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484508 tn?1290010544 Studies show that while phytoestrogens such as soy isoflavones can lower testosterone levels and help with prostate overgrowth, they don't affect testicular function. Another method to try, related to bio-identical hormone therapy, is progesterone cream. You can buy this over the counter at pharmacies and natural foods stores. Be sure to check the label for a level of 20 milligrams per dose of USP progesterone. Hope this helps.
1065748 tn?1255876527 In other words androstenedione then gets converted into testosterone and testosterone gets converted into estradiol mainly in the ovaries of a premenopausal female. Estradiol is the estrogen closely associated with fertility. Okay enough science out of the way. Here is what to consider when considering DHEA supplementation. Since DHEA is close to the top of the hormone chain as you can see in the chain below, it can effect many hormones down the line.
Avatar f tn I have a 21 yr male who has low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels. He has gynecomastitis, overweight, depressed, and insomnia. Any advice on treatment option!
Avatar f tn I am a vegetarian and have always eaten soy products. One of the benefits of soy is that it breaks down to a type of estrogen substitute. I have never taken estrogen replacement and my levels have always been great. Try a few soy products (ice cream, appetizers, supplements) and see if you feel better. Also, have you MD test your glucose levels. Both higher and lower levels will make you sweat!!
1419848 tn?1283643589 Thank you for the wonderful advise. I think I'll go out and buy me some spearmint tea tomorrow. I've heard that soy also lowers testosterone, do you know anything about this?
Avatar n tn hello, im 29 and I just got tested for low T (low testosterone). the doc said i was REALLY low in testosterone my results came back with a 171 and i believe the range is between 270-1100. we also has several other things tested on the blood panel among them was my Triglycerides, which were 161mg/dl,(normal is less than 150) HDL 40mg/dl (normal is above 40) and my LDL which was 106.
Avatar m tn I did review Complementary Medicine Community of MedHelp and items on soy with a couple mentions that soy may contribute to male hooters (and one comment that they probably do not). I'm brand new to MedHelp so having a little trouble finding my way around. I don't think I've found your rant on Soy. I could be interested in that. Can you give me some specific instructions on getting to your journal and findng comments on Soy.
1825702 tn?1317577765 Soy might prove more difficult to eliminate since it's in so many packaged products, but read labels to help you limit soy. I personally avoid soy. I eat goitrogenic foods cooked, but probably not as often as I use to. I'm still confused about what to eat myself and feel like my diet has deteriorated since my diagnosis. Like you, I also feel that my eating schedule's screwed up too.
1131112 tn?1321040173 I have also had 7 pregnancy losses and have read that high testosterone can cause miscarriages too. I googled how to bring down testosterone levels and found a study that had been done with a group of women with high levels and they gave them spearmint tea to drink for about a month. After that month all the womens testosterone levels had dropped significantly. I am drinking the tea and will get my levels checked again in a month or so. Don't drink more than two cups a day though.
Avatar n tn Due to 8 day periods acne ,weight and hair loss the Physician ordered some labs. Her TSH was 4.9 and testosterone 98. What should we do next? Is there a relationship between the two? She was a soy formula baby due to colic. She had alot of ear infections as a child and had a T&A at 4. She has had sinus infections every year. Also over the years she has complained of pain behind her knees and pain in her fingers. This year she had a short duration which appeared like trigger finger.
Avatar f tn I am taking vitamin D, and drink soy milk 2-3 times a week, eat some edamame soy beans 2 times a week to boost a little estrogen in womb. Got flu shot....don't know if it will help odds...It really is in God's hands and I will live the gift god gives us no matterwhat!
Avatar f tn Fermented soy, like tempeh, natto, and miso are actually healthy. But the soy found in tofu, soy hot dogs, soy flour and all the other soy products out there, is NOT fermented.If your body can't get the vital trace minerals it needs to function, it starts to suffer. For example, zinc is necessary for the brain and blood sugar control. Depleted amounts can lead to mental problems, and hyperglycemia.
Avatar f tn Soy can help with estrogen levels so I have started drinking a soy drink, called soy revival. This is supposed to help with night sweats, and hair health (mine has been falling out) as well. I have chosed not to take any HRT's but if you talk to your ob/gyn they might have some suggestions. My doctor also told me that if you suffer from pvcs early on in life, that the chances of them acting up during menopause is greater. Lucky us! I have had years of relief. Just 20 or so a day.
428506 tn?1296557399 any input on soy appreciated by falldown, Nov 11, 2009 09:14AM For years, nutritionists have touted the health benefits of soy. But now some believe this protein alternative could present a real danger since it is found in a large number of foods we eat Lenore Nolan-Ryan, who owns a catering company in Lauderdale by the Sea and is a personal chef to many clients, loves to cook soy.
Avatar m tn 73 year old male, good health, about once a month I have these dry hot flashes with itch, hot red skin especially on the head and face but also over the chest and arms, slightly upset stomach, about 10 min duration. These can occur anytime during the day. Diet--probably high in sugar, some soy milk, veggies, nuts, whole grains, high sodium at times. No sweating associated. No breathing difficulties.
Avatar m tn When I was in La Leche League, we were told that humans are the only species that drink another species milk. I know there are some examples of a mother animal adopting another species but all in all, it's true. The dairy industry, like the pharmaceutical industry, depend on sales and profits to survive and we are in a capitalistic society. Think of Archer Daniel Midland Corporation, or whatever it's called pushing soy and corn on everyone. We are really victims of our economy.
Avatar n tn (Red clover blossoms actually have more isoflavones than soy, and pesticides and many petroleum products have much more effect on hormones than soy products). So the thing to avoid is too many foods that have highly processed soy such as isolated soy protein.
Avatar f tn My Doctor has diagnosed me with reverse T3 and oestrogen dominence and has put me on progesterone to balance the oestrogen, t3 for my thyroid and Dhea (as I am low in DHEA and Testosterone) as he says it will be used, and if necessary by body will convert what it needs to Testosterone. However I just read an article which states Hashi patients often convert DHEA to Oestrogen which exasperates Oestrogen dominence. Has anyone ever heard of this?
Avatar f tn m almost 42 with slightly elevated testosterone levels, i;m currently taking dhea total of 3 weeks and about 1 week before bloods/fsh test, shall i continue to take dhea as i know this can affect testosterone levels. My GP sent me for bloods to see if we were eligible for iui, do you think i can still have the procedure3, they want me to re-take bloods re testosterone.
Avatar f tn Cold intolerant, fatigued, constipated, migraines, gluten/dairy/soy intorelant, red rash on face and hands, mouth inflammation, aches, feet and hands hurt, bladder issues, weight gain, alopecia aerata, blah, blah, blah. I'm so tired of being tired! So this goes along with they thyroid issue? What diet is the best to follow? I also have leaky gut and/or celiac, they can't decide.
557907 tn?1215882569 I have Celiac disease [need to eliminate all gluten from wheat, rye, barley and oats] and I am very dairy intolerant -- to the point that I have to keep any dairy products from all foods and medication (lactose in meds is a problem). I have been using soy milk, absolutely love soy yogurt, and enjoy tofu to fill-in for all the dairy foods I can not have. Boooo! No more Purely Decadant Soy Ice Cream. Yumm! This is pure torture!!!!
Avatar m tn Hello. I just recently started taking Synthroid. I am a little concerned about something and I hope someone here can help me out :) I am a vegan (no meats, dairy, eggs). I do eat (in moderation) soy products, mostly tempeh (fermented soy), tofu and maybe some soy milk in my coffee. I've heard from several people that I will have to cut out all soy products because it interferes with the medication and is a huge contributing factor to my hypo. Is this true?