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Avatar f tn I saw my doctor yesterday for a sinus infection and a few bumps on the back of my throat. He explained lymphoid bumps. He gave me a Z-pak and Flonase pluse said to use Claritin. What concerns me is that one of the sub-epithelial lymphoid bumps (?) is on the mucousal piece that runs in front of my tonsils and I can feel it like something is stuck there touching my tongue. It is also a bit red there. I did show it to the doctor and he said it was nothing to worry about.
1855970 tn?1325823613 The past few days I've noticed bumps on the back of my tongue... they were just visible if I stuck my tongue out far and didnt hurt or anything. But today, one of the bumps toward the left side just feels annoying. Like when a popcorn kernel gets stuck on the back of your tongue... thats what it feels like. I tried using a toothbrush to kind of 'brush' it away, and it didnt work.
Avatar m tn A few hours after making out bumps on back of tongue, sore throat, and tingling lips. (She was wearing a lot of perfume, and I tasted it, could that be the cause of later symptoms as well) June 24: Achy, no appetite, sore throat, dizzy. Two red spots on neck. (Doctor later said red spots were nothing). June 25: Went to doctor. Told him symptoms. Said red spots were nothing and swollen bumps on tongue were inflamed papillae. He gave me a strep throat culture and came back negative.
Avatar n tn A few days ago I noticed severral bumps on my tongue spreading all the way back through my throat. They are slightly elevated and soft. It does not hurt to eat, however, the appearance is awful and I want them to disappear. I went to see the nurse practitioner and she said she's never seen anything like it before and that it might go away on its own. I didnt find this information overlly helpful, and was wondering if anyone had any idea what it could be.
5489251 tn?1369276555 I can feel bumps on my throat with my tongue as far as it will reach- did you ever find out what was wrong?
Avatar n tn I think the bumps on your tongue are called Transient lingual papillitis. They're those tiny things that go away on their own and can be caused by too much salt intake. I often get them on the under side of my tongue. I have a bump very similar to that on the roof of my mouth in the back. I just ate garlic bread, so I'm wondering if these bumps can also occur on the roof of your mouth? I mean I literally just noticed it.
Avatar m tn i have bumps on my tongue near my throat. i cant determine if its a papilae or thrush. anyway. i had sore throat a week ago then yesterday i saw this little red bumps in my tongue.
Avatar n tn it is now 38 days since i had sex last time, i have little sore in my throat and today i noticed small bumps deep on my tongue almost near to my throat, some how it looks symmetric bumps, also i feel like there is white sticky liquid on my tongue unless i drink something , it started to bother me and i keep checking it in the mirror, i have tested HIV Antibody two times now , one after 17 days and one after 34 days and both are negative and my CRP was 3 which is in the normal range.
Avatar f tn now its a whole month and a half later and i noticed my swollen tonsils, red in the back of throat, bumps on back of tongue, dark blue bein under tongue with fluid filled looking bumps . come and go, throat isnt really in pain. im just scared. idk anymore. im constantly researching information and scaring myself. ive had two dreams of having hiv. so idk if thats a sign?
Avatar n tn Sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and allergic reactions are some medical conditions that can present symptoms of white bumps on the lips. One common cause for white bumps on tongue is yeast infection. In this condition white bumps may appear more like white patches that are painful when touched. White little bumps can also be caused by an inflammatory condition called oral lichen planus.
Avatar f tn The pain went away but for the past 2 weeks or so, I noticed flesh colored bumps on the back of my throat and my tonsils and throat are still inflamed (but no pain). My tongue also has a yellowish coating and is feeling really dry. There are also swollen red dots all over which looks like enlarged taste buds. Does this seem like a primary oral herpes infection or could be something else?
Avatar m tn Hello, I was diagnosed with (oral) syphilis back in May. I was immediately treated with two doses of penicillin, which has destroyed the infection. However, my symptoms have never gone away. I still have a swollen lymph node on my neck and my tonsils/tongue are very swollen and are not responding to any treatment: amoxicillin, cephalexin, prednisone, or ibuprofen. My throat has been this way for 6 months now and won't go away. I have also developed bumps on my tongue AFTER treatment.
Avatar m tn Two weeks ago from today I noticed I had lesions/bumps of a red color on the back of my tongue and on the back of my throat. Three days ago I went to a FastMed center, and the nurse practitioner diagnosed me with HSV-1. She gave me some medication and sent me off. I had a sore throat in the beginning, but that's it. I do not know if this is my primary infection or if it is a recurring infection. How long will I be contagious for/ should I abstain from kissing and sex?
Avatar n tn I have white bumps on my left tonsil only. someone told me it could be tonsil stones and you can pick them off with a cutip. i have been doing this for 2 months but they are coming back everyday now. also when i push on my tonsil with the cutip its almost like long strings of thick pus. my throat isnt sore at all, it just feels like i have a hair their or something and it has been making me vomit. When i remove one of the bumps i can see up insde the tonsil....what is this...
Avatar n tn Sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and allergic reactions are some medical conditions that can present symptoms of white bumps on the lips. One common cause for white bumps on tongue is yeast infection. In this condition white bumps may appear more like white patches that are painful when touched. White little bumps can also be caused by an inflammatory condition called oral lichen planus.
Avatar n tn Also, like you, when I researched on the internet, it just scares you what you find. I'd love to hear what you found out about your's and if they have cleared up.
Avatar m tn OK, I have kissed and performed oral sex on about 3 women in the past 2 months. I now have a bunch of small bumps on my lingual frenulum (the part under my tongue where the spit glands are). They look like a bunch of spider eyes. They are painless and most of them are the color of my mouth. They were a bit red yesterday, but not firetruck red. They haven't secreted anything, yet. I'm not sure if they ever will secrete anything.
469423 tn?1207509695 This is so overwhemingly common - yet no doctor will put this puzzle together - at least in my luck. After digging for 5 years - I strongly believe this is a side effect of thyroid medications. I lean towards this bieng an imbalance on PH levels within the body with some individuals. HAve you had any discomfort within the tongue itself? Burning - swolleness of anything you can describe? Do you notice dry throat and thirst? Did you undergo RAI treatment after the TT?
Avatar m tn I am now at two weeks past the encounter. The whiteness on my tongue and red bumps are persisting. The swollen glands have almost gone away, but no longer have any soreness. The general "out-of-it" feeling has continued, but remains very subtle. I have been able to continue working out at the gym without any loss of energy or lifting power. I've read too much on the Internet to have a good idea of what this may be. Oral herpes? Candida?
Avatar f tn I noticed a cluster of bumps on the very back of my tongue. I only see them when i stick my tongue out very far. They are behind the "v" of papillae and just above the epiglottis (the thing that closes over the trachea. i dont know if thats the right term). Any ways, they dont hurt at all, but i just noticed them recently.... Anyone know what these are?
Avatar f tn I have a skin coloured bump that has been on the tongue for over a month.
Avatar f tn I also saw a couple of red bumps on top of tongue (deep) today. And there's a little white dot on front tongue (left). I am already going through a HIV scare (had unprotected vaginal sex 4 weeks back)! (Have rashes, muscle pain, sore throat and now this).
Avatar m tn However I began to get a white tongue, and eventually would have red bumps on the back of my throat soon afterwards. They put me on some yeast infection pill which cleared my tongue a little but the problem was still there. Eventually after a few months I began to have abdominal paint/cramps (This was now on my left side) which comes and goes. I get abdominal "gurgle" and discomfort quite often. I have tried many natural remedies with no such luck of curing it completely.