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Avatar m tn I have been waking up with nausea and chills for the past day. Even when taking a nap. My stomach hurts on and off, and I've had diarrhea. Is this just stomach flu? Should I see a doctor? I hate feeling nauseous and I missed school because of it. I'm also definitely not pregnant and I take zoloft and 100mg Testosterone every 2 weeks. Please help me, I feel awful.
Avatar m tn For a little over a year I was feeling extremely lethargic, had little to no libido, was very irritable and had flu like aches and pains constantly. Originally my family physician diagnosed me with depression and had me take Celexa. This didnt work well as I had no improvement at all. This past Jan 2012 I asked my doctor about testing my T levels after speaking with a friend of mine who experienced the same problems in the past and was diagnosed with Low T.
Avatar f tn I have heard Soo many different things....Age, having flu while pregnant, not enough vitamin D, too much testosterone in embryonic fluid etc. Husband is 50 and I am 43. This is our first baby...ever. I am taking vitamin D, and drink soy milk 2-3 times a week, eat some edamame soy beans 2 times a week to boost a little estrogen in womb. Got flu shot....don't know if it will help odds...It really is in God's hands and I will live the gift god gives us no matterwhat!
Avatar m tn t know if there is any correllation but this week I also had a fever of about 103 and the flu. I am wondering if this could be some sort of side effect? Is this a commont problem for someone my age? Is it temporary? Is there anything I can do? How long should I wait to see a doctor?
Avatar n tn it could be a passing cold or flu. If its something that has been happening for a while it could be depression or something more. Tell him to go to the doctors, or take him yourself. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn ) Last month i fully excised the biggest node (4cm) following a flu and it was benign. But the main problem is im having hot flashes since february. Its like im overheating sometimes with sweat sometimes with no sweat and it can happen all the day. I only get rid of them when im sleeping. Tsh normal, Testosterone normal, reactive protein normal, no stds,toxo, ebv or cmv only vit d deficiency (13) that i take supplementation now. Fyi im a male in my 20's. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Over the last 4-5 years noticable I have had bouts of extreme fatigue, inability to handle stress, weight gain, extremely cold, lose temper (not my normal nature) depression, muscle weakness, low sex drive (ongoing), memory loss, headaches, flu symptoms, jittery or feeling of a "current" running through my body...and many other symptoms I now see as related.
Avatar f tn They just recently came back about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Now he has flu like symptoms he is fatigue, weak, tired, blurry vision, pressure in his head, cough, light headed, and dizzy. we went to the doctors and they tested him for everything from HIV on and the only thing that came back is low testosterone... does anyone have an idea on what it could be they also looked at his white blood cells and they are normal.... can someone give me some ideas on what it could be...
Avatar m tn FSH ,LH ,testosterone and semen alpha glucosidase are suggested. Prolactin 7.9 ng/ml male average 2.1 - 17.7 testosterone 2.53 ng/ml male average 2.41 - 8.27 free testosterone 14.00 pg/ml male average 8.0 - 27.0 COMPLETE BLOOD PICTURE. Haemoglobin 14.5 g/dl 13.5-18.0 Haematocrit 44.1 % 42.0-52.0 Red Cell Count5.07 mil/cmm 4.7-6.0 Red Cell Indices MCV87.1 fL 78.0-99.0 MCH28.7 pg 27.0-31.0 MCHC32.9 g/dl 32.0-36.0 RDW 15.
Avatar f tn The high testosterone could be causing the facial hair. Too much male hormone. Is there a decimal point missing in the TSH? Is it 1.97? Do you have a ref. range for bun/creat? A BUN/Creatinine ratio can help your health professional predict which conditions, such as dehydration, may be causing abnormal BUN and Creatinine levels and decreased kidney function. As for the normal values it depends on the age. For infants younger than 1 year the BUN/Creatinine ratio normally reaches up to 1:30.
Avatar m tn Oh also I would like to say that i was on testosterone booster while this all started...testosterone booster can enlarge the prostate which can back up the urinary tract...causing urine to sit there and maybe lead to a UTI???? Could this be the case? because both times I have gotten these symptoms, I was on testosterone booster. Could be the culpret. Also since I have stopped masturbating, I feel as if Im backed up...when i get aroused i have a clear substance come out of my penis...
Avatar n tn one of the pills is Testosterone pills. He told him mom that he would no longer take these, but yet he is.
Avatar f tn My question is if ah continues to abuse pills and his tolerance continues to grow would he also have to keep going up in dose on whatever the dr prescribes for this? Do testosterone levels go down in connection with the amount and strenght of opiates used? IE, vicodin causes it to lower a bit so they just dont think about sex, percocets cause it to lower more to the point they have trouble getting aroused and then oxy's just wipe the T level and the sex drive out?
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? Testosterone has been used for many decades for the treatment of testosterone deficient males.Today options for treatment include topical testosterone gels and creams, short and long acting injections of testosterone esters, application of testosterone through skin patches, subcutaneous testosterone implants, and oral testosterone capsules. The injection is given deep intra-muscular and is quite often painful.
Avatar m tn As of now, all my laboratory tests are within normal level except my testosterone. I’m on testosterone replacement therapy since August of 2009 but I’m afraid of the possible side effects like prostate problem. My question, is it possible if I decide to discontinue my testosterone replacement therapy? I really need your opinion.
Avatar m tn I am a soon to be 64 year old white male, 5'9" 275lbs and my testosterone level is 178.......???
Avatar m tn but turning down my wife or not being in the mood has gotten real old. I had my testosterone tested 2007 total was 297..my doctor did nothing. 2010 I have a New doctor now my test is total 453 free 11.6 My new primary doctor and I agree optimim total should be 800 free 18.0 Doc says my testicles have atrophied a bit. I have a PSA of 2.
Avatar m tn Shortly afterwards I started having significant burning and bloodshot eyes, felt like I had the flu. Last December I had a severe burning under right rib cage and the next day had the worst symptoms of a bad flu for about 5 months then they slight improved and are now back. Pain under right rib cage daily, Headaches, dizzy, stomach problems, digestive issues and stool changes from green to light stools, muscle ache, joint ache, sensitivity to light, and racing pulse, face itching at night.
Avatar n tn 3) I was diagnosed with low testosterone at 2 months after this happened. I read that low testosterone may be caused by HIV. 4) I was diagnosed last week with c-diff, since my diareah has continued for the past 3 months (on and off). I mentioned that I hadn't taken antibiotics, and wasn't in the hospital. C-diff can be caught in the public now, but it usually doesn't affect anyone unless their immune system is weakened. So much for cut to the chase, but...
Avatar n tn He told me it was a virus that can last up to 5 years in adults and will either, eventually burn itself out, or will attach onto another virus (such as a flu or common cold) and exit your body at that time. Needless to say, I got the flu and it did leave at that time, one year later. Now I have it again, 4 years later after having another child and I am praying for the flu!