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Avatar n tn Are there any studies done showing an increase in Prostate cancer years after a vasectomy has been performed?
Avatar n tn I had a vasectomy at about 50. The (excellent) doc warned me that a vasectomy “might” reduce the ejaculate volume by up to 30%. This did happen & it’s now very low and is an issue. I’m on testosterone (different doc) and am extremely fit. Erections are easy, but orgasms are delayed and less enjoyable than pre-vasectomy. 1. The standard answer seems to be that vasectomies have no effect – your opinion? 2. What to do? Vasectomy reversal? Meds? Thanks for any ideas!
Avatar m tn I had a vasectomy several years ago and now I feel that the amount of my ejecutlate is about half of what it was before. Any comments on the?
Avatar m tn Because the testicles are left intact during vasectomy, the animalwill still have plenty of testosterone in its body. He will still be inclined towards showing unfavourable male-animal behaviours (roaming, aggression, dominance, territory marking, mounting and copulating with females etc.) and he will still be prone to developing a range of testosterone-mediated health problems. Author's note: vasectomy is not instantaneous.
Avatar m tn A few years ago I lost my left testicle after a vasectomy and having had several infections of the testicles. As a result the testosterone levels dropped far below the normal level. I now take monthly injections to suppliment the testosterone level. It is possible that your testicle could have suffered some damage due to having had the fluid around it. The testicles normally are supposed to be colder than the rest of the body, so this is a possibility.
Avatar m tn After having lost my left testicle due to complications of a vasectomy and having had numerous infections of the urinary tract, kidneys and testicles I have had problems with low testosterone levels. I lost the testicle a year after the vasectomy due to a staph infection and nearly died. I have problems with vision as well and had to give up driving in 2003. I have Rod/Cone dystrophy and have only 15 degrees of central vision.
Avatar m tn 63 YO male. Began testosterone patches roughly five years ago. Results were only fair and cost was outrageous ( Patches were running $7 / day. ) and I eventually discontinued the patch. Several years ago I had a particularly strenuous year and was feeling low energy level + mild depression. Found a box of the patches & wondered if they would help so I tried using them for a couple weeks. I felt more energetic and generally better.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response. There are years of history here and I don't have my records, but I will try to recall as accuratly as possible. My first urologist did the normal exam and lab work and diagnosed me with "chronic prostititus". Over the next few years, he prescribed many different antibiotics. Of them, two seemed to start giving me some relief just an my prescription ran out. I expressed my feelings of slight improvement to him, but he would prescribe something different.
Avatar m tn It seemed to me that the low testosterone was a contributing factor and maybe starting testosterone therapy it would give me the boost to start exercising and eat better. The doctor stated a second testosterone was necessary to validate the low level and that the insurance companies would not also a prescription without a second low testosterone confirmation. The doctor ordered a second testosterone level along with prolactin and LH.
4326355 tn?1354357341 Thanks for the response. I had my fsh level checked and my prolactin checked after my testosterone came back at 48, and those tests came back normal. My urologist then had me go in for a testicular ultrasound to see if there was anything wrong with them and they came back normal as well. So My urologist put me on a testosterone replacement therapy and I'm having my testosterone checked in January to see if the levels have come up at all.
Avatar n tn I had a vasectomy about 7 days ago-and had swelling for a few days after. Other than that no real issues. BUT after the swelling subsided I now have old man looking loose skin on my scrotum. I'm only 35 and never had to much loose skin before. I'm a bit freaked out over this and want to know if it’s due to the fact that I had swelling that went down and now my skin has to get back to normal AND if that’s the case how long will I look like I'm 75 in the scrotum area.
1755520 tn?1330569826 Personally I believe that if you are in a committed marriage, your husband should get a vasectomy. And it has nothing to do with feminism or personal preference, lol. The reason I say this is because for a woman, getting her tubes tied is a (minor) abdominal surgery with a few days - week recovery time, and can cause complications. For a man, a vasectomy is an out-patient procedure that requires an hour and only a day of home rest with the biggest complication being swelling.
Avatar n tn I had no problems before this period with a strong ejaculation. There also seems to be less volume of fluid.( I am a 40 year old male and had a vasectomy 2 years ago.) Is this a sign of a prostate problem? Also, I don't know if this is pure coincidence or not but the problem seemed to start after I started supplementing with "saw palmetto" for prostate health.
Avatar f tn I recently stopped my birth control because I began smoking again, the pill was to help offset my testosterone levels, which at this point, are at normal range but since ive stopped I have had episodes of severe pain on my left side coupled with a distended stomach on about a weekly basis. It takes around three days for pain to stop, during these three days there's pink tinged fluid, not discharge more like amniotic fluid (apologies for the vivid detail).
Avatar m tn i had low testosterone for sometime was given testosternte injections for 5 years. i stopped on my own 9 months ago being fed up from them . 3 months ago i noticed my testes has shrunk considerably and even my penis shrank in size about 1 inch and in girth. what should i do ? is it reversable?
Avatar n tn A few years back I had a vasectomy and it formed a hematoma that had to be removed. After the surgey the left testicle was fixed in the scrotum and it bothered me quite a bit. A year later I developed a staph infection and ended up having an emergency orchiectomy of the left testicle. In 2006 I had a right inguinal hernia repair that now sort of fixed the right testicle into the part of the scrotum. I can notice it once a while when sitting down as it cannot role away as before.
Avatar n tn Hi, I would leave things as they are. I had a vasectomy in 2000 and ended up with a hematoma of the left hemi scrotum. I received emergency surgery to ge the hematoma removed. As a result of this, my left testicle seemd to be anchored to the upper end of the scrotum. There also seemed to be a small opening about the pin of a needle size that did not close.
Avatar f tn Hello Dr Downing, I am new to this site, have been trying to figure out how to post my question to an expert like yourself, but so far have only succeeded in posting in general discussion forums. I am 55 and my fiancée is 50. I had a vasectomy in 1973, and a reversal in 1979. My fiancée is premenapausal, in that she still has periods, but they arrive anywhere from 28 days to 45 days apart.
210400 tn?1325380570 hkenny, that holistic stuff is interesting, except that all men later in life lose testosterone levels anyway, whether or not they have had a vasectomy, and that can certainly make them feel tired and sluggish. (This is where the classic archetype of the "grumpy old man" comes from.) My dad had a vasectomy after his fifth child, and he never has felt tired and sluggish, and he is 79. I think holistic doctors are fine, but their science is sometimes less than rigorous.
Avatar n tn Since 2003 I started taking testosterone shots since I had a low level of testosterone, which I think might have been the result of now only having my right testicle left. This is the testicle that did not come down untill about the age of 12. In most cases the remaining testicle can produce enough testosterone to make up for the other testicle. I hope that this information as well as the link that I gave you, will provide some peace of mind.
Avatar f tn At the age of 35 and having had problems with multiple bouts of epididymitis and orchitis, I decided to go for a vasectomy in the hope that it would stop the infections. One day after the vasectomy, the left side of the scrotum swelled up to be the size of a grapefruit due to a blood clot (hematoma). I received emergency surgery to have the blood clot removed.
Avatar m tn My feeling is that you will get used to testosterone injections. Have you ever had your testosterone levels checked? It is quite possible that your levels can be low without even noticing it. I lived with low levels for quite a while before it was discovered.