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Avatar f tn FSH, LH, free testosterone, bioavailable testosterone, estrogen levels and the like. Joining a group here about low T or a yahoo group. They can help advise the tests that are available to help you and what happens if someone decides to go on T therapy. A lot of it is how much T your body is converting into estrogen. Giving it more T under this circumstance really isn't the best option at that point. Again, there are others in the groups that know much more about this than I do..
1139187 tn?1355706647 Despite my ACTH and my 4 24 hour urine tests, I will purchase and try the adrenal fatigue test. Which test do I buy? I know my testosterone is low so I don't need that.... Also still confused on the process results.... What do I do if they are messed up?
Avatar m tn Hello, Chap. I think your birth year coincides with mine. On to your question... Before I get there, know that I am NOT a medical doctor. However, I do participate on testosterone forums (in fact, I belong to an excellent forum on yahoo which consists of men recovering from low testosterone. A few of the members there are medical doctors, as well.) Libido is complicated, influenced by more than simply testosterone. That said, we should consider the actual results from your bloodwork.
Avatar f tn t start till June I can go to class next quarter Yahoo. Even if USC changes my mind about who does it I can still push it off till summer. I can't stay home I just can't.
Avatar f tn I walked to the library without stopping and back (with a bathroom break and grabbed a couple of books inbetween) with the walker. I wasn't able to do it without stopping a lot 2 weeks ago. Yahoo. Oh and I started PT exercises on Thursday. It went well. I'm still working on getting off the walker.
Avatar m tn Hey Sliceman, I came across your post while doing research (google-searching) for answers to my condition. Like you, I had Adderall one-time with an unknown dosage (the friend that slipped me the pill said it was half of a 20 mg pill). I hope you find some answers, as I haven't yet for mine. The symptoms are quite similar, except I don't get feet or arm numbness.
1929972 tn?1328548262 Did anyone else read front page of yahoo this morning? This new hydro sounds very very scary. It looks like they are gonna get approved and they are hoping to have it on market by 2013. That is so stupid! Ugh! Between doctors pill pushers and drug companies they are gonna have the whole world addicted to this crap! Very scary stuff!
Avatar m tn Hey there. To start off, I'ma 17 year old guy. I know this might not necessarily be a medical question but hey, it's probably the best forum that will give me a REAL answer. I asked the same question on Yahoo Answers and the responses were repulsive. Hopefully I'll end up with a better one here. So. My question is: Am I seriously the only guy that doesn't look at porn or masturbate?
514585 tn?1328740013 this is just a idea...those who have yahoo messenger and would like to share, please post it here...i would love to be able to chit chat with ya's and if you need someone to talk to it is easier to catch me on yahoo than it is to find me on here...especially if i am trying to NOT look too much...lol...dh thinks that it gets my hopes up too much when i read the posts all day everyday. anyhow i will start...
Avatar n tn one of the pills is Testosterone pills. He told him mom that he would no longer take these, but yet he is.
Avatar f tn My question is if ah continues to abuse pills and his tolerance continues to grow would he also have to keep going up in dose on whatever the dr prescribes for this? Do testosterone levels go down in connection with the amount and strenght of opiates used? IE, vicodin causes it to lower a bit so they just dont think about sex, percocets cause it to lower more to the point they have trouble getting aroused and then oxy's just wipe the T level and the sex drive out?
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? Testosterone has been used for many decades for the treatment of testosterone deficient males.Today options for treatment include topical testosterone gels and creams, short and long acting injections of testosterone esters, application of testosterone through skin patches, subcutaneous testosterone implants, and oral testosterone capsules. The injection is given deep intra-muscular and is quite often painful.
Avatar m tn As of now, all my laboratory tests are within normal level except my testosterone. I’m on testosterone replacement therapy since August of 2009 but I’m afraid of the possible side effects like prostate problem. My question, is it possible if I decide to discontinue my testosterone replacement therapy? I really need your opinion.
Avatar m tn I am a soon to be 64 year old white male, 5'9" 275lbs and my testosterone level is 178.......???
Avatar m tn but turning down my wife or not being in the mood has gotten real old. I had my testosterone tested 2007 total was 297..my doctor did nothing. 2010 I have a New doctor now my test is total 453 free 11.6 My new primary doctor and I agree optimim total should be 800 free 18.0 Doc says my testicles have atrophied a bit. I have a PSA of 2.