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Avatar f tn Common causes are anxiety disorder,acid reflux or GERD,biliary disease,cranial nerve compression esp glossopharyngeal and vagus nerve and myasthenia gravis.Throat cancer is unlikely as other symptoms are also present along with feeling of lump in throat. The most common cause is gastro esophageal reflux disease - GERD. Diagnosis is by fibroptic laryngoscopy. Fiberoptic laryngoscopy also helps confirm the GERD diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Swellings/thickenings, lumps or bumps, rough spots/crusts/or eroded areas on the lips, gums, or other areas inside the mouth. The development of velvety white, red, or speckled (white and red) patches in the mouth. Unexplained bleeding in the mouth. Unexplained numbness, loss of feeling, or pain/tenderness in any area of the face, mouth, or neck. Persistent sores on the face, neck, or mouth that bleed easily and do not heal within 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn We don't discuss symptoms because they are non-specific and you don't have to have symptoms to have HIV. If you have had a risk 3 month test is conclusive.
Avatar f tn Last year somewhere in august after few days of hangover and dehydration I felt a burning sensation in my throat. I checked it out and noticed red bumps all over my pharynx and few small lumps under my tonsils, I was so scared that I caught HPV from just 1 exposure of 3 minutes in my whole life! After that I've been having burning sensation on my pharynx and upper respiratory wall + extra mucus usually in cold wet days that would happen.
Avatar f tn Last year somewhere in august after few days of hangover and dehydration I felt a burning sensation in my throat. I checked it out and noticed red bumps all over my pharynx and few small lumps under my tonsils, I was so scared that I caught HPV from just 1 exposure of 3 minutes in my whole life! After that I've been having burning sensation in my pharynx and upper respiratory wall + extra mucus mostly in cold wet days that would happen.
Avatar m tn symptoms began 3 month ago after sore throat
Avatar f tn After 13 days my salivary gland under my left jaw was hurting me with sore throat only pain on my pharynx no tossils pain . Went to a dr gavee antibiotic amd i was ok after 4 days.. After 42 days i tested via rapid test result came negative .. After 4 months my friend took some blood on a tube from me and the other day tested it in the labrotary with a rapid test it came negative .. And we repeat it after 6 months and a half .. I wanna know if salivary glands are symptoms ? Im ok ?
Avatar n tn An elisa hiv test was used. Ive been to the doctors numerous times because the symptoms i have. Throat is inflamed, swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea (which may be caused due to anxiety), and chest pain when breathing in (chest pain was random). I went to a "doc in a box" walk in place because I was having a sore throat and I found out that I have viral phayrngitis mid march, but it isnt going away. I dont feel any pain but my pharynx is just so inflamed.
15908041 tn?1443882158 I get these very disturbing uncomfortable sensations that start either in my solar plexus or base of throat and sometimes upper pharynx that travel up or down between the three. Sometimes these sensations are just in my throat or pharynx or solar plexus and when the travel downwards to my leg it feels like restless leg.genital syndrome.
Avatar n tn I also had my thyroid removed about 2 years ago. The lumps are both movable and not painful. Can this be some sort of cancer. Did anyone ever experience anything like this? Im a little concerned, I set up an appointment with the ENT that peformed my thyroid surgery. Can these lumps be lymph nodes?
Avatar m tn Hi, Someone has played mischief on you, there is no evidence to prove that sore throat can be reduced by sucking the genitals. There are many causes for sore throat, like long standing sinus problems, gastric reflux, recurrent infection of the pharynx and tonsils. Get yourself evaluated from an apt ENT specialist and also try taking medicines depending upon the cause. Drink plenty of warm water, avoid smoking and eating greasy food. Any more doubts you are welcome.
Avatar m tn Hello, i am 25 years old, 95 kg weight, almost 25 days ago i started to feel pain in throat, i took Over The counter Erythromycin, which i only took 5 tablets until my symptoms got worse, i quit smoking and started azythromycin it was 3 days course but my symptoms got worse, thats when i consulted a ENT specialist who recommended Cefixime, i took that, but now the symptoms had grown below pharynx and larynx was also inflamed, it really hurt when i talk to i took some voice rest and steam inhala
Avatar f tn A lymphnode below the jaw or submandibular lymphnode can swell due to infections of head, neck, sinuses, ears, eyes, scalp and pharynx or upper throat. So if you have any such infection or even if it is something as simple as dandruff or poor oral hygiene or dental infection, then this needs to be checked.
Avatar m tn I started developing a serious problem on my nasal cavity, pharynx, epiglottis and throat. There is a thick phlegm that is forming in the regions mentioned above that suffocates me when I lay down and fall asleep. The feeling is horrible and I have to cough all the time and try to swallow the phlegm all the time in order to alleviate the problem. Sometimes it feels as if it is stuck on the end of the palate region and pharynx and it doesn't go down.
Avatar f tn A little less than two months ago I dry swallowed two Aleve and they got stuck in my throat. It was really painful all day, I could feel them lodged in my throat and it would start to burn. I spent most of the day trying to push it down with bread and after a few hours it stopped being a problem. Fast forward to this past month.
Avatar m tn ve noticed swelling and pain from the gland between the ears to the back of throat. I mean there are allergy symptoms such as weezyness, mild cough, and sneezing. It's just this can be a little painful sometimes. Had a few HIV tests dating out three years from symptoms developing all negative. My doctors say it's allergies and dismiss this but it's driving me crazy. I can't take this anymore. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Avatar m tn In the second day taking the ciprofloxacin, my throat pain went away and until now just the pharyngithis and tonsillits persistis. I scared because my pharynx have a lot of red points and because it persistis I was thinking it could be HPV, 3 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with my girlfriend ( She never had HPV, and me either )... 3 weeks ago I had a allergic crisis (rhinitis) and before it I had 6 times sore throat (in 4 mounths) , but They went away without taking antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Does this sound like it could be anything else like a strep throat? Some of the symptoms seem similar to a strep throat, yellowish lumps in back of throat and discomfort when swallowing.
Avatar f tn 5 months of exposure i saw one hard lump (bean size) on my pharynx wall which is still there.. There was little sore throat but it was cured in 2 days but this hard lump is still there and right after 15 days i was just noticed lymph node on my neck It is not painfull, moving everywhere and soft.
Avatar f tn My throat has been hurting for the past 5 days. It hurts when I yawn or swallow. Also, my throat is pink in color and not swollen. Please get back to me as soon as possible. I have my choir concert on Monday and I need to know if it's ok to sing or if it will affect my sore throat. Please let me know what's wrong. Also, my boyfriend had strep throat about 8 weeks ago. And I didn't kiss him or anything until about 5 weeks ago because I was afraid I would get strep.
Avatar m tn Hello, last week I had a sore throat (burning sensation) for 2 days, then I developed a dry cough. The thing is that around the fourth day or so, I starte having discomfort when swallowing. It felt like I had a lump on the back of my throat that did not make it difficult to swallow, but uncomfortable. I am terrifed this could be soemthing serious, please somebod help me with this.