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Avatar n tn I had a MRI with contrast back in August. A couple weeks after that exposure, I started having hyperthyroid symptoms. Palps, anxiety, panic attacks, wt. loss, eye problems. Then after about 2 months, it switched to all hypothyroid symptoms. I went undiagnosed until mid January after I went to an ENT for "throat problems". I felt like I was being strangled, dry throat, constantly trying to clear it. He did an ultrasound which showed an enlarged thyroid with 3 nodules.
Avatar n tn A few yrs ago I had a CT that was neg for the headaches. I have been experiencing strange symptoms on and off for the last couple of years, but lately they seem to have gotten worse. They are: Tingling in my hands/face. Slight tremor in my thumbs. Left eye twitching almost daily. Increasing clumsiness. I can reach for an object behind another object, I know the other is there, but I always knock it over. I do this all the time.
1222076 tn?1423031349 I read online about stuff but it just mainly says if a sore throat lasts more then a week or two it could be a serious illeness like Aids or throat cancer. That just really scared me so I try to stay away from the online stuff. I dont know what else to do. I tried taking allergy medicen tonight its not really helping besides making me tired and Im tired of taking ibprofan I know its not good to keep taking it.
231178 tn?1333212359 I took lots of showers using bacterial soap to no avail. Then, I experienced an extreme case of facial swelling (lips, eyes and asthma like throat restriction) after a dinner meal. The symptoms disappeared in about 24 hours. That came and went in over a period of several months. Then, along with lesser levels of facial swelling, I began to have hives that itched intensely. And, I experience intense "heartburn" or gas when I have the hive symptoms.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Eagles in March of 2006 after going to 2 ENT doctors and having my tonsils removed because they thought it was some kind of cyst or tumor in my tonsils. My symptoms were the foreign object in the throat feeling, trouble swallowing, food getting stuck in my throat, sore throat 24/7, voice changes. After they removed my tonsils the previous December, I still got food stuck in my throat a couple months later and I still felt the huge lump in my throat...
Avatar n tn He prescribed prevacid. There are few symptoms which i feel have nothing to do with hiatal hernia and might be something else. My body ache's all over (legs,teeth and hands). I can hardly stand for more than 5 minutes. I notice this happens when i have acidity coming out of my mouth or sometimes even when there is no acidity. would reflux cause body ache? I also developed linings under my lips, but few days those linings are not there (usually when i feel much better in terms of health).
Avatar n tn Yet two homeopaths gave an opinion of Candida in my throat simply by hearing my symptoms of throat tightness and evidence of white mucus as seen by an ENT guy. Shouldn't the throat be swabbed and tested?
Avatar n tn Some people experience allergy/sinus symptoms in different ways, my congestion happens in the throat, others in the nasal passage and others have watery eyes, needless to say, he prescibed FluNase or FluNose, with Zytec. This really worked for me althugh I used it just during the allergy season, when I experienced the congestion.
1216899 tn?1288573925 With all the sites out there that have info on Vitamin D, their just doesn't seem to be one that has all the symptoms that can accompany vitamin d deficiency. I'm going to list my symptoms, so that others may have some insight, in layman's terms. I hope anyone else with the deficiency would also post theirs.
Avatar n tn I had mine inserted this past Feb. I just started having the exact same symptoms. I am going to take a hpt. Let me know if you find out whats causing your problems.
Avatar n tn im on the web looking for all sorts of symptoms. Then more panic. i went on the web at 8 in the evening and before i knew it, i was turning it off at 2 in the morning. all becuse i was looking up different symptoms. I hate feeling like this, and its good to know im not the only one. Anyone else suffer with the head pains blurry foggy vision and heat seges?
Avatar n tn Sorry you are feeling so sick, if I was you I'd get to a liver specialist ASAP, your LFT's are pretty high, there are other liver problems that can cause your symptoms, you need further testing. Your symptoms do sound like some kind of hepatitis but there are other things it could be going on in your liver that cause similar symptoms.
Avatar m tn It began in 1976 and re occurs every 5 to 6 years. I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out.
Avatar n tn Literally, within hours, I start developing flu-like symptoms. My throat starts burning and itching, and by the next day, I feel congested, have a fever, and I feel weak. Usually within 3-4 days, the symptoms are gone. This is the second time that this has happened in the past few months, both times, immediately after I exercise, so I don't think it's a coincidence.
Avatar n tn I've also been to my throat doctor because it felt as if something was always in my throat(worried about throat cancer) and while I am not a smoker, anything new sensation has started to make me parinoid. My adams apple also feels swollen at times. Thanks everyone for listening. I'll keep you informed.
Avatar n tn Hi, This is my first post. I am an otherwise healthy 32 year old male, but frustrated by this recent baffling problem. For the last 2-3 weeks, I've had mild sinus congestion & pressure, along with strange "flu-like" body aches, weakness & fatigue. I have no fever or night sweats, and nasal mucous is clear. I do get a lot of allergies, but never these "flu-like" symptoms.
Avatar n tn Discussed the lyme and getting my throat and jaw MRI. Patsy, do you know if these symptoms could be caused by some kind of neurotoxin? I work in a photo lab and have worked around photo chemicals for a long time. My neuro says the levels of chemicals aren't high enough to cause damage and my other co-workers aren't sick. These neuro symptoms all started after I injured myself with the x-acto knife. I'll talk to the neuro about getting the tests you recommended done.
Avatar n tn I can be tired after 12 hours sleep! Can I be suffering symptoms from my thallassemia. Does any one else feel the same way that I do? This is a little bit hard for me, but I don't want to complain.
Avatar n tn Go to an anxiety web site and take a look at the symptoms of anxiety. You will be Suprized how many symptoms there are....and if you have more than 5 of them, chances are that it is anxiety. Next step see someone in mental health . There are lots of medications for anxiety....some good...some bad. Another alternative is to vist a web site dealing with anxiety herbs; no side affects. Check it all out and good luck, buddy!
Avatar n tn 1) Can sinus cause the daily head pressure and tinnitus? No pain, just a heavy and tight feeling from my eyebrows, temples to the back of my head. Wake up with it. Only goes away when outside exercising. Constant dust inside and outside this place with pollution. Extreme heat going from AC into 120 degree. Has cooled off now, but symptoms remain.
1455116 tn?1330509017 he diagnosed some girl with thyroid cancer after she'd been to doctors about crazy symptoms for over a year and everyone said she was fine. i'm hoping he'll be able to figure out what's wrong with me and figure this out. i'll let you all know what happens. thank you so much for your help and support. i appreciate it SO much!
Avatar f tn Beta was done 11 days past ET and I got a BFP!!! Try not to worry to much, alot of people say they feel no symptoms at all and still get a BFP. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn The problem is sometimes those pregnancy symptoms are an awful lot like period symptoms (it's a bummer that nature works that way). But either way, I started having sore breasts and slight nausea within about a week or so after my IUI. The IUI worked and I did get pregnant... so although everyone is different, the symptoms started rather early for me. We'll cross our fingers for you and hopefully you'll have some good news in a week or so!
Avatar m tn Hiya mate, most certainly its in your head. HIV tests are so accuarte these days that you should have faith in them, well medical experts around the world do so their is no good reason why you shouldnt? They are also more accuate than other tests you can have for eg cancer etc, but if you get tested for cancer and got a negative would you still think you have cancer even if you had symtoms, of course not.
Avatar n tn He seemed scared for me and mentioned cancer in passing. After doing research on the web everything is leaning to HIV. Now I am scared too. I have had unprotected sex with 4 women in the past year. Casusal encounters. Prior to that I was married for 5 years and monogamous. The first encounter was about a year ago and the last was a little over a 4 months ago. I have done some reading on ARS. The question I have is about the timing. I see that ARS is in the 3-6 week range.
242516 tn?1368227505 Fall is here, school is back in session, and once again it’s time to gear up for flu season. This year will have special challenges, as we are preparing for both seasonal flu and H1N1 (swine) flu. [ [ [ [ MedHelp Note -- Dr. Choi is hosting a live HealthChat on Tuesday, October 20 at Noon EST! You can register here and ask questions LIVE: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn The average age of acquiring oral HPV 16 (the only type associated with throat cancer) is 20-30, but the average age at onset of throat cancer is 50-60. By contrast, most cervical cancer probably occurs within 10 years acquiring HPV. You can do the math. The issue of throat cancer with HPV isn't all that new; it's been an active area of research for a decade or so. Here are a couple threads about it: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I am only 32 years old female but have family history of thyroid problems/cancer. When the doctor did the third pass of needle my throat started to closed up and had trouble breathing and swallowing. Can this be because the dominant nodule is on my right side near espohagus? Can the nodule be dangerous of it is near the espohagus? The other two is small but hard to reach(on the back side of the thyroid). One of the small one has calcification near it. The dominant is the big one.
Avatar n tn should i get hiv or std test reading on the web my symptoms are similar to a hiv infection ,another doctor said it was epididymitis i don't know what to do still having the sensation of more urine after i pee and for number two all day long.
242516 tn?1368227505 If your doctor knows that your own area is experiencing an outbreak of influenza, it may be reasonable to treat with antiviral drugs, especially if your temperature is more than 100 degrees and your symptoms have lasted less than 48 hours, and you don't have pneumonia. This is because antivirals won't help if given after 2 days of symptoms. They work by stopping the spread of the virus and if you take the antiviral too late, it's too late to stop the spread, it's already happened.