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Avatar f tn First of all let me just say, that the majority of people on this forum are not the success stories. We are often the ones who have had many issues regarding our thyroids and either can not tolerate the medication, or have other issues. You certainly won't see the people who are doing well on here. It's only the ones who need to feel supported who come on here. For example, I had a Partial in May 2007. My sister in law had a total thryoidectomy, also in May 2007.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any success stories about losing weight after being put on Synthroid? I would like to hear some encouraging words. I have gained 50 pds. and are miserable. I have not been on meds long enough to tell any difference in energy or hunger, but I am hopeing there will be some difference in the future.
209384 tn?1231171906 I am a success story.Like chichat Ididnt know I had Pap cancer untill it was out.I am feeling way better without my thyroid than i did with it in.My good days outnumber my bad days now.I am cancer free and I am enjjoying my life my grandsons and things couldnt be better.Plus I have all my lovely new friends here at the forum.I love all of you.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had high blood pressure while taking Synthroid and Levothyroxine? I am hypo and I was given .50 Levothyroxine and I started filling shaky and light headed, I had trouble breathing and felt pressure in my chest, stomach cramps, headaches, and high blood pressure so my doctor told me to stop taking them and referred me to an endo who put me on .
Avatar f tn Thanks for your point of view. I have heard some stories of those who don't gain weight with Synthroid, and some who even lose weight, but from my research there seems to be more of us who have, and we are of all ages and sizes. Many of us have rigid workout routines. All in all I still don't like the idea of a synthetic med in my body. And I think it is worth a try to get it regulated with something natural. Good luck with your treatment.
Avatar n tn Everyone seems to be gaining weight and miserable which seems to be the opposite of what its supposed to do! Has anyone had any success with synthroid? I was originally happy to finally be prescribed something to help with my hypothyroidism and hashi's, now I am not so sure. SO anyone have any good stories? anyone?
Avatar f tn From the above posts you can see some people switch to the drug you're currently on and have more success. I have dry mouth too and I'm on synthroid and haven't had RAI so could be hypo symptoms and I haven't always had the dry mouth problems, only in the last couple of years. I think the prescription I take for my bladder (ditropan) contributes also. Are you on any other meds that list that as a side effect?
649848 tn?1484935765 I am happy for you Barb and its good to see the 'success' stories here and people who are recovering who stick around to help others. Its a great feeling, isnt it? To be able to say....THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. As I am sure you are now seeing it. Good Luck and if you do have a few will still get back on track.
Avatar m tn -) Let's share a little sunshine and optimism to let newcomers know that all is not black. How do you feel better after treatment? How did your body change? How did you life change? Did you win your battle? What is your thyroid SUCCESS story?
Avatar f tn if natural hormone supplements are so much better, like armour, why do the docs never mention them and when I ask others on synthroid, they never know the difference. Are they legal? can we get them here in the US? are they not covered by ins? whats up with all this?? I am about to go thru tyroidectomy and need to know what I want to be on!
Avatar n tn ) Just wanted to hear any success stories to help cheer me up.
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Avatar n tn I have read several success stories that as long as my levels are being monitored as they have been for years and were during pregnancy that I can have another normal successful conception and pregnancy. I'm trying to get to the ground truth once and for all. Please advise.
Avatar n tn I am just scared to start a lifetime med. Will anyone give me any success stories with synthroid, and if it sounds like I need it. I just dont want to have a hard life on meds. Also, I am wanting a baby as soon as possible. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I'm just wondering if there have been any success stories with Metformin and PCOS because I've seen a lot of negativity about the drug. I realize it has some awful side effects but I'd really like to think that it could work....
Avatar f tn I'm just worried and nervous bc this same thing happened around the same time. Is it normal for it to be increased so early on? Anyone have success stories in a similar situation?
Avatar f tn I think the true success stories don't bother coming back after they feel great so you will often see us sob stories being miserable together! That is NOT to say that you will not be ok. It's just that no one has a crystal ball. Take each day as it comes!
Avatar n tn Since that time I have been on Synthroid replacement (.1) Appoximately 5yrs ago it was changed to .5mg. I am a 57yr old F. My levels continue to remain low normal but I have gained approximately 30lbs am extremely tired all the time and my memory (especially short term is almost non-existent). So much so that it has begun to effect my job. My physician(FP)only follows my labs. I have developed sequella (exopthalmus) with orbit edema, nail and skin problems.
Avatar n tn I am also going for the HSG test on Monday. Has anyone had success with clomid- and has anyone had the HSG test done...what it is like ?
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Avatar n tn In the meantime though, does anyone have any data, or even anecdotal success stories, of similar situations that resulted in a healthy birth?
Avatar f tn I don't have any success - or any failure - stories for you. But the reality of IVF or any other infertility treatment is that it is a gamble, a complete gamble. I know you want and need some success stories right now - and there are quite a few of them. But everyone is different and relying on their good fortune to alleviate your husband's concerns wouldn't be accurate.
Avatar n tn Thanks everyone- it does give me hope to hear other people's success stories- My biggest fear is losing any more hair and gaining more weight- Its really depressing when you are a young female to lose your hair- My tumor dr.
Avatar f tn Did they test both TPOab and TGab? Often they only test TPOab. The majority of us with Hashi's are TPOab positive or positive for both, but a small percentage of people with Hashi's are only TGab positive. With your family history, you should make sure they tested both. Armour works very well for many people. However, it is often touted as a panacea, and that it is not. Stick it out if you can.
1043913 tn?1279685292 Well started my Synthroid today, he only put me on 50mcg to ease me back on and boy even that made me jittery for an hour or so. I do not know how in Gods name I can get through this...Everyone says the hard part is over, but I feel like it is just beginning. I have been swelling bad and the leg cramps are HORRIBLE!! I had my potassium checked and it came out good as well as my calcium.
209384 tn?1231171906 Which I'm going to do at my next appt. If anyone has stories regarding any of this and levo I'd LOVE to hear them. Also success stories of changing from levo to Armour.