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Avatar f tn m getting the ear pain again. It feels like a typical ear ache, inside the ear, you know? I was really tired last night so I went to bed early and woke up this morning feeling really headachey with a stiff neck and achey ears, mostly the right ear. I'm so fed up with this! I'm wondering if I should seek out an ENT or ask for an MRI of my neck and spine or something. I'm really struggling to get through days like this!
Avatar n tn Hi, My problem started last Tuesday (Today is Friday) with the most horrendous toothache I’ve ever suffered. This ache was in all the teeth on the right side top and bottom. I saw my dentist who said he could see no sign of infection but put me on penicillin. I explained that my lower jaw was also really sore. Over night however, I was extremely sick and on Wednesday the dentist changed my meds. On Thursday my face near my jaw really swelled but my teeth no longer hurt like they did.
Avatar n tn Are these things related, the b-12 count and the sensitive teeth? My teeth feel COLD all the time, but they do not ache like a cavity or tooth ache.
Avatar f tn I saw two dentist who took X-rays and explained it could be from grinding my teeth at night. They assured me that everything else looked fine. Since then, the pain has gotten worse and comes more often. I have been taking pain relievers everyday now, and sometimes more than once a day. The pain now also goes into my ear. After another visit to the dentist and another X-ray, I was given a night guard. I have been wearing it for almost a week, and see no changes.
Avatar n tn Chronic teeth grinding can result in a fracturing, loosening, or loss of teeth. The chronic grinding may wear their teeth down to stumps. You can wear a mouth guard that's available in most sports stores but if it continues, you should see your doctor. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hello~You may have a TMJ issue. Grinding your teeth will certainly cause it. The temporomandibular (tem-puh-roe-mun-DIB-u-lur) joint (TMJ) acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. You have one joint on each side of your jaw. TMJ disorders — a type of temporomandibular disorder or TMD — can cause pain in your jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement. The exact cause of a person's TMJ disorder is often difficult to determine.
Avatar f tn Hi! About a year & a half ago I had some worrying symptoms which I believe are related to the state of my teeth/jaw but were largely ignored by my doctor. One evening, quite suddenly, the right side of my face went numb and my arms & legs started shaking. I felt a slight discomfort in my right ear which felt clogged up & I developed tinnitus.
Avatar f tn I sometimes have pain at the top of my jaw joint. I have a long history of grinding my teeth at night but cannot wear a guard as I pull them out at night in my sleep. Does this sound like TMJ? I also notice that when I am anxious or angry the pain REALLY gets bad even tho I make a conscience effort not to let my teeth touch. I gritted my teeth so badly that I cracked my teeth from my bicuspids to my next to the last molars on top on both sides and had to have them pulled.
387767 tn?1345872027 Also, If your dentist mentions that you have some teeth-wear ( Attrition), then you are most likely grinding/clenching your teeth at night. Though I don't know what the reason could be for your throat closing up...
Avatar f tn UGH Have a new symptom, excessive teeth grinding/clenching. I have always grinded my teeth at night, but now I do it all day, it's gotten to the point where it's because very uncomfortable and painful. I literally can not stop, no matter how hard I try. I understand that this could be related to anxiety, but sometimes it literally happens all day on days where I have no anxiety. Anyone experience this???
Avatar f tn Most often the cause of TMJ is muscle tenion, often manifested by clenching or grinding your teeth or an anatomic problem with the joints. TMJ, if left UNDIAGNOSED, can progress into a difficult condition to treat. I would suggest the next time you're at the dentist, tell him about this experience and he/she will probably take an X-ray of the TM joint to check for any abnormalities.
Avatar n tn Also, if i eat sweets one of the teeth begins to ache terribly. I also have a sensitivity to cold in at least two of the teeth, and if I drink hot liquids, some of them begin to throb. I went to the dentist a month ago and he said the fillings are solid, and attributed my continued sensitivity to the fact that I'm a grinder. He said the aching from sweet foods might mean that the sweetness is getting between my teeth, into contact with the inflamed nerve (from all the grinding).
250084 tn?1303307435 s no decay, no abcess @ the roots, then you could be grinding your teeth, either at night, or, during any normal average stressed to da max kinda day. These could be completely without your knowledge. Your DDS may notice unusual wearing of your teeths surface, <<< (a good indicator of tooth grinding).
Avatar n tn He called in an oral surgeon who felt of it and said it was a bony ledge. She said I had muscle trauma from grinding my teeth so bad at night. My question is, can this cause my ear to hurt constantly. My family doctor says my ear looks fine inside and there's no reason for me to have an earache. My ear has hurt off and on since the extraction.
Avatar n tn Have you got an MRI?
4494800 tn?1355440491 ve made a bad habit of always grinding my teeth when doing anything tedious... i.e. playing video games, taking a hard test, solving a difficult puzzle.. whatever. Is it possible to develop a TMJ issue from doing this all those years? Two weeks ago i started experiencing a lot of pressure in my left ear accompanied by a pain that i thought to be in the inner portion of my ear. I went to the doctor thinking that I had an ear infection of some sort..
Avatar f tn need to go back to the dentist ... he will be able to make sure all the tooth is out... and that your not having some kind of TMJ problem... or make sure that there is no infection.... there is alot of antibiotics that can be taken with birthcontrol and have no effect on the birth control....
Avatar n tn will actually i dont have grinding teeth at night and the pain does not associate with any parts of my teeth or mouth its just ear neck and shoulder pain
Avatar f tn A couple nights ago I started getting pain on my gum and soft palate (all upper left side). It was pretty bad, but it eventually went away and I fell asleep. When I woke up, no pain. But later in the day, it came on again, a bit stronger this time. It then went away and came back. When I woke up today (well technically yesterday it's 1:32 AM) it was a bit sore but no severe pain like before.
Avatar n tn I am 18yrs old, and have really bad teeth I always either suffer from tooth ache or in need of fillings or some sort of dental work, Its not like im always eating sugary foods, I just need some information on what it could be that is leeding to me having bad teeth, I havn't visited a dental practice for over a year and my teeth have really deteriorated, reason being is that I have developed a fear of dentists, PLEASE HELP!!! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn ) that is molded to fit over your two top front teeth and has a ridge for your bottom front teeth. This little gadget prevents your back teeth from touching and is nothing like the mouth guards I've seen advertised. No more grinding. For me, far fewer mornings with a mouth that won't open.
977806 tn?1249067346 One (or both, who knows) of the TX drugs causes bruxism, grinding your teeth in your sleep. Think it's the riba. The grinding can make your jaw hurt in the morning. I ground through a gold crown on TX. See if your dentist can make you a biteguard (also called night guard) so you don't ruin your molars while saving your liver.
Avatar f tn Grinding would be evident because of wear to the teeth, so that's something the dentist can find evidence of if you were grinding. But with clenching, not so. I've been told my teeth have all the anatomy of textbook teeth. Perhaps it would be worth a try to wear your guard in the afternoon, starting prior to the time the pain usually starts up? I found out from my dentist that even swallowing can cause many, many pounds worth equivalent in pressure on the tiny jaw joint.
Avatar n tn They will check muscles in the area of the TMJ, look for asymmetry or inflammation in your face, listen for joint clicking or scraping sounds, test the range of motion in your jaw, and examine your teeth for evidence of jaw clenching or teeth grinding. With the diagnosis they will determining which treatment or combination of therapies will work best for you. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Even without the headaches I feel a constant dull ache. I feel a grinding sound every time I open and close my mouth - and even when I talk, and sometimes the jaw locks out of joint. I can also hear the grinding sound and it feels like there is grit in the joint. The first attempt to address it was to remove my wisdom teeth in case they were causing the jaw issues, that didn't help.
250155 tn?1485295939 Grinding teeth is pretty common I asked about it before and someone told me that its because your child has found its new favorite toy something that makes noise AND gets a reaction. An ear infection could make it worse I would assume but I'm not positive. Best thing to do is whenever she makes that noise distract her with something else but dont pay any attention to the noise. Worked for me and now Aspen barely ever does it.