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Avatar f tn I have a red rash around my anus. I am also experiencing vaginal itching and burning and have a white mucousy material in my vaginal region. The rash is almost like a raised ring around my anus. It's a little sore to walk. It feels raw and moist and there aren't any bumps. Just red and sore.I have been running a lot recently and usually come home to do house work and run errands before I shower. I also took some antibiotics a few months ago for strep throat.
Avatar m tn I have small white dots in the back of my throat, and several red bumps( about 6 -8 of them going down my throat). They are painless, and do not itch or burn. If i gargle salt water it burns a little, but only for a short while. I have no other bumps or possible lesions anywhere else on my body. Is this possibly herpes? I am very terrified! Its only in my throat and i am scared it could be herpes. Please help. Can (genital) herpes occur soley in the throat?
Avatar m tn re flat but go away if I put enough pressure on them. Most of the red bumps are gone but a few have left a red spot. I have had a slight fever but it comes and goes and it's not very often. Headaches come randomly during the day and then later go away without having to take medication. I had my tonsils removed about 15 years ago. However, I went to the doctor a few years ago because I was feeling sick and found out that I had tonsilitis. I don't remember if I had all of this though.
913040 tn?1242935663 i have two bumps on each side of tongue i know that it is nomally doc said something bout papillaes or something like that but not only do i have those two bumps i also have these large red bumps majority of them on right side going down my throat my throat has been sore for bout a month if not longer now including my earaches that ive been having ive been taking antibiotics the throat and ear pain seem to come ago its been coming and going for over amonth now and i dont know what to do everyo
Avatar m tn A few hours after making out bumps on back of tongue, sore throat, and tingling lips. (She was wearing a lot of perfume, and I tasted it, could that be the cause of later symptoms as well) June 24: Achy, no appetite, sore throat, dizzy. Two red spots on neck. (Doctor later said red spots were nothing). June 25: Went to doctor. Told him symptoms. Said red spots were nothing and swollen bumps on tongue were inflamed papillae. He gave me a strep throat culture and came back negative.
Avatar f tn Hey. I have this throat infection that won't go away. The back of my throat is red and can easily see the red bumps. You can see white on them too. The doctors did a rapid strep test and it came back negative. This has been going on for 5 weeks. There isn't any pain nor have I experienced fevers or fatigue during this sore throat. I have seasonal allergies and was wondering if this could be the possibility of what's causing my sore throat.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I woke up with an awful sore throat and went to see the doctor and was told I had a bacterial infection in my throat. I have had aches in my back for these past two days as well. And then this morning, I woke up to find one red bump in my pubic hair but not near my genitals, but closer to my belly button. It had a white head on it, and fluid came out that seemed like pus, but I couldn't be sure. Also, one of my lips was swollen, red and itchy.
Avatar m tn Two weeks ago from today I noticed I had lesions/bumps of a red color on the back of my tongue and on the back of my throat. Three days ago I went to a FastMed center, and the nurse practitioner diagnosed me with HSV-1. She gave me some medication and sent me off. I had a sore throat in the beginning, but that's it. I do not know if this is my primary infection or if it is a recurring infection. How long will I be contagious for/ should I abstain from kissing and sex?
Avatar n tn Approximately two weeks ago, all four of my wisdom teeth were removed. The bottom ones were impacted. Although I don't have any pain, my throat is extremely red and I have a few clear bumps near my throat. Also, my gums are still red, specially around my bottom second molars. Is this normal or could this be a sign of an infection? After my surgery, I was prescribed penicillin for one week.
Avatar m tn I am a 24 year old male . I have been having a hard lump about the size of a pea under my chin for about 6 months. It does not grow or have any pain. However it does not get smaller either. I went to an ent in my area and he said don't be concerned about it that it should go down. long story short it never went down.
Avatar n tn While l have had these symptoms, my left leg (thigh area about one inch from the knee) has been developing small red painful and itchy bumps. The bumps would then form into one larger bump (red and swollen, warm to the touch), puss over, then scab. It is consistantly happening in the same spot on my leg. I have seen a doctor that has given me amoxicillan-which has not worked (there are 3 more bumps today). He could not figure out what it was.
Avatar f tn That night I had a sore throat and it hurt to swallow. I have little red dots in a horizontal pattern just before the uvula in my throat. They are sort of on the roof of my mouth but back further. ? He claimed that he had a scratchy throat before that ever happened. I'm afraid it is an STD. I don't know much about STDs at all and I am seeking help.. Am I just freaking out or is it really something I need to be worried about. I have not taken any tests.
Avatar m tn Hi- I've been "diagnosed" with possible acid refulx. Never had a follow up appt. I've also had my tonsils out about 12 years ago. Anyway- My throat always looks really weird. It has bumps all over and i constantly have a feeling of mucous in my throat that's hard to swallow. There are also bumps where my tonsils used to be. I also had an endoscopy/colonoscopy (also have stomach issues) that showed nothing. Can someone please tell me if this is normal.
Avatar m tn in my ears the wax is white and flaky now as opposed to normal brownish, waxy my mouth my throat is very red but just slightly irritated as I didn't notice it much...i completed the 4 weeks of cipro and still no foreskin has a red ring around it and when fully retracted the under side below the head is extremely red...other than that the appearance is completely normal..
Avatar f tn performed cunnilingus on her..after a month or so m.having problems with my throat and mouth..m getting throat pain and bumps in mouth or tongue.they doesnt seem like blisters and all..its been 5 months from that sexual exposure still m facing the same problem..and yes from last few days i get a burning sensation while urinating,and having pain in my penile penile shaft has become ref and its paining over there..its been 3 days still pain hasnt gone..
Avatar f tn Okay i had unprotected sex 3 months for the first time. I lost my voice 3 days after words but got my voice back the next day. A month ago. I got swollen nodes on my left side and i look in my mouth and saw my tonsils were swollen with a red vein on the right tonsils. There are also red bumps in the back of my throat. Could this be hpv? I didn't give him oral he gave me oral after we had sex and we kiss could i get hpv that way. He said he was all fine though.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had unprotected oral sex 3 weeks ago. Two days later, I had a terrible sore throat and fever. It took about 2 days to get over. Two weeks after those symptoms, I woke up with a burning sensation in my inner right thigh. The feeling eventually moved down my right leg. It felt like a pretty bad sunburn. Then red bumps starting forming just above my buttocks. I saw a doctor who diagnosed it as a fungal infection similar to jock's itch.
Avatar m tn He is probably just treating you for a secondary infection just as a precautionary. Did you get the red bumps after the antibiotic? If so I wonder if you are allergic to the antibiotic? The pain under ears does sound like your lymph nodes are swollen so it just means you are fighting something off. So you have no fever now? If so that sounds good and it sounds like you are on your way to healing. Lymph nodes take a long time to go back down maybe two months.
Avatar f tn s and he also took swabs for it and strep throat he said it doesnt look like an STD. However, my throat does have an infection. He gave me a prescription to get some axomil for the infection. I just really reallt do hope this works >.
Avatar m tn Hello Everyone! I need a help! In October of the last year I caught a cold. I was sneezing,coughing, had a runny nose but also I noticed that bumps started appearing behind the glands and I thought that maybe it's a cold infection and skin just swelled up a little there but it looked weird, not just swelled up, it looked like bumps,pieces of skin that I've never seen before in my throat.
Avatar f tn After 10 days the red dots disappeared but the bumps on my arms were still there. I started to get a sore throat and some kind of bumps on my back and my shoulders they have a white head and peel off after a few days and then they come back. I also got some slight fevers. Now were 8 weeks i had sex after and I still have some of these symptoms like the red dots that come and go.
Avatar n tn I got back from the bar and the next day I had these tiny red bumps on the tip of my tongue that burn consistantly, and bleed. Along the side of my toungue there are little white bumps that also appear along side my tongue. It's also making me have a sore throat that never leaves, but the pain in my throat is only on one side-the left. I need help and I am worried that I could have contracted something from making out with one of the girls at the club.
Avatar f tn , and about a week or so after contact i noticed an earache and this led to small bumps in my ear and led to an infection in the throat. my tonsils to be exact, i got tested on day 8 for chlamydia and gonorrhea and negative, then day 10 from sexual contact i got tested for HIV and negative. i just figured since i had swollen tonsils that something would have shown up?? and nothing,.