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Avatar m tn Yes, you are absolutely right. Chronic opiate use does lower your testosterone level and thus your sexual drive. You may be over the acute stages of withdrawals, but the residual listlessness, depression and insomnia can last for several months. Some of it is cause by diminished hormones, but it will resolve eventually with time, good nutrition, moderated exercise, being in fresh air, etc... Do not despair, it will get better and better every day. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Consider the amino acids and other nutrients lost when you spooj, also the endorfins released in the brain at orgasm -- the ones that make us sleepy. Nutrition and some self-control may therefore be the answer. Make sure you're taking a good multi-vitamin and restrict masturbation to once a day. If you have the balls to commit to a week of abstinence, do that: I have noticed an incredible increase in energy and pep when not jizzing every day.
Avatar m tn I eat 3 meals + 2-3 snacks per day. I avoid red meat in general and fatty foods, I also never eat candy bars, chips, fast food, sodas, and all that unhealthy stuff. I mainly eat seafood/beans, whole wheats, veggies and a lot of fresh fruit. I'm not one to count calories or weigh out portions for every thing I eat, but I definitely have a great average daily nutrition, and a pretty intense work-out regime.
Avatar m tn Of course you were negative, that's no suprise.
Avatar m tn I have been taking whey and casein protein as well as creatine (assault) (and a multi and fish oil). I am thinking about adding DAA (anotest), tribulus, and CLA to my supplements. Do I need to worry about any side effects such as gyno or hair loss with any increasing testosterone? Should I take any kind of estrogen inhibitor? Thanks.
Avatar f tn This can also effect him if its not his testosterone it could be that. You can go into any GNC or Complete Nutrition and they will know exactly what you are asking for. Usually you can get a set that he will take morning and night. Morning for testosterone and night for palactin. It helped my husband greatly.
Avatar m tn hey man all these things you have suggested are correct regarding the causes. hypertension affects many actually all body systems in a negative fashion. I myself have been in strength training and bodybuilding for several years I was a lightweight when I started and gained close to 50 lbs of muscle after a few yrs of hard training and nutrition. it's a lifestyle for me and so when strength and size became harder to attain I resorted to other means (test) for the most part.
Avatar n tn 39, testosterone total 0.32, progesterone 28.3, DHEA Sulfate 75, cortisol am 3.9 and cortisol pm 4.4, estrone lc/ms/ms 192, estradiol ultrasensitive lc/ms/ms 138. My Gyn doctor wanted to put me 150.00 month herbal supplment as well as she prescribed me testosterone cream compounds, progesterone and estrogine. My endocrenogist wasn't hip with HRT idea. I can't afford the herbs, so I have asked my endo doctor to run test to see if I have addison's disease.
Avatar m tn Anyway fast forward to last week i had a hormone test done and it revealed low testosterone my total level was 379, but there was alot of things surrounding the test. At the time I thought I had cancer. I was not in good health sleep, nutrition, stress..... I lost about 21 pounds in 3 weeks. I have been much healthier lately and am feeling better. My testosterone is within the normal range, but low the range is like 200-1000. I know my levels are higher now.
Avatar m tn Lentils, all kind of pulses, beans, peas, fresh or dried... then soaked and cooked. Chick peas I sprout now and then. Tempeh, tofu, miso, Dark rye bread, Danish style. Brown rice and other whole grains. All kinds of fruit in moderation. Yofu (Tofu yogurt) and chocolate tofu pudding dates and other dry fruit. herbal teas filtered water Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, and Virgin Sesame Oil Celtic sea salt chili And I have started eating nice French raw cheeses again.
Avatar n tn Use all fat dairy products and no low fat foods so he has the calories he needs. Remember to relax at meals and just give him the foods he wants. Introduce a food to a child that they will accept, however, if they do not want it you have to not make a fuss and let it go. Hoped this helped you.
2000931 tn?1401563007 In the fridge I have home made pumpkin and lentil soup, fresh korma balls made of veggies and spices, and I have just finished dehydrating a fruit and nut delight to fight the kids over. Diet is just one aspect of my recovery. Today I lay in the sun and meditated to a bit of classical music and felt at peace. I also hobbled to the shop with my sick daughter to get exercise.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if i should go see a nutritionist to make sure me and the baby are getting adequate nutrition. I have always been a small 110lb and no matter what i eat i never gain any weight. Has anyone gone to see one and was it worth it? Did it make a difference?
Avatar f tn And remember, too much iron can lead to heart disease. The most well absorbed food sources of iron are green leafy vegetables, particularly parsley, dandelion greens, and the like. Beets are a good source. Few people know how to prepare them in the US, but nettles are also a good source. Seaweed is a good source. Combining these will get you enough and they are very healthy ways of getting your iron.
Avatar m tn i want to tell u that i did not go to the gym beacause of my busy schedule i have no medical history in the past .and also my apetite is not good please tell me about foods and supplements that helps me to gain weight and also tell me that how can i boost my apetite.
Avatar f tn You get to shop for free food bread eggs milk tuna fruits n veggies cheese peanut butter beans and cereal. When baby is born u get formula and baby food and oatmeal. Its extremely helpful and no cost to you.
Avatar f tn oatmeal for breakfast, whole wheat breads, oatmeal cookies, bran muffins, whole-wheat pasta, and brown rice. Serve fruit and vegetables in any form, raw or cooked. Salads are great if she will eat it. The most important aspect to increased fiber is increasing your fluid intake. Fiber is great for increased bowel movements; however, it needs fluids to get through the colon. Suggest you limit rice, bananas, and fresh apples.
Avatar f tn m going back to eating vegis and homemade healthy meals, fruits as my form of sweets instead of cakes and cookies drinkg green tea in place of coffee laying off taco bell and all fast food places. I didnt like the effects of what eating bad did to me.
1494170 tn?1361750860 MedTV Cirrhosis Diet Similar to people without cirrhosis, people with cirrhosis should limit their intake of fats and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other heart-healthy foods. However, some diet changes that are unique to those with cirrhosis include limiting salt, eating more calories and protein, and eliminating alcohol. http://digestive-system.emedtv.com/cirrhosis/cirrhosis-diet.
743476 tn?1236614823 I have juvinille diabetes and i am only 16 yrs. old. I know i dont eat right and i am gaining weight but i want to be like all of my friends. I dont take my blood sugar alot either. What should i do?
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks and really confused on what I can and can't eat..little freaked out cause I just read that salami can be very harmful and I just had some the other day..should I worry?
2104275 tn?1333736373 t have things like protein that nutrition drinks have. I also have gastroparesis and am 100% fed through a J tube and the tube feeding I get is very similar to things like ensure or boost.
Avatar n tn You just need a balanced diet like the old days with lots of vegetables, lean protein and fruit. Eat little sugar. Substitute water for all those high-sugar drinks everybody downs in huge quantities. Be aware beer and liquor has calories. You can't just opt out from a healthy diet and eat a single food source like a protein bar or something. Balance, variety, lots of color, home-cooked, not processed and packaged.
Avatar n tn At each meal he should consume a protein source food, vegetable, starch, fruit, and a calcium source (milk or yogurt). He should eat 3 meals a day with snacks between meals. Sorry, I really did not have too much information. Hope this helped you.