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Avatar n tn ve read that Oral HPV is asymptomatic, so a lot of people do not know they are infected unless there are warts (which are usually caused by low risk HPV-non cancer causing HPV). However, as they always say, HPV infection normally clears up on its own in about 2 years. To summarize: Symptoms: 1. None 2. Warts - lips, mouth, tongue, throat Possible symptoms I've heard about from around the web: 1. Excess phlegm 2. Feeling of something in throat 3.
Avatar n tn Doc, I'm a 30 year old white male with no prior history of STD diagnosis. I've had six or so oral sex partners (where I've given oral sex to them). About one year ago, I started having two symptoms: a feeling like something was stuck in my throat and routinely coughing up mucous (seems thick, but it might just be regular; I never really coughed up much before). At the time, I was in graduate school and saw an ENT specialist at my school's clinic.
Avatar f tn doesn't sound at all like throat cancer. give strep time to clear up . have you ahd your gardasil hpv shot series yet?
Avatar m tn I just found out HPV can cause mouh cancer. I wanted to know the symptoms of mouth cancer. Im worried as it is that i have hpv. I just wounder if i ca ever have a life with someone due to my diagnoses..... Help highly appreciated.....
14726666 tn?1448779692 I was with someone who has since been diagnosed and treated for HPV 16 throat cancer. Within one month of being with this person I have had a persistent sore throat, swollen glands only on the left side, runny nose, and generally feeling unwell. My symptoms have persisted for a year. My doctors have not seen any lesions in my throat. Could HPV symptoms have happened this quickly in me?
Avatar n tn The only oral cancer known to be caused by HPV is of the back of the throat, and is almost never seen in people under 40 years old. Also, HPV of the throat, as well as cancer itself, is entirely painless. There is no chance that any of these symptoms, or your possibly inflamed lymph nodes, are due to HPV or cancer. If these symptoms continue, see your doctor. But don't be worried about anything serious or about oral HPV. I hope this has been helpful.
Avatar n tn 1. What kind of throat disorder causes such symptoms 2. Could it be an HPV infection?32. What is the incubation for the more aggressive strains of HPV? 4. As this has been very stressful, could it be related to stress and/or acid reflux? 5. What is your opinion? I am a non smoker and dont' have any allergy issues.
Avatar m tn Overall, HPV-linked oropharyngeal cancer is uncommon — for instance, 18 times more individuals will be diagnosed this year with colorectal cancer than with oropharyngeal cancer associated with HPV. Nevertheless, in a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) where researchers screened nearly 5,600 individuals ages 14 - 69, results showed an estimated 10 percent of American males are infected, or about three times as many men as women.
Avatar f tn I having been reading that hpv also causes throat cancer. Is there anyone who was diagnosed with hpv cervical dyplasia and later had a problem with others cancers?
Avatar n tn Is it possible I have some viral infection from the HPV in my throat, possibly cancer? Would symptoms appear that quickly? Should I go to an OBGYN or an MD to check this out? And what tests should I get done (std testing, tests for hyper-/hypo thyroidism, cancer screening)?
Avatar n tn But what I am worried about is about a week after I gave her oral, my throat started to hurt pretty bad and I noticed puss pockets in my throat. After she told me about HPV I read that HPV is starting to be the leading cause of throat cancer. I took antibiotics and it started to heal right away, but I am worried if HPV was the cause and if I might develop throat cancer later on.
Avatar f tn After that I started having symptoms of throat cancer.. Itchy and sometimes burning feeling in throat also it feels like there is a lump inside my throat when I swallow.. This has been on and off for some days and I'm afraid it will not go away.. I'm really scared I honestly think this is throat cancer or some type of cancer. I also have been having night sweats,, does this sound like cancer?
Avatar f tn One type of HPV (only one, HPV16) indeed causes throat cancer. But throat cancer remains quite rare, despite what might be assumed from recent publicity e.g. Mr. Douglas' case. And it certainly doesn't cause GERD or symptoms of that sort. There is no reason for you to be tested for oral HPV, and no validated, approved tests are available; and neither a positive nor negative result would make any difference in your health care, nor in predictions your risk for future cancer.
Avatar m tn Well we have been having oral sex regularly and im afraid the symptoms im suffering with my throat could be precancerous or possible throat cancer caused by HPV exposure. Please help. Should I be worried? I'm going to an ENT but i'm very nervous.
Avatar f tn Orpharyngeal cancer would usually develop years after the initial exposure to HPV. The symptoms could be a feeling of pressure in the throat, difficult breathing/ swallowing, growths, ulcers etc. If the otolaryngologist feels that the lesions should not be anything to worry about, it is likely to be so. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn s going to take years, even decades, for the lesion to be detectable and cause symptoms. So unless you have symptoms which suggests cancer (difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness, unexplained weight loss), an examination done now would most likely have a negative result. Your recurrent sore throat may be a result of smoking, as cigarette smoke lowers immunity and makes one susceptible to respiratory tract infections. It's a good thing that you've already stopped smoking.
Avatar n tn Yes, HPV can infect the throat and it may be related to cancer of the throat (not the mouth) HOWEVER, the risks for these cancers appear to be influenced far, far more by previously described risk factor such as smoking (this is the biggest one) and heavy drinking. The contribution of HPV to cancer of the throat remains unquantified and is at most only a small fraction of the cotribution due to smoking and heavy drinking. 2.
Avatar m tn m a little worried, because I want to be opera singer, I have the voice, I have everything to be, however, I worry a little that in the future I throat cancer develops implementing caused by HPV, and that makes me lose my voice. Currently I have a steady partner, but I want to have it, so I have raised the following questions: 1.debo oral sex leave to care for my voice? throat cancer HPV as common as it does the press think?. 3. is opornuto to continue with my studies as a singer?
Avatar n tn He was recently diagnosed with HPV 16 related tonsil cancer. Was the sore throat he was experiencing a sign or symptom that he was being infected by me?
Avatar n tn The risk is pretty low, with the vast amount of the sexually active population having hpv at some point (80%) and the low numbers of oral and throat cancers- it can be concluded that your chances are low, but no impossible another factor they are connecting with hpv and throat cancer is marijuana use-whether or not this is just a correlatio is still up for further research.