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215385 tn?1201806501 I have had complications with TMJ for many years with painful neuropathy on the right side of my head as a result of teeth grinding. Not only are you damaging your teeth but also damaging the nerves that run thru the area where your jaws connect. Once that nerve becomes damaged it can be quite painful. I don't know where you live but I know here in Texas you can go to any pharmacy and purchace a teeth guard, and they are very inexpensive, that you can wear during sleep.
Avatar f tn -( Maybe the teeth grinding was related to stress from the teeth cleaning, or she notices a change in her teeth, and therefore reacting to it by grinding. For the Vet to "think" that it may "possibly" be caused from a tooth, and just pulling it, without taking an x-ray first, was completely RIDICULOUS! Check your invoice to make sure that no x-ray was actually taken, because if you are correct, then I would look up a different vet immediately.
1238554 tn?1339423716 I'm a nurse, but I never heard of how Magnesium could affect our body. Magnesium deficiency could lead to all kinds of body tics, tremors, shakes, numbness, teeth grinding, snoring, sleep apnea, tourette syndrome, Bipolar diagnosis, anxiety, panic attacks, difficult breathing, teeth chattering, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and hundreds more of symptoms.
Avatar f tn And tell him the problems you are having. They can help you with other problems too like grinding your teeth at night or having a misaligned jaw.
644083 tn?1282607775 It can happen if you've had an accident too, or from stress, or grinding at night. Uneven teeth can touch and make it very sore. TMJ is also a type of nerve pain, so there may be something related with your teeth. Have you seen a dentist about this pain? if you have not, please do!!! Let them know what you've been feeling. They can find out if there are any TMJ specialists near you. Most regular doctors don't know how to treat dental problems well and will give you pills.
Avatar n tn You may also be hurting your teeth by night time clenching or grinding. It can really hurt! Do you wake up with your teeth more sensitive? Try to become aware if you are clenching during the day, too. If you are a night time clencher, a mouth splint can help. If you grind your teeth, a mouth guard may be in order. These are appliances used at night while you sleep. Also, if your gums have receded at all, it could be that the nerve has been exposed some.
Avatar f tn The dentist has done all the tests and x-rays to determine if the root canalled teeth had fractrures. I can eat on the root canaled teeth with no pain. I have had one of the temporaries on three months and the other less then a month. My insurance is used up for the year, so we were waiting to make it to January. Could my temporaries be leaking and causing pain in the gums and into the root canalled tooth?
Avatar f tn I think there must be a connection with digestion and the vagus nerve but what is the cause, the stomach acid irritating the nerve or the nerve making the stomach produce more acid and the symptoms. Hmm interesting , I hope this has helped and maybe we can start to understand our bodies and hopefully get some answers somewhere. Im glad I found these postings it sure has helped knowing that Im not imagining this.
172826 tn?1423426556 it sounds possible you could be grinding your teeth. really you should see your dds. maybe your teeth just are stained since it has been a year since your last cleaning.
Avatar n tn It may not be a bad idea to seek a second opinion. Grinding your teeth may not sound like a big deal, but it can do damage to your bone and the nerve of your tooth. X-rays can reveal if there is already bone damage. I don't think that spaces between your teeth are a problem either. Unless some of the spaces are because you have lost some of your permanent teeth. This could cause other problems with your bite.
Avatar n tn i have a pain in one of my upper back teeth, it feels like a nerve, it started last night and it is severe what would be the cause and treatment of this problem?
Avatar f tn Have you attempted to use a night guard to prevent any cleching/grinding of your teeth? Has your sinus problem be resolved completely? Its true that sinus pain can feel like a toothache so is it a possibility that your sinus pain is still lingering? Do you have pain when lifting your head up and down (nodding)? I would attempt to use sensodyne or some other sensitivity toothpaste to see if that also helps with the problem.
Avatar n tn There was more pressure on my right side. Then, I noticed one night that I was grinding my teeth in my sleep. Not sure if this has reoccurred. Since then, I've been waking up with a dull head ache, and the feeling of misalignment has been constantly bothering me. I would clench my teeth during the day. I'm not sure if my teeth were shifting or not, but my bottom molars and bottom incisors would often feel as if there was food stuck between them when there wasn't.
Avatar n tn I thought this would be reasonably normal after so much drilling and grinding and believed it to be bruising. Now three days later I look like the lion in wizard of oz. I have some numbness to the top lip. Tongues fine. My right cheek is worse. If I press gently beside the nose I get a strange tingling sensation in the top lip. Is this nerve damage? Does it recover quickly or is this long term? Should I be using warm or cold compresses? I'm treating with Advil but its not reducing the swelling.
Avatar f tn It can be due to acid erosion. It may be due to parafunctional habits such as clenching or grinding your teeth. Once the cause is found and treated, the teeth may need crowns or fillings, depending on how deep these grooves are.
Avatar n tn What i am concerned about is that my gums itch SO badly. I keep biting down all the time and grinding my teeth to sooth the itching. I know this is problably not good for your teeth, and i also have a crown on my left side, so the constent pressure and griding i assume is really not good for that either. I am brushing like 5 times a day, but what else can i do to ease the itchiness. Also, how long until the numbness is gone?
673940 tn?1232415364 thanyou for taking time to reply my symptons are ,touch my tongue on mental nerve area or top of front teeth sharp pain shoots along gum to and around side of right ear,tingles on top lip,pain at back left side of head,now and then sharp pains to what feels like inside of brain!, right side and under ear allways swollen and sore to slightest touch,limited mouth opening,with a grinding/crunching sound {i think only i can hear this} continual pain persisting .
Avatar n tn I've got a cavity on the molar that is immediately before the wisdom tooth on the left low jaw; the cavity is really bad as it's almost hitting the nerve when I last talked to my dentist. He recommended RCT, but I was thinking about extraction for the following reasons: 1) cost 2) he said the RCT would require at least 3 visits, and I really couldn't take time off work that frequently I've got funny dietary habits.
Avatar n tn Things were all right at the time. About 7 years after that discomfort and pain developed in that tooth. I was having terrible grinding. Attempts at using a night guard failed because it only caused the pain to build up more and spread. I was having pain shoot from the tooth into the eye and I had pain go from the tooth (on my left sife, upper, rear) down into my collarbone area. I had the crown removed and that halped a great deal.
748543 tn?1463449675 Dental Occlusion must be synchronized with healthy Mandibular Function as it relates to a healthy head position and by extension a healthy posture. So why are teeth/occlusion so important for posture? In simple terms incorrect posture is due to a twisted spine, which barring accidents or skeletal abnormalities- like a short leg, is due to an incorrect position of the skull.
Avatar m tn Hi, Your pain does sound like nerve pain. On the off chance, please try toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Rub it on the gums where there is pain five or six times a day and just leave it there. Brush with it twice and day and on the bedtime brushing, brush again and don't rinse. I had the exact type pain you had in my lower jaw for over a year. It was awful. Three different dentists couldn't find a single thing wrong. The toothpaste (I got Sensadyne) was my lifesaver.
Avatar n tn had flu syptoms sinus earpain jaw clicking pins and needles in hands chest pain arm pain, arm pain feels like nerve and sometimes grinds , sometimes nothing have neck pain and jaw that come and go dizzy spells, snot running in throat wet feeling inside my ears.. have eye twitch too !! my teeth are worn on one side and have broke tooth from grinding, clenching, am an a personality and am high strung person , can any body help dr cant !!
Avatar n tn It may be aggravated by stress (teaching) as you may be grinding or clenching your teeth even though you are unaware of doing so. So, another possibility may be for you to locate a TMJ disorder specialist. If you are unsure where to find one try calling your state dental association or school of dentistry. Just something else you may want to consider. I had a root canal and developed problems similar to yours. I wonder if there's a cure as this pain is quite annoying.
Avatar n tn I have extreme referred leg Pain - caused by assumed sciatic nerve pressure from bulge from diagnosed minor Bulging L5 / S1 disc. Signs of canal stynosis - as I have pins and needles in my left foot and calf muscle consistantly. I get severe Glutenal cramping from walking so awkwardly to lessen the impact as sitting and walking seems to aggravate sciatic nerve due to added pressure on the disc. Lying down relieves leg pain. Acupuncture and physio can not relieve my pain more than temporaraly.
Avatar n tn Very severe cold sores as a child. Continued where I would get one before every period. Wear a mouth guard for teeth grinding. Have a lot of tension stiffness in my neck. Been doing weight training last 6 months and pushing body. What could be wrong? MS? Could herpes have caused glaucoma?
Avatar n tn He said the aching from sweet foods might mean that the sweetness is getting between my teeth, into contact with the inflamed nerve (from all the grinding). I purchased a biofeedback device called GrindAlert to curb the grinding, but it will probably be a while before I begin to see results. I'm wondering why I'm still having this discomfort. I have had cavities filled in the past with no problems, but I always had the metal ones.
Avatar n tn Just mild numbess on cheek and major double vision. Double vision gets worse at night. I do grind my teeth and have headaches some times from teeth grinding.
342693 tn?1425625076 Due to the blessing that has been bestowed upon me just prolongs it more. So no pain meds just grinding my teeth!
Avatar n tn Just mild numbess on cheek and major double vision. Double vision gets worse at night. I do grind my teeth and have headaches some times from teeth grinding.
644083 tn?1282607775 well here i,m today my daugthera call the insurance they aprove the surgery for the tmj i just really tired of hoping and for what i m so confuse i,m in constant pain i take so many diferent,s pills vitamins multi vitamins pain pills ice packs pill s for headches and a course i,m still taking 2 pills a day gabapentin i try to stop taking the gabapentin but is the only thing help me a little bit not much but help me to sleep at least a couple of hours i,m so tired my life become a bunch of p