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Avatar n tn I would say your issues are from taking HGH (human growth hormone) and testosterone. HGH is banned from sport anyway so you should not be taking it legally. It has horrible side effects such as increase in size of the head, gynomastia or male delelopment of breats, and a ton of reproductive issues such as sterilization. It really is not worth it. It is more impressive when someone can increase muscle mass naturally. WIth diet and exercise...
Avatar n tn Hello BonzoDog I take only one or two injection of testosterone in my live In first I was do sport and don`t have a issue after a awhile i do second but i was not active at this time and I don`t have time for gym and poor motivation I was in like depression and after this injection i find 2 or 3 cm miss match in my penis and not recovered from then..
Avatar f tn I feel the same way none excepts my pregnancy I always feel alone now with out me talking to any of my family. I am in a dance team in school and with me getting sick it's really hard to stay with anything. As for you do whatever your body is letting you as long as your careful.
Avatar m tn ve pushed my body to the limit physically, played college football resulting in a couple of concussions, partied a lot up until recently, smoked pot habitually for 8 years and have dabbled in sport enhancing drugs (small amount) as a youngster as well. I'm on this forum in the hopes that someone has some advice. I've completely changed my life 6 months ago, eating healthy, cutting the booze and smoke out and really havent touched testosterone boosting supplements in years.
Avatar m tn But it definately could be due to testosterone levels. If you exercise daily, you probably have higher testosterone levels which in return could increase your sex drive. Don't take my word on everything...I am studying physical education and health education and we do actually talk alot about these kinds of things. But I would definately see a doctor if you are unsure about things. Hope this helps!!
20000695 tn?1488217942 I am perplexed with the length in which these symptoms last. Two weeks prior of my menstrual cycle, I start to experience abrupt feelings of sadness, depression, or anxiety; sometimes there are reasons for them (whatever it is that elicits these feelings doesn't bother me as much on a regular day), other times, there is no actual reason, it's just a strong pang of hopelessness or anxiety.
Avatar m tn ve never been treated for hvc and have been married for 11 years and my wife does not have antibodies or HCV. This was in ky and today I speak with tn sport commission office to see what they say about allowing me to particispate. Fingers crossed and prayers are welcome here.
Avatar m tn hello people, i know that this sounds weird at some point but when i was reading about HIV today a question came to mind and its about what my trainer in MMA .i dont know if hes positive or not but i know he had plenty of unprotected sexual intercourses with many girls of unknown HIV status, we shake hands and hug and sometimes grab each other's neck ,punching each other in face and other parts of body but usually i'm using strike-proof vest and MMA gloves.
Avatar f tn Is anybody planning on breastfeeding? If so would wearing sports bras during pregnancy effect the milk from coming in? I don't see my ob until the 26th and was going to ask her then....
Avatar f tn What is your Favorite Sport that you either like to watch or play? If your favorite sport isn't listed, please select other and leave a comment below. Thanks! :) I'm sorry, I could only list a max of 8 choices. :( Question: What is your Favorite Sport that you either like to watch or play?
Avatar n tn I'd like to know what my blood test results may mean. I've taking diet pills (ephedrine/caffeine) for a few years. In last year my endurance has decline. About 8 months ago I started noticing Fatigue, memory problems, body aches and problems maintaining erections. I started taking pregnenolone and 7-keto DHEA thinking it would increase testosterone. I finally went to my doctor 2 1/2 months ago. He ordered blood tests.
Avatar n tn s, which have recently increased in frequency, to include regular episodes of bigeminy amd trigeminy. I exercise regularly and have a stress echo every two years, most recently, one month ago, at which time my cardiologist gave me an A plus on the test. Should I be concerned about the increased episodes of PVC's?
1139187 tn?1355706647 I was just curious to know if any of the guys in the group have testosterone issues and are you currently under treatment for this as well?
Avatar m tn I am not sure whether this is sex related (I doubt it is), but I realised I have a red rash in my groin area. Friday night (2 days ago) I had protected intercourse with a girl. The day after I played soccer, and then cricket on the Sunday. Today I noticed deep in my groin crease there is a red rash I have itched it a couple of times which has inflamed it. It does seem a little like a blister to some extent, but this could be caused by itching through my trousers.
Avatar m tn Hello, Microscopic hematuria can be due to urinary tract (bladder) infection, swelling in the filtering system of the kidneys, stone in bladder or in a kidney, blood disease, like sickle cell anemia, certain medicines and tumors in the urinary tract. Also the causes of low testosterone can be primary, secondary or tertiary and all the causes need to be ruled out.
Avatar m tn It seemed to me that the low testosterone was a contributing factor and maybe starting testosterone therapy it would give me the boost to start exercising and eat better. The doctor stated a second testosterone was necessary to validate the low level and that the insurance companies would not also a prescription without a second low testosterone confirmation. The doctor ordered a second testosterone level along with prolactin and LH.
Avatar f tn After returning from rehabilitating your knee did/have you find psychological factors have had an impact of your ability or decision to return to sport in a negative or positive way? Why do you believe this is? FOR THOSE WHO HAVE RETURNED TO SPORT: How many months did you rehabilitate your knee for before returning to sport? Are you still playing and for how long? Do you believe you have returned to your pre injury playing level?
Avatar f tn Since the tumors are not showing up readily, is there a test that would better pinpoint them to allow removal of only part of the ovary perhaps? Is appearance of tumors secreting testosterone in both ovaries simultaneously illogical in any way? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Your period will stop in the pool. The only concern is when you are getting in and out of the pool. Just ask your mom for a tampon. I recommend playtex sport lite btw I am a girl on my boyfriends account..