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Avatar m tn I am very active (exercise 3-4x per week) ~Currently I've developed a soreness in my throat, my nose, and in my ears (just started within 24 hrs) ~Have stingy feeling in my eyes feeling for the past two days ~Have bouts of chills with no fever and am consistently cold or chilly (off and on for months) ~Had the onset of Acne in the past month (never had in my life) The most recent major changes in my life have been a recent move (8 months ago) into a new place.
Avatar n tn Acid eating at your esophagus for years can eventually change the cells and put you at risk for cancer in a small number of GERD cases (Barrett's esophagus). Check out these other websites for more information. GERD doesn't necessarily present the same in everyone.
Avatar n tn The excess phlegm got a bit worse at first, but in time it was totally gone. I have not heard him clear his throat in that manner (it drove me absolutely crazy) for almost a year. Turns out, Tom had a systemic candida overgrowth that was causing the phlegm. When he got the candida overgrowth under control, the excess phlegm was gone!!
Avatar n tn I am with an ent at a teaching hospital. Do you have a constant sore throat? Would throat cancer not be more severe by now, or could it be slow growing, tongue-based or something? Sorry, can you tell I"m terrified. My ent doesn't feel any need to biopsy as he says he can't see any abnormality to biopsy. Does your neck hurt as well? Thanks so much for your time.
Avatar n tn I too am on a caffiene free diet and have been since my first gallbladder attack in August 2003 however I still get the fluttering in the right side of my chest and throat. Like I said it has gotten better with the Prilosec and my dr. told me to quit smoking (which I am trying to do w/o the Zyban). I did not smoke yesterday or today and have not felt the fluttering-- so maybe this is the answer for me. I will let you know. Thanks for all of your support.
215220 tn?1191460464 Hi, my problem has been going on for a month now. It started with a familiar pain that I had last year and the year before. The pain is severe. Starting from my throat in a specific spot it runs up into my ear on the right side. It also goes from my ear to my top and bottom teeth and into my right temple. I can feel it also from the roof of my mouth and tongue. All on the right side. I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. I believe I also have Glassopharyngeal Neuralgia.
Avatar f tn I have a 1 cm nodule which was biopsied and found to have several of the characteristics that meet the criteria for Papillary Thyroid Cancer. I am scheduled for sugery in November and the plan is to remove the left lobe and possibly the entire thyroid. I guess I am just wondering what to expect and what how likely it is to actually be cancer. I have been told that I will need a week to recuperate before going back to work.
Avatar f tn lets see, lung cancer, throat cancer, esphogeal cancer, sinus cancer, tonsil cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, bone cancer, etc...the list continues. I know I'm acting crazy. When I think about it rationally, all of this just sounds absurd. But I can't stop. My wife just tunes me out now. Its got even worse after our son was born because of my fear of leaving my wife and child alone when I die...of cancer.
Avatar n tn I am assuming that, by "positive" strep cultures, you're referring to cultures reported as having Group A beta strep (some labs report it by the genus/species Streptococcus pyogenes). Some labs report "beta strep not group A" on their strep screens. There are other beta streptococci, especially group C, that can cause a nasty throat, but do not produce the sequelae of rheumatic fever/glomerulonephritis. Pets can carry strep. Try culturing your dog if you have one.
Avatar n tn I'm going to ask my doctor about a antihistimine/decongestant that doesn't dry your throat out. I would say I started getting very anxious about my health in June of 2006 when I developed symptoms which I believe are Thoracic Outlet Syndrome-a lot of neuro pain. I thought for sure I had some cancer and I was going to die. And then all of the other issues I described came up after that....again I am happy I have been able to function -look after my children and work.
Avatar n tn I feel for you, doctors found a small complex nodule in my thyroid (no other symptoms or abnormal labs). My nodule contained papillary carcinoma. Since you are a cancer survivor, I'm sure this is weighing on your mind. The good news is papillary carcinoma (the most common thyroid cancer) is very slow glowing and and very treatable. I'm not sure what type of cancer you had in the past but I have seen some research showing a link between thyroid cancer and breast cancer.
Avatar m tn Considering your symptoms, I don’t think your monospot test is false positive as Infectious Mononucleosis is a viral illness and can manifest in the way it has manifested in you without any symptoms of sore throat. I hope that helps and please do keep me posted. Kind regards.
215220 tn?1191460464 Hi, my problem has been going on for a month now. It started with a familiar pain that I had last year and the year before. The pain is severe. Starting from my throat in a specific spot it runs up into my ear on the right side. It also goes from my ear to my top and bottom teeth and into my right temple. I can feel it also from the roof of my mouth and tongue. All on the right side. I have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. I believe I also have Glassopharyngeal Neauralgia.
Avatar f tn I think I am in the minority because my symptoms seemed to have worsened in adulthood. Most children who suffer from ticks and Tourettes gradually improve as they get older. The medication treatment for Tourettes and ticks like clearing of the throat and coughing usually include antipsychotic medications as well as antidepressants (ssri's) which affect the serotonin chemicals in the brain.
Avatar n tn Thank goodness there are others like me. I have the same symptoms around once a month. Throat closes .u try to suck in air but it won't go down. Then the panic starts. I sip some water , don't know if it's the right thing to do but it works for me after maybe 30 sec to a minute. Scares the crap out of my wife and me. No doctor can come up with a solution.
Avatar n tn The rash in HSP is typically purpuric (with normal clotting studies) and distributed symmetrically over the lower legs and arms. In children, however, the rash may initially be urticarial and associated with local edema." Here is another description from American Family Physician: "The rash looks like small bruises or small reddish-purple spots. It's usually on the buttocks, around the elbows and on the legs." Some pictures of HSP can be found here:
Avatar n tn difficulty swallowing, upset tummy, burning sensations in my face and numbness and tingling pretty much all over, blurry vision, dizziness, lump in my throat, tightness in my chest, thought I couldn't breathe, crying, scared, ect. I had lots of different symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am 35 and a mother of 4 ages 2 to 13 so I wanted to make sure we did all we could. However now I have had my 1 year scan and the cancer is in my lymphatic system. I'm not sure what to make of it. My Thyroglobin numbers were all fine, I don't understand how this could be. My doctor is giving me the same treatment, same dose of R-131 again in 3 weeks. I am sick of tiny chances. I have been told in the last year.
Avatar n tn He also stated that i need to lose weight yes i have a spare tyre around my waist but who doesnt these days especially after 2 children. My symptoms have now changed i am now experiencing my food/fluids returning to my throat (possible reflux ?) and sometimes even a lump in my throat. I also have of late been experiencing a dullness,sometimes numbing feeling in the back of my throat, especially on the left side this can also cause discomfort in my ear.
Avatar n tn I burp very often before and after food. Sometimes I can feel the gas in my throat and after having American breakfast in the morning, when I burp in the afternoon, I can still smell the food. Recently my dad age 57 heavy smoker admitted due to ulcer in his oesophagus, no bad bacteria and currently on medications.
Avatar m tn I am a non-smoker, but my grandpa did die of the disease so it may be hereditary. All of my symptoms seems to parralell with throat cancer symptoms. All I can do at this point is pray and wait on my appointment.
Avatar n tn Ringing in the ears, and sound sensitivity that literally startles me. Stomach problems like spasms in the throat and feeling like rocks sitting in my stomach. The fatigue OH the fatigue!! My muscles just ache which feels like I just completed a strengeous work out but actually I am barely able to get out of bed and the next day my muscles won't hurt at all. I have had many tests all negative like the rest of you so it must "all be in my head".
Avatar n tn I was in the hospital over nightand yes yopu undergo general anesthesia (pain is not to bed) was back to work in a week, although quite tired as withthe total thyroidectomy you going through a time of depleation of you thyroid hormone had radiation pill (in patient as I have 5 children) 3 days in hospital then tool 2 days before Ireturned to wrork ( felt very tired after this!
455126 tn?1212435798 -) and you will be ON THE OTHER SIDE OF CANCER. A cancer SURVIVOR!!! I typed that all in caps so that it'd really yell that out to you. You will be fine! *This* is the emotional part of your journey. Do NOT let it overtake you. You will win!
Avatar m tn After some searching, I realized that small food particles have been somehow getting stuck somewhere in the back of my throat after I swallow. I did some throat-tensing exercises and began to push the food particles back up, and lo and behold I discovered what was basically a tonsil stone....same consistency and horrible smell resulting from small food particles and bacteria. So, can develop what is technically a tonsil stone even without your tonsils....
Avatar n tn About a year ago the cancer surfaced again, this time as liver cancer with spots detected in his stomach and lungs as well. We have known for some time that the cancer is terminal. My dad has been on chemo. until recently, in hopes of extending his life. Last week he was feeling particularly weak and went to his doctor. His doctor detected jaundice and further tests revealed that the cancer has progressed throughout his liver and lungs. He has begun to retain water and is sleeping more.
974371 tn?1424656729 I am not doing well today. Mouth and throat dry, feeling of lump/mucus in my throat, fullness in left ear, tongue and mouth tissue never feel *right*. Feel generally unwell and this about confines me to my home. I may see if this latest ENT will consider doing biopsies. I think they all basically think I'm nuts. Yes, I saw a psychiatrist who does not think any of this is phsycosomatic (sp?) but he suggested I see a counselor because I am so stressed out over this.
Avatar n tn Reading these posts has really hit home with me. I've been suffering with this "affliction" for the past few years. It started when I was living in Nashville. I constantly had a "tickle" in the back of my throat. Many trips to the doctors, all with the same diagnosis of upper respiratory infection and Z-Pacs. After a few times, the doctor prescribed Mucinex. I took that for a few weeks and finally stopped after waking up on successive nights gasping for air.
Avatar m tn If or when it does the chances of getting better are not good I feel as though they should have a treatment for it. i am a single mom my children are 11 and 12, this disease is primarily found in males and around the age of 50. It is also somewhat rare from my research. i am a 33 y/o female I feel as though that is weird. This is also a diagnosis that they are still learning about based on my research as well. I hope this helps.
494087 tn?1257796807 Of course my throat wasn't closing. Sometimes I felt a huge lump in my throat and that scared me...until I actually looked and noticed that it was my uvula touching the back of my tongue. The more you focus on this symptom the worse it gets. Try not to focus on it. I agree with nursegirl. Get the all clear from your doc and start focusing on your anxiety issues. Good luck and keep us posted. For what it's worth that particular symptom vanished for me once I realized that it was common.