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15695260 tn?1549593113 Recent research has proven one risk for our children to have Autism and that is high levels of estrogen in the womb. For a very long time, the cause has been widely unknown and that this factors in is an important development in autism research. Prior studies had already implicated higher uterine concentrations of male sex hormones -- androgens -- in increasing the odds and now researchers and doctors have more information to better understand autism.
11873380 tn?1424860072 Hey mommies! Do any of play music for your babies in the womb? I'm 17 weeks and decided to start playing music for my babies and I play smooth jazz. I notice that when I play jazz when my babies are active at night, they can down. And sometimes when I play it and rub my belly in a certain spot both babies gather at that one spot. It's so adorable. Do any of you play music for your babies and if so, what kind of music do you play?
Avatar f tn I would like to know as well! I'm 37 weeks any my little one moves like crazy.. I thought by this time she wouldn't be able to. I guess it depends on how big they are as well.. but im measuring at 39 weeks and they are saying she will be at least 9 pounds.
Avatar n tn Did you follow up with your doctor? Make sure that you do. He needs to see the report of the scan and decide on the next step for you, depending on the type of cyst you had. Did they tell you that, at least? Make sure you see your doctor. You might have an infection and need meds. Good luck!
1414887 tn?1287903364 its totally normal; first time my daughter did that when i was prego i freaked out too and researched it on the internet! but its normal; its not a seizure, just the baby moving and jerking around. their nervous systems are very underdeveloped, and you will find when she is born she will do the same thing she did in your womb. and you'll know when it happens what it was when you were prego! perfectly normal hun, don't worry!!
Avatar f tn Sending all the boy baby dust I can!!!
3169623 tn?1371168580 lol the baby does poop in the womb though...lol..hence why the doctor tells you to drink A TON of water to clean out the amniotic fluid...
Avatar f tn I tried to inquire about autism tests when I got other genetic testing and was told there are not any reliable tests for autism yet. I have heard Soo many different things....Age, having flu while pregnant, not enough vitamin D, too much testosterone in embryonic fluid etc. Husband is 50 and I am 43. This is our first baby...ever. I am taking vitamin D, and drink soy milk 2-3 times a week, eat some edamame soy beans 2 times a week to boost a little estrogen in womb. Got flu shot....
Avatar f tn I agree with cahbaby, it's still early, safe, but early..and you don't want any complications, or nicu care..that can be very scary, but if it's safer on the outside than in the womb, it's definitely necessary! I hope everything works out good for you hun!
Avatar f tn A person with an established hsv infection would have ample antibodies to protect the baby in the womb. It would be rare to pass it that way. Having an outbreak is a topical issue nothing to do with the baby.
1139187 tn?1355706647 I was just curious to know if any of the guys in the group have testosterone issues and are you currently under treatment for this as well?
Avatar f tn The great thing is for the most part she sleeps when I sleep. I seem to wake her up when I get up in the middle of the night. Hopefully that will stay that way. We'll see.
5441854 tn?1371187494 I know its normal for babies to get the hiccups while in the womb... But what causes that? Last night was the first time I felt it and it freaked me out lol... I wasnt eating or drinking sooo y did he get the hiccups? Im 30+2 weeks by the way..
5946774 tn?1389187935 s next door) and she said that it sounded like she waa crying. Is it possible for a baby to cry in the womb? Is something wrong with my daughter? I'm 34 weeks exactly today.
Avatar n tn Is it that you feel tired, or a lack of energy? Did you have surgery on the testicle to correct the varicocele? It sounds like your testosterone could be low. You should have your testosterone levels checked.
1570160 tn?1295613620 However I want to understand and know what can cause this in a infant and one in the womb. I did eberything the Dr. asked me to do during my pregnancy. I didn't smoke or drink. I exercised, and ate right. I know it has been 10 years, but time doesn"t heal the pain I have. I have since had 2 other children who are happy and healthy, and I love them more than anything in this world. I just want to know more about what happened to my Andrew. The Dr.
1150601 tn?1273503930 My RE said it was still to early for anything to be in the sacs. I was slightly bleeding and had another u/s yesterday. The two sacs were still there, so no m/c. My question is, do twins/multiples grow in length at a slower rate in the first trimester?
Avatar f tn I know right, my son just sticks out a foot and leave it there for a few seconds then the bump in my belly slowly goes down lol its so heart warming. I sometimes like to gently push it down because it makes me feel as if im actually touching him!
Avatar n tn I posted earlier some numbers but then realized that the other "stuff" on the sheet was also thyroid related. So here is what the paper says and I can't make heads of tails of it. Thyroglobulin Antibodies <20 Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies <10 DHEA sulfate 157 FSH 4.0 LH 5.6 T-4, Free 0.9 Testosterone, Total 71 TSH, 3rd generation 4.
Avatar m tn Hi. I am a 61 year old, white male. In the past, I had been VERY heterosexually active. I am now in an exclusive, monogamous relationship. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with BPH, and prescribed a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. My urine stream improved. Frequency abated. So the drug worked. I asked my urologist to consider putting me on the standard dosage of Depo Testosterone, strictly as an exogenous source of free testosterone, due to malaise, fatigue, etc.
Avatar f tn I am FTM and I my DD is in 3 days and now I heard that you should not wash your newborn in the hospital and leave her with all the bodily fluids on as they come out of the womb for a day at least. Apparently it is meant to be good for their skin and immune system? Anyone has any experience with this?
Avatar f tn The baby is going to be up at all hours of the night regardless of routine in the womb. Also, babies in the womb tend to be "rocked/soothed" during the day from all the movement/walking around that we do. But, babies eat every 2-3 hrs regardless of the time of day or night. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn She did not make you puke or have an emotion like being mad at you or fussy. Babies in the womb are active or not, probably after a while they are beginning to form a sense of whether things are normal or not (such as, they can tell when you are pacing around or resting). But please, don't kid yourself that at 18 weeks that your baby has the power to fuss, make you do anything, or be angry.