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Avatar m tn I'm thinking of getting veneers on my top teeth but not sure how they will feel. Is it hard to get used to them? Anyone know from experience, or from knowledge, whether "getting used" to them while eating and talking will be an issue? Many thanks.
Avatar n tn see a good comprehensive dentist with alot of cosmetic experience before going forward with laminates--- you may even want 2 opinions-- and be sure to be honest about your grinding habits.. there is no turning back from veneers as indeed they do require drilling on your teeth. they are also quite expensive. keep in mind that the most important thing is function.... esthetics are a distant second, unless you are on television.
Avatar n tn I think from the information that you are giving me I would do nothing at all.
Avatar n tn I was curious about getting porcelain veneers...what are some important considerations that one should take into account before going for the plunge and forking over $1000 a tooth?
Avatar n tn I recently got 10 porcelain veneers across my top front teeth and now I am having a lot of difficulty in my speech. Slurring my "s" and "t"/"th" words in particular. I always had a bit of a lisp but now it is so much worse that I am actually embarrassed to talk at all because I sound so silly! I love the way the teeth look but am afraid I'll never be able to talk right again.
Avatar n tn I have recently had ALL of my teeth crowned dueto excessive grinding from TMJ. My dentist put my temporary crowns on about 2 months ago, and ever since that time, I have had extreme pain w/ almost every tooth in my mouth. The dentist keeps adjusting my crowns (drilling) and/or adjusting my bite guard, but nothing seems to help.
Avatar n tn I feel exactly the same way about veneers. For anyone who has healthy teeth, please do not get veneers. there are not enough websites and blogs that warn you about the complications and long term effects and these complications are not uncommon. I have to live with this guilt everyday. I am still trying to find solutions to my veneer problems. I have had 4 root canals since the procedure and currently trying to find a dentist to fix my bite problem.
Avatar n tn I plan to have either crowns or porcelain veneers put on two of my front teeth. I had a consultation today, and my dentist recommended ceramic crowns. What is the difference between ceramic crowns and porcelain crowns? And would crowns be a better choice for the front teeth than veneers? Which look better and would match up better with my other teeth and which would last longer? I also plan to whiten my teeth. Would I need to do this before I have the crowns or veneers put in?
Avatar n tn I have 2 veneers on my 2 front upper teeth. I dont care about the look of them since I got them because of a dentist who "pushed" them on me when I was too young to take an informed decision. The fact is they are more than 10 years old and one of them has a little chip and it is turning a little bit yellow. My dentist (a new one- not the one who put the veneers on) says he can change them.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend has had his veneers for about 10 years now and he is having problems with his speech. When he says certain words his top veneers hit his botttom real teeth. This has made him very depressed and he tries not to talk because of this problem, and he has alot of jaw pain. He has had his veneers shaved down several times and nothing helps. Any suggestions??? Would speech therapy help?? Or does he need new veneers???
Avatar n tn Don't know if this is your area or not. How is it decided whether you can have simply have veneers, or if braces are required? I have crooked teeth that have stains I'm told can't be corrected by any whitening process (medication staining) from tetracycline. My reg dentist isn't sure if I can just have veneers but admits its not her area (crowding of the top front and bottom 4 teeth, couple overlapping teeth).
Avatar n tn I have been taking advil for two months while waiting for the permant veneers, and now since I have the permenant veneers for a week. Is this normal for veneers? Did the Dr. cause this? He says he does everything "in-house" and that he can do the root canal on me. Would you let him do it or should I go to an endodontist? Are the front teeth harder to do than the back teeth? What do I need to worry about. What should I ask....Please advise. I'm going there tomorrow.
Avatar m tn My teeth are nice and strait, but my canine teeth are a little big, kinda giving a dracula look. I have heard bad things about having veneers done and also heard they dont last very long. Are there any serious complications with veneers? How can I find a refutable cosmetic oral surgeon, via internet?
477608 tn?1238527958 According to what she told me, lumineers are a bit thicker and I would need to do 8-10 teeth. Veneers on the other hand, have to remove so much more of your tooth. But I would only need the 4-6 that I want done. Cost per tooth is about $50 different (veneers being the more expensive...but I would need fewer). Cost is not really the issue, but I have heard lumineers are more likely to break. Anyone? What would YOU do???
Avatar m tn Well, you have a few different choices here, with different price points. Bonding is usually the cheapest way to go, which you are leaning toward. If it were my teeth I'd get veneers (provided the dentist says that is do-able). I'd want all of my upper front teeth to match so I'd have veneers on the front six teeth. Sometimes, for particular reasons, certain teeth aren't candidates for veneers, so ask your dentist if you can have them.
Avatar n tn This is not good because it is like having acid on your teeth. Your teeth can not repair themselves from this type of procedure. Which as a result makes your teeth more suseptible to cavities. You could have problems later. I would be careful also because you are doing veneers which does not cover the whole tooth so the remaining part will be exposed. So you could form a cavity around or under the veneer and may not be able to notice it for quite sometime. Educate yourself on bleaching.
Avatar n tn s not much you can do for them except getting veneers to cover the front of the tooth. Acidic drinks are very hard on the teeth and you need to limit your intake.
Avatar n tn http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/6404/mvc116fbs6.jpg http://img106.imageshack.us/img106/1910/mvc117fns8.
Avatar m tn You may also ask if there is a possibility of having veneers placed on adjacent teeth in lieu of crowns and only bridge the initial teeth involved. With the veneers there is not the cutting down of a tooth as that with a crown. Veneers have come a long way and really can help when cosmetic defects are present.
Avatar m tn The condition of my front teeth has been a really sensitive and upsetting subject for me for a very long period of time and now I just want to finally get it over with and I am looking for the best option. My main concern is whether it is OK to do veneers on teeth that are not in a very good condition in the first place, meaning would it hold still and would it not be too fragile?
Avatar n tn I have 2 pretty seriously crooked teeth in the front, and I'm wondering if (aside from having years of braces for just 2 teeth) veneers are the best way to fix these. I'm not looking to make them neccesarily 100% straight...just better than what they are right now. If not what else is there? extraction and bridges? crowns?
Avatar n tn I have yellow teeth, and i've tried everything you can use at home to whiten them, for example - whiting toothpaste, ionic white (whiting system off tv) a whiting powder you brush with, whiting gel... and the list goes on... what im asking is what would be the best way to whiten them? spend heaps of money at the dentist getting them to whiten them or go and get veneers... i dnt know what else to do to get them white... nothing seems to work.... has anyone got an answer?