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Avatar f tn i have a lump on the roof of my mouth it is very panfull when i eat or drink...
Avatar m tn I'm 27 years old and been suffering from a severe and frequent throat infection ( tonsillitis ) every 2 months . It all started two years ago , when i had my first and sever tonsillitis. had white spots all over with high fever and was barely able to drink or eat . I have been treated with "Augmentin Shots " for 4 days ( twice per day) with no progress until i changed the doctor who prescribed another antibiotics and it healed me in 3 days . (P.
Avatar f tn So, it is now Tuesday night. Some information: This all started Friday morning... My boyfriend wokeup late for work and was complaining about not feeling good. I didnt think much of it, because sometimes he complains when he wakes up late. Well I left for work, when I came back I found him sleeping with a fever.. He said he left work early due to not feeling well. I didnt have a thermoniter until Saturday morning so I'm not sure what his tempature was Friday.
144586 tn?1284669764 The acid destroys the barrier to bacterial infection, and together with the prednisone the patient becomes prone to a sore throat, and infection which may rapidly progress to the lung. Thus, the drill is, when on high-dose oral predisone, avoid esophageal acid erosion. I don't know why this information is not widely known. This is accomplished by: (a) not eating within two hours of sleeping. (b) avoiding foods that contain methylxanthines (chocolate), which relax the sphincter.
Avatar f tn it started before he got the antibiotic though, and before the MRSA throat infection was diagnosed. And this all started with what I thought was a virus. Do you think he should get a sputum culture, and is that even possible when he's not coughing? Thanks again for all your advice, you've been very helpful, which is very much appreciated.. it makes this a lot harder that he's in another country and I can't talk to the doctors there.
15474313 tn?1443818520 It sounds to me like you got over the flu but you got an infection from the guy slapping you. It may be a bad infection because it might have made your lip hit your tooth and you could have bacteria from the mouth or teeth in the wound. The fever and pus also sound like a wound infection. You need to see your doctor for antibiotics and/or he needs to care for the wound.
Avatar n tn NO that doesn't answer my question. I am in week 4 with few SX. I have read ALL my paperwork and know what and how the drugs work. My CBC is fine so far, and I DO know about procrit and neupogen,for when I need those. I simply asked if TX predisposes you to other infections (like colds, pneumonia, strep etc) because of the wbc dropping. And should one avoid (like the plague) people who are sick. I am sorry if you think this is a dumb question, or a waste of your time.
Avatar f tn I am currently using salt water and hot water to soothe my throat, i will stop smoking cigarettes, and I will drink some tea and eat some raw garlic to try and kick any bacteria still in my system. Any idea of what this could be? Lingering sinus infection? Subtle strep throat? (I've never had strep throat).
Avatar n tn This could be oral yeast infection or a penicillin allergy.
Avatar f tn If you're seeing spots in your throat, you may have an infection - particularly if you're running a fever. See your family doctor about that. I used to get that "thick throat" feeling too. As it turned out, it was caused by drainage from allergies. As long as I take allergy meds (particularly this time of year!) I have no trouble. GERD can also cause this feeling, so keep taking the protonix. There are other PPI meds that might work better for you like nexium or aciphex.
1266083 tn?1358567662 Okay, this may be TMI...but I am confused...Okay, I came down with a yeast infection on Tuesday because of some antibiotics I was on last week to prevent my onset of strep throat getting any worse. Okay, well I called the doc and they said that Monistat (sp) will be fine to take at 19 weeks. Well I took that Tuesday night around 11pm, I expected it to take around 24 hours to work. Well, 24 hours was 2 days ago! I am not sure if it is safe for me to take another dose.
Avatar f tn I've performed unprotected oral sex on him 5 months ago and did not experience ANY symptoms at all. About a month ago in july I got a serious throat infection where my tonsils were swollen and painful and it hurt to swallow. I took antibiotics and the pain went away within a few days. However my tonsils remained severely inflamed for 2 weeks. They are still partially inflamed but I can talk and eat properly. I'm not sure if is gonorrhea or not seeing as it took so long to develop.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms could be due to a fungal throat infection, which causes white patches. White patches are common in many throat infections. The sore throat which you had may have contributed to it. In response to the infection the body produces soft white debris which collects in the tiny indentations in the tonsils called crypts. Repeated salt water gargles will help. Mix one teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and gargle. If your symptoms persist or worsen, consult your doctor.
Avatar n tn For the past 8 months or so, I have been gagging pretty violently after everything that I eat. I don't feel sick or anything, and it doesn't really matter what I eat. I eat, I start caughing, and gagging, and then I feel fine again. If, in the rare situations, I actually do get sick...I start spitting blood, and my nose bleeds. But, I have told this to many doctors that have all brushed it off like it isn't a big problem, which doesn't seem right to me.
Avatar f tn Wow, I really think It's indigestion. Because I belch all the time and big belching. I used to eat before bed but I don't anymore. Thing is, today I got the results from my head X-rays and i have Chronic sinus so I think it's a combination of both these things. Thank you so much for your response.
Avatar f tn Every since I was little i've had problems with my throat and swalloing. When I was around 8 my peditrician told me it was my tonsils and gave me 2 bottles of antibotics. I had to take the antibotics for about 7 days and then my symptoms went away. For about 5 to 6 years I could swallow like a normal person. However, the symptoms have returned and I don't think it's my tonsils. Everytime I eat something I feel like i'm about to choke.
Avatar n tn i have been experiening tight throat for the past week. I suffer form generalized anxiety from time to time. I took a benedryl thinking it might be alergies but after i eat it tends to get worse. I don't have a problem eating or drinking. Is this acid reflux? Or allergies? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/608658'>Tight throat</a>.
Avatar f tn It can also be caused if your salivary glands, which are the glands that keep your mouth, tongue and throat moist, are not working well and this allows your throat to become very dry. It is not enough for the doctor to examine your throat, just by looking in your mouth. You should see an ENT specialist who can use an instrument called a fiberoptic laryngoscope to examine all areas of your nose and throat. This exam would be important to both find the cause and to give you peace of mind.
Avatar m tn Did they give you antibiotics? You could have an infection in your lymph node.
Avatar f tn It is good that the you were able to see a doctor and had this evaluated already with diagnosis of throat infection. The effect of antibiotic is not evident in the first days of intake and it is important that symptomatic management is also done. Pain reliever medications, saline gargle, medicated lozenges, soft diet and rest may help provide relief at this time. Continue the prescribed medicines as advised and if it persists, follow up with your doctor is essential.
620734 tn?1221499606 My littlest one will be 18 months in a few weeks, he usually eats quite a bit, but when he has teeth coming in, or an ear infection or sore throat, he eats less. Try to find what your little one will eat. We do lots of popsicles, it helps to numb. Feeding guidelines must be different in your country, we are off formula by 1, and mine were eating table food by then, so I really can't say much about the feedings, but hang in there. Call your Dr.
Avatar n tn I started to feel a little better, then it got worse! My throat was so swollen yesterday that I couldn't even eat or swallow much of anything! It's painful to swallow even saliva. I went back to the ER where they gave me a shot of steriods for the swelling and Motrin. Today...I still can't eat anything, can't drink without pain. They only thing that seems to go down somewhat smoothly is my warm sleepy time tea.
Avatar m tn After bouts of acid reflux that I have few now, my throat is very sensitive to exercise, or cold weather. I worked out for years but I can no longer do so due to the tenderness. I have no Insurance...
Avatar f tn hi mtmc - i have had the same throat issue about 8 months now. only on left side. thought it was a hair too but no. definitely notice it where tongue attachs in throat. been to ENT and nothing. suggeted acid reflux but i know that is NOT it. dentist even looked around cause i was concerned may be infected saliva gland. no. i think my mouth feels dry all the time also. definitely not like i remember. very mind consuming.
Avatar m tn also, i have been very stressed out lately and i always eat late before i go to bed. Recently a lot of mucus has been running in the back of my throat,especially when i am taking that natural remedy called bragg organic apple cider vinegar.In April i went to see a Doctor she said i had throat infection but that was a brief diagnose. i took antibotics,nothing seems to work. Do you guys have any idea???? please!!
Avatar n tn Tonight I was just working n my laptop and all the sudden I got this intense burning sensation in my throat. I thought I was coming down with something. It felt like hot soup. It went away after 30 minutes, but keeps coming back. I also noticed this past week I had cancer sores in my mouth and my throat seemed sensitive when i would drink soda. I am kind of worried!
Avatar n tn I have been feeling as if something is stuck in my throat - small like a pill or something (even though I haven't taken any) - felt in the lower part of the throat. I swallow and swallow but of course the sensation is still there. I have no pain at all, and it does seem to get worse on and off throughout the course of the day (when I first wake up in the morning I dont feel it at all). At times I don't feel it there, then other times I do.
Avatar f tn It acts as a natural antibiotics if you do have a throat infection. It has been doing wonders for me. Drink plenty of water so you body can flush out the toxins. Green Tea has also been found to shorten the recovery from the flu or cold. Vitamin C is another great immune booster. You can take more than the RDA recommends. In fact your body needs so much more. You can't really overdose on Vitamin C since it is a water soluble vitamin.
2072659 tn?1340600973 Looks like you have developed a nasal allergy which has progressed to a throat infection as well. There are tubes called 'Eustachian tubes' which connect the middle ear to the throat, this balances the air pressure in the ears. This tube can get blocked due to infections of the throat, which can give lead to a feeling of fullness in the ears and the resultant sounds. This can also result in infection of the ears.