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6581828 tn?1382646659 When I exhale there is a foul odor that comes from my throat. It is like rotten eggs. It only comes into my mouth, not through my nose when I exhale. My family says they cant smell it, but I can. I am a vocalist and when i sing it is so bad to me that I can't stand it. This has only been going for about 3 weeks. I am in great health, active and the only med i take is Ambien. The dentist says my teeth are perfect. Mints and tooth brushing do not help at all.
Avatar n tn You should first get a complete exam of your nose and throat by an ENT specialist and treatment for whatever infection is found. Some medicines can also cause bad or at least unusual odors. Unlikely to be vitamins but you might want to hold the vitamins for a week or two. A condition called atrophic rhinitis can also do this. It is associated with excessive dryness of the membrane lining the nose.
Avatar f tn The use of nasal irrigation with nasal saline might or might not be advisable based on the judgment of his physician as to whether this might or might not increase the risk of the infection into the sinuses or throat. In essence, your husband's doctor needs to establish the correct diagnosis before any treatment can take place.
1370830 tn?1280180103 Hi, How are you? Aside from sinus infection, post nasal drip, recurrent sore throat and tonsil infection may also be responsible. Tonsilloliths, also known as a tonsil stones are clusters of calcified material that forms in the tonsils can cause the bad odor. These are composed of dead white blood cells, bacteria, overactive salivary glands, or mucus secretions. It is best that you have this checked by your doctor or be referred to ENT physician for proper evaluation.
Avatar n tn I have had a problem for quite some time with an odor coming from my nose and throat. It is so bad I am scared to talk to anybody. Luckily noone has commented on it but I am sure that they notice. It is not bad breath it is definitely coming from the throat or the nose. Does anyone have this? Who do you see for it? and ENT doc? I scheduled an appt. for next week but am so embarrassed to even mention this to him - do you think he's heard this before?
Avatar n tn My husband has this terrible odor when he sneezes. It's hard to describe the smell. I guess sorta like nutmeg. It is offensive to me, Yet, he can not smell it. And when he sleeps he gets a drool with a light brown tinge that stains the pillowcases. Do you have any idea what this could be? He does have a bit of a nasal sound when he talks.
Avatar n tn These bacteria release volatile, bad odor sulphur compounds. The management of halitosis involves determining and eliminating the causes, which includes identifying any contributory factors, because certain medical conditions are also associated with characteristic smells. Oral hygiene and treatments should include dental scaling, and root planing of the associated periodontal pockets to reduce the bacterial loading.
Avatar n tn The odor was sortof a sweet foul odor, like rotten fruit, and could be detected 3 or 4 feet away from her. It was coming from her mouth, but was much stronger smelling than bad breath. You'd be surprised how many food products contain wheat or gluten and CD persons can react to the smallest of amounts. It sounds like something in your digestive system is not working properly and this could be the culprit.
Avatar f tn I have been having this very FOUL odor coming from my nose , throat and mouth. This has been going on for more than 2 months maybe more than 6. It's as if I have bad breath when I don't. The smell is for sure in my throat and nose. Even when my mouth is closed , people can smell my odor because it comes out of my nose. I am so depressed about this because I spent countless nights googling what it can be . I WANT T DIE because of this.
Avatar n tn I've had the same problem for a number of years. My doctor told me it was partially food and partially my body fighting infection. I don't have my tonsils anymore, but there are craters where they were. I can always tell when these whitish/yellow pieces are building up because that is when I get a bad taste in my mouth. My breath is not bad all the time only when these pieces start surfacing. When that happens I work the muscles in the back of my throat and they fall out.
Avatar f tn About three months after we started having sex (a year and a half ago), I noticed a very bad odor coming from the head of his penis. It smells very acrid and burns my throat and nose when I smell it closely. At first, the smell would go away after washing, but after a few months, no amount of washing with soap and water could make the smell go away.
Avatar f tn I agree with Sunny911, it sounds like a fungal infection. Could be as simple as athletes foot, or it could be an infection in your toe nail beds. There are herbal remedies for fungus which can be found online. Have you tried soaking your feet in epsom salt?
Avatar n tn I had a CT scan and nothing showed up. The odor is there almost 24/7 in varying degrees. Sometimes the odor is so bad it makes me sick to my stomach. It does not smell like any of the things most of you have said; I am not sure how to explain it other than PUTRID. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn look for fungus infection, the odor is awful and very strange....
Avatar n tn Once it was a sweet, sickly smell. Other times it reminds me of a metalic odor. Each time, I will be diagnosed with a sinus infection, placed on anibiotics, and within a week, the smell will subside. One time last year, I resisted treatment and ended up with a severe infection that included fever, chills, etc., all related to the sinus infection. When I get this smell, now, it is an indication to me that I need to address the infection or suffer further consequences. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn The next morning I had very sore throat, redness, no white spots. Very swollen Uvula. A little mucus in my throat but not much. Went to doctor. It is not strep. They cultured it and it is negative. I took Zithromycin (zpack). After a week it is mostly gone. Could it be yeast?
Avatar f tn About three months after we started having sex (a year and a half ago), I noticed a very bad odor coming from the head of his penis. It smells very acrid and burns my throat and nose when I smell it closely. At first, the smell would go away after washing, but after a few months, no amount of washing with soap and water could make the smell go away.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if maybe I have an infection that did not come up or some kind of disease?
Avatar n tn The doc said that the brown color is due to the fact that I clear my throat too much and so damage my throat. I must admit I have the terrible habit of doing that. It's not realy clearing but more trying to get the mucus out of my nose(sorry for that). This makes my throat, just behind my nose(where my uvula is) often sore too.In fact its more nose clearing I do as I can't blow my nose because it's always very dry.Sometimes there is some crustified blood in my nose, quite often in winter.
Avatar m tn about 2 days after finishing the 5 day cure my throat began to hurt again. my tonsils were red with white spots on them,and also the back of my throat was red (i could see blood vessels , it looked like an infection). after this i went to see the doctor again, and got 7 days Doxycycline (anti biotic). 2 days on this pill, my throat pain was gone, but it was still red. i finished the 7 day strip, after that my tonsils were still red. i also noticed a scalloped tounge. no pain anymore .
Avatar f tn I've told friends about this and they say I don't smell musty, so it must be a smell only I can smell. It's a dusty/musty odor and sometimes keeps me awake at night and makes my throat tickle. Could this be a sinus problem. I've asked my family also and they do not smell it. I do have some problems with sinus congestion from time to time.
Avatar n tn High blood sugars can cause body odor, and for me, Byetta causes me to have an odor, but the odors are in my sweat and in my urine. Asparagus makes my urine have a smell I can only describe as a chemical odor. For odors specifically in the mouth, some people's tonsils have pits in them that allow food to accumulate and decay and can come out looking like small yellow kernels. They smell fouler than foul. And gum disease can cause bad breath, and increases other health risks.
Avatar n tn The most common reason for a foul odor coming from the nose is an infection in one or more of the sinus cavities. I would speak to your physician about this. A CT of the sinuses will be the most effective way to make this diagnosis. Unfortunately, a physical examination cannot do this.
Avatar n tn there are bad odor coming out of my nose, my throat got infected when I used a therabreath as a results bad smells coming out of my nose is there any cure
Avatar m tn For at least 2 to 3 months I've been experiencing ammonia type body odor to a weird meaty body type odor. It's like I can actually smell ammonia in my nose. Sometimes it feels as if it's in my throat. Other times I can taste a "meaty" type of odor smell? I know this sounds weird but please bear with me on this. It's not my imagination working over time either! My car and apartment takes on my body odor.
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me anti hestamine and nose spray but my nose become dry after taking the anti histamine, and this few weeks i started to have a foul odor in my nose and still my nose bleed coming back from time to time. My nose dripp with bad smell also. Can you advice me how to cure my nose bleed and the foul smell.
Avatar m tn If it does, keep on rinsing for several days after the odor disappears, or it grows back. If the infection has gone higher up in your sinuses, the only thing that seems to get rid of it is a Flip-Turn Sinus Flush. It's kinda risky because you have to bend over, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside in a bathing suit. My dentist applied an antibiotic to my gums when I had gingivitis, rather expensive, but worth it.
Avatar m tn Another possibility would be infection of the mouth (“trench mouth”) and throat, including the tonsils, the area adjacent to the tonsils (peri-tonsillar) adenoids, tongue, gums and teeth that can be contagious and dental abscess. Infection in any of these areas is usually mostly a nuisance but they can some times be quite serious, especially in the tonsillar and peri-tonsillar areas.
Avatar f tn It was raw sewage smell or strange ammonia odor(not women's odor, pure ammonia smell), sometimes dirty clothe smell sometimes just undescribable something. but time passes by I realized it was me. Because it followed me and when I bent down I could smell it coming from my body. Then I thought I had rectal problem so intestinal gas leaking, but it was not.