!!! I've tried everything it's not working and doctors can't help me either, it's like they don't know what causes the smell. I feel like to die, I can't take it anymore!!!
Avatar n tn I had a CT scan and nothing showed up. The odor is there almost 24/7 in varying degrees. Sometimes the odor is so bad it makes me sick to my stomach. It does not smell like any of the things most of you have said; I am not sure how to explain it other than PUTRID. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn there are bad odor coming out of my nose, my throat got infected when I used a therabreath as a results bad smells coming out of my nose is there any cure
Avatar f tn Ok. Two weeks ago. I was in antibiotic for a throat infection. And within three days of taking the medicine. I realized the I started having thick cottage cheese looking discharge. Fallow my some itching and horrible odor. I stay like the for two weeks. I wasn't sure if it was a yeast infection. Than I went to a gyn. She said I did have a yeast infection. And prescribed me medicine in pill form. I went to the local cvs. It turned out for the second refill.
Avatar n tn I smell sulfur no matter where I am, the inside of my nose on each side is tender, no bleeding, have some drainage in my throat which causes me to clear my throat or cough what is going on?
Avatar n tn Sometimes a sinus infection, gum infection, throat infection or ear infection can have an odor that you can detect transiently when you pass the person or you are the person. Vaginal odors can also sometimes be detected. Please be aware that some people detect odors better than others. The perm smell is usually related to sulfur or ammonia products. You might also be detecting sewer gas leak if you have a cracked drain pipe some where. It might also be perm chemicals wafting through the air.
Avatar f tn I suggest that you first check with your dentist to rule out chronic infection of the mouth, teeth or throat. Sometimes such infection can be facilitated by gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD. If the problem does not reside in your mouth or teeth, you should consult with an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist, able to conduct a thorough physical examination and order appropriate imaging (“X-ray”) studies.
Avatar n tn I have done papsmear twice,it read infection/bacteria bacillus vaginalis and have been on similar treatment more than 8 times but still nothing improved. My vagina is very painful and now this infection has affected my throat,i now have sore throat,my tongue is starting to have sores... Im now scared whats gonna happen next because none of the doctors and sisters could tell me exactly whats wrong but just prescribed medication that dint even help.
Avatar f tn Today, both the pain and the inflammation seem to be gone but I still smell this fecal odor coming from my throat. I went to see a doctor today and he said that my tonsils were back to their normal size... I also have heartburn sometimes, especially in the morning. Last week, I had diarrhea and there was pink bright blood and mucus that came at the end of my stools. I also completely lost appetite just before that.
Avatar m tn I asked my gastoenterologist (sp) if this odor could be coming from my stomach or intestines...I have acid reflux...since my pcp couldn't tell me anything, I even went to an ear nose and throat answers, I had a thought ...(intestines) acid reflux! My Gastro dr. said "yes...this could be a great possibility! The odor smell poopish sometimes let alone has a bad nasal smell to it... I hope this helps all of you. I'm convinced that it's a combination of the two...
Avatar m tn Actually, genital yeast infections in women are odor-free. The most common causes of an unpleasant (often fishy) odor are bacterial vaginosis and trichomnoniasis -- although the identical odor sometimes is present in any woman who hasn't showered or bathed in a day or two. But yeast infections don't smell bad. It's a common misconception, both by women and their partners.
Avatar f tn About two days later I noticed I came down with a slight sore throat and the next day it was really bad, so that early friday morning I went to the Er because I noticed my tonsils were really swollen with pus spots on them, the doctor diagnosed me with strep throat and gave me 2 penicillin pills that night, I took four the next day that sunday I started to have really bad pelvic pain.
Avatar m tn Another possibility would be infection of the mouth (“trench mouth”) and throat, including the tonsils, the area adjacent to the tonsils (peri-tonsillar) adenoids, tongue, gums and teeth that can be contagious and dental abscess. Infection in any of these areas is usually mostly a nuisance but they can some times be quite serious, especially in the tonsillar and peri-tonsillar areas.