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Avatar n tn Beard area is under androgenic stimulation not as much the level of the hormone, but the genetic expression at the hair root level.You have to accept this limitation,and even increasing testosterone will have no beneficial effect.
Avatar m tn 22, after waiting for years for a beard and being disappointed (and bitterly angry at clean-shaven men who throw away their nice gift), I finally saved up enough money for a blood test. After consulting with doctor about results: Testosterone levels are normal, but low: (me - 406.00 ng/dl :: normal range is 280 - 1100.00 me - 14.09 nmol/dl :: normal range is 9.72 - 38.17) My SHBG levels are also low - actually they are borderline TOO low (me - 14.40 :: normal range is 14.50 - 48.
Avatar n tn many people ask me this type question but i have no answer for this.sir please help for growing beard on my face. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/756193'>No Beard and Moustache</a>.
Avatar n tn I'm white from English/Welsh/Scottish stock. Honestly I have a pretty healthy beard. It's relatively full and thick for the most part, but I've always had some weak spots along my cheek-line and under my lower lip, and my mustache is what I would consider present, but very weak compared to my beard.
Avatar m tn Okay I am almost 20 years old and still can't grow a beard. Well, I can grow "some" stubble but it's only under my chin and it grows EXTREMELY slow. So I tried doing a bit of research about facial hair and what i found was that usually, the level of testosterone in your body is not the issue, it's how sensitive your hair follicles are to responding to the hormone. So why is it that my facial hair grows extremely slow while hair on other parts of my body grow much faster?
Avatar m tn My testosterone level is at 5.67 ng/ml.Is it is less...I am not able to grow moustache and beard..I took all thyroid test T3,T4,TSH. T3-1.5 ng/mL. T4-11 ug/dl TSH-1.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, I am sixteen years old and I hit puberty at 14 years and for months.My problem is that I don't have mustache, beard, and hair on my arms, and I also think that my penis is not fully grown. I have hairs on my legs, pubic hair and some armpit hair. i can normally ejaculate and I have many erections, but I think that the amount of semen in each ejaculation is no a lot.
Avatar f tn haha im growing alot of hair lol my belly my legs, armpits....not my face tho....
Avatar m tn I was later told that I did not qualify for the trial because my Testosterone level was too high for the trial. For comparison, my Testosterone measures 590 ng/dL(nanograms per deciliters). Trial members will have a Testosterone cream to rub into their skin once a day for 30 days. I do not think any good things in life comes to us instantly. You should notice over time that your beard and hair will grow faster(about three-quarters of an inch a month).
Avatar m tn My boyfriend is the same way, and only now at 45 years old did he try growing a beard and find it was thick enough to be called a beard. He has little body hair except for leg hair, and he has always turned heads everywhere he goes, so don't fret not having body hair. When you're young you focus on one particular look you admire and think that's the only right way to be, but it's wrong thinking.
401095 tn?1351391770 I am also very interested in how the testosterone shots go. I have thought about them for myself. it is not unusual for women to be low in testosterone. it occurs natuarlly in women too but is counter balanced by estrogen. maybe i need some of that? lol, i don't think so. i have noticed that adrenalin is great for fighting pain(as are other naturally occurring chemicals)and have often thought about getting my levels of all these chemicals checked. maybe i should. Nick.
Avatar m tn Im 21 years old and I look like im 16. Cant grow mustache. Cant grow beard. Ppl eyeball me down at the cclubs like "how did this highschool freshman get in here". When I do find a girl that isnt creeped out by how freakeshly young I look I cant hold a boner or get one. My sex drive is super low. My family says im lucky like a drank from the fountain of youth. my friends tell me I need testosterone because I look like a little *****. Help Me become a man!
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy and I know this may sound odd but does anyone else seem to have an increase in hair growth? I find week to week my hair seems to be getting long and like daily I have to shave my legs! Annoying! What I read online say its because I'm having a boy ( my first pregnancy i had boy, but I'm only 3 months atm) and its an increase of testosterone, but I'm not growing a beard or a penis haha just seems so silly to me!
Avatar f tn For the past few months my sex drive seems non existent. I have a girlfriend who I've always found very attractive and haven't had any relationship issues with. I'm 23 I smoke cigarettes and take adderall both which I've done for years without issue. Also I'm 6'3 and 150 lbs I've always felt my drive was low but nothing like this. Could I have low testosterone or could it be something else?
Avatar m tn Hi, As a five year old boy I had surgery for an undescended left testicle. During puberty I noticed that the left testicle did not gain in size as the right one did and to this day is much smaller and hangs higher than the right one.
Avatar m tn alright I really want your guys input on this, my total testosterone is like 460 ng/dl, is this normal for a 20 year old, I've looked up tons of stuff about it, and my testosterone definitely looks low for my age, a normal 20 year old should be at least in the 600s, if not more.
Avatar n tn My brother is engaged to be married, and when I saw a picture of his fiance, I noticed that she has a faint blackishness to her lower face, and I mean the area associated with a man's beard. Can you think of anything but facial hair that could cause that? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I've read countless times that coconut oil is a simple cure for dry, flaky skin. I'm wondering if it's safe to use on my face, under my beard. My skin can get so dry that I can peel off big clumps under my beard, causing bleeding. It looks nasty and feels unclean. It's been this way for about seven years, though I've had a beard for about ten.
5373017 tn?1367136199 As for your testosterone levels get some blood tests done and see how levels are doing, but if your having things like loss of muscle bulk, hair or beard not growing the way it used to, these are signs of low testosterone. Me I have hed ED I'm sort of in recovery, but can have the odd of week, I got over mine by doing my own research, so I'm on hormones and herbs, if you want my lists come back to me.
Avatar f tn m currently taking dhea total of 3 weeks and about 1 week before bloods/fsh test, shall i continue to take dhea as i know this can affect testosterone levels. My GP sent me for bloods to see if we were eligible for iui, do you think i can still have the procedure3, they want me to re-take bloods re testosterone.
Avatar m tn testosterone (the level is normal, meaning my excessive hair is genetic, not hormonal), female hormones (again, at normal levels – my period is regular, and I don’t have cysts or other problems), thyroid gland (all is good, I’ve never had any problems except for – oh the irony! – occasional seasonal hair loos). I don’t have diabetes nor other diseases. I am not obese and I work out 3 times a week. I do not take any medications or supplements. I eat fresh food and drink plenty of water.