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Avatar n tn I am a 38 year old female, diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I take synthroid. A month ago, I started experiencing flu like symptoms (including fever, diarrhea, etc), followed by extreme anxiety and nausea and continued " fast " digestion. I have lost 11 lbs. My TSH tested normal at .87 this week. My dr doesn't test T3, T4 or anything else. I had something similar happen 4 months ago and reduced my synthroid from .1 to .88 and that seemed to help. At that time, my TSH was .
Avatar n tn I do know that synthroid which is what I am on is a dependent medication so the drop in mg's could be affecting you....My dr. told me not to mess with it and I get checked every six months even at the smallest weight increas and...I stopped taking it once (forgot to refill it) and noticed w/d symtoms. Maybe you should get a 2nd opinion...
Avatar n tn 51 T3 - 71 The Dr called and said to take synthroid 135mcg. To date, I have had nothing change. Still feels like there is a rope around my neck, can't lose a pound even if I don't eat, yes I go to the gym and do yoga, walk the dog, watch what I eat and I don't eat much at all. Legs and ankles swell. The voice sounds like Rod Stewart at times. Is this normal, am I expecting too much too fast.
Avatar n tn I started experiencing panic attacks, heart palps, shortness of breath, chest pain, weight loss, diarrhea, blurry vision, and other anxiety-related symptoms after being overmedicated on Synthroid and T3 a few months ago. (I still take Synthroid now, but no longer T3). Since then, a 12-hour saliva test showed low-to-normal DHEAS and high evening cortisol. (The evenings are generally when I experience the most anxiety, shortness of breath and restless sleep).
Avatar f tn Wondering how long it takes for "overmedication" symptoms to abate.Have lowered from 25 mcg of synthroid to 1/4 grain of armour still very jumpy. The jumpiness started 3 weeks into 50 mcg. Tsh levels were .11 last week after 1 week of the 25 mcg. Am very very sensitive to most meds.
Avatar f tn I have been on Synthroid 0.075 mcg once daily, and Cytomel 5 mcg twice daily. I had to stop him though and tell him of the symptoms I have been having over the past year. I have gained 15 pounds, most of the last 8 pounds in just three months.
Avatar f tn I talked to my doc about my symptoms (still ignorant to Synthroid overmedication symptoms) ... She prescribed Celexa for my anxiety. ??? I certainly am not depressed. I was confused, but again, trusted her judgment. I have never been a pill-taker, and all of this is still very odd to me. One week ago, out of nowhere, I found myself in the emergency room with a heart rate of 155, lasting for 6 hours. I'm not sure what they pumped into me to get the rate down.
Avatar m tn 30 years ago I started taking synthyroid I took it with food my dose end up at 300mcg for years I was depressed or had anxiety November 2012 a friend told me I should be taking the med on and empty stomach with at least 8oz of water and not to eat for 30 min to and hour mid December anxiety became bad my doctor told me my med was to high and called in a new prescription my wife pick it up and I started taking it I got sick January 2nd with a cold 2 weeks later I was almost well when panic and a
881676 tn?1252669276 If i am experiencing heart palpitations with synthroid increase in dosage, should I continue to take it? I'm seeing a new dr and she said that I must take the dose she gives me no matter what. I was once on 112mcg and i felt like my heart was going to explode, so my dr at the time told me to go back to 100mcg. Now that im seeing a new dr, she is monitoring me again since my tsh went up to 110 and she told me yesterday that I have to take the dose she gives me and I have to stay on it.
Avatar n tn After 6 weeks and still not recovering, my doctor put me on synthroid to see if that would make a difference. Within a week I finally starting feeling a little better, well at least I had some energy finally - however, I still suffered from constipation, hair loss, excessive heat issues, and sever skin sensitivity. And most importantly, I wasn't losing any weight - which usually I do fairly steadily after a pregnancy.I was originally on .75 mcg of synthroid.
Avatar f tn tested me and said I was off the charts, so started me on Synthroid .125mg Started with the new endo Dr. in Sept.and she wanted to keep me on Synthroid .125mg but added 5mcg of Liohyronine right away. I got so upset and called the Dr. and got in to see her after I complained of side effects 10/23. She ran a couple of blood tests right away on 10/10 Results are: TSH 0.102 range 0.350 - 5.000 FT3 3.0 range 2.2 - 4.0 FT4 Reflex 1.2 0.8 - 1.
Avatar f tn If your labs look about the same as they did on Synthroid and you felt better on Synthroid, I'd go back to it. Some things work better for an individual than another. The active ingredient in both Synthroid and Tirosint are exactly the same. So, there should be no shock to your system. The only difference between the two is the inactive ingredients (fillers and binders), and since you've already taken Synthroid successfully, you know those don't cause you any problems.
Avatar f tn Synthroid in her clinical work, she wasn't convinced that it was the cause! I'm continuing to have the hyper symptoms although the BB has somewhat diminished. It's been about two weeks since I decreased the dose to 75 mcg. Thanks so much for your support. This is such a long haul. Hope you're doing well.
Avatar f tn In March 2011, I saw my PCP, she tells me to get back on thyroid medication, and this time, she prescribes brand Synthroid, with dosage of 0.025mg once daily in morning, one hour before breakfast. I've been on Synthroid since then. I don't feel any difference, if not worse. I had hypothyroidism symptoms and some other symptoms for many years(goes back to 1999 and 1997-yes, very specific time period--it is long story). July 2011: TSH-0.83 September 2011: TSH-0.67, Free T4: 0.
Avatar f tn RAI killed my thyroid, I am starting on 125 mcg Synthroid. According to most posts, that is an unusually high starting dose. I've learned it is calculated by weight at 1.7 mcg/kg/day. So, 125 mcg of Synthroid would be for 160 lb. person, which I am (thanks to being hypo for two weeks!). This is my second day on that dose. When will I know it is too high? Does anyone take a dose that high? My endo started the Synthroid when my labs were: TSH 21.04 (.3 - 5.5) FT3 1.
Avatar m tn A low TSH is indicative of OVERmedication (hyper). However, without FREE T3 and FREE T4 to support TSH readings, any number of other factors could be suppressing your TSH. Any changes in meds, including brand changes?
Avatar f tn 75 mg Nature-Throid medication to 88 mcg Synthroid and 20 mcg Liothyronine per day because my Endo said it was easier to regulate. I feel fine taking the Synthroid and feel as though the Liothyronine has been helping greatly, however the cost of Synthroid is way too expensive for me! I was paying $10 per month for Nature-throid and now have to pay $40.00 per month for Synthroid. I have tried Levothyroxine in the past and it disagreed with me greatly.
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken too much Synthroid? Too much that it made you hyperthyroid? What symptoms did you have and for how long?
Avatar f tn Hello, my mom had one thyroid and nodules removed 14 years ago. She takes Synthroid, but when she switched health care plans, her new family practice doc has not adjusted her levels in four years and he won't refer her to an endo. She is very sick with fatigue, heart palpitations, diarrhea and trouble falling to sleep. Last July her TSH was 2.338 This July TSH is 0.125 She is currently taking Synthroid 125 mcg, the same dosage for four years.
Avatar f tn TSH: 1.22 (0.35-5.5) FT4: 1.17 (0.8-1.9) FT3: 3.1 (2.3-4.2) My results at 88 mcg Synthroid and 1/2 Cytomel: Free T3: 2.7 (2.3-4.2) Free T4: 1.04 (0.8-1.9) TSH: 3.15 (0.35-5.
Avatar f tn First labs are pre synthroid, 2nd labs are after about 6 weeks. No change in the 50 mcg synthroid dose. I get new labs Monday. I've talked to a nurse friend and she said if T3 was elavated too high, that could possibly affect blood glucose. I don't know, but very worried and can't wait to get the labs Monday. Doc based diagnosis on strong family history of hashimotos and low results. Antibodies weren't done.
Avatar n tn Hyperthyroidism is a well known cause of Atrial Fibrillation. Too much Synthroid causes hyperthyroidism. Yes, I have experienced it from overmedication, I think. My heart knows more moves than a cheerleading squad. What the technical names are, I lose track of. Skipped beats, flip-flops, tachacardia, mitrial valve prolapse, The Pyramid, you name it. LOL! If you Google Atrial Fibrillation thyroid you will find it can be caused by overmedication.
Avatar f tn I take Synthroid for hypothyroidism. I wonder if it can cause pain in joints. For me, its specific to my shoulders. I'm okay at rest, but reaching, stretching, donning/doffing clothing -- causes sharp pain that lingers.
Avatar n tn Yes, increased heart rate can be a symptom of overmedication (hyper). 300 mcg is a very high dose. Do you have recent lab results? FT3, FT4 and TSH? Please provide reference ranges with results as these vary lab to lab and have to come from your own lab report. Do you have other symptoms of either hypo or hyper?
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed as slightly hypo a few months back. I am taking 50mcg of synthroid. When the dose was upped from 25 to 50 the symptoms remained similar in regards to the shaking. I really feel it isn't anxiety. I seem to be relaxed because it is constantly happening and nothing I can do about. But it does bother me. Is this something typical for thyroid? I mean I have heard of tremors being associated with thyroid. But the increased dose of synthroid did nothing for it.
Avatar f tn 010 for the last 16 weeks since being overmedicated on synthroid. I have some tremors, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and extreme exhaustion. Blood pressure and heart rate are normal. I have an upcoming EGD and Colonoscopy as well as a possible gallbladder surgery in December. I am concerned about feeling this way for so long and taking propofol for these procedures. My symptoms are so bad that I have been in bed for 6 weeks because the symptoms are overbearing.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed about 5 months ago and have been taking synthroid. My main symptom was brain fog. This cleared up pretty quickly once I started meds. This month a couple days before my period started, I had a couple very brief periods of dizziness and then brain fog and extreme fatigue-now on day 4. Any thoughts if this will now happen every month? Will if likely continue past my period?
491352 tn?1258810695 Just had my semi annual blood work done for my Synthroid refill and received these results. Referenced range for TSH Is .350 - 5.00, FT4 standard range is .8 - 1.5. Currently on 650 mug of Synthroid per week. Dr says no changes are needed. I have been on Synthroid for several years following a lobectomy due to a nodule and have been relatively stable on my meds for many years. I have been experiencing some additional symptoms which I attribute to menopause and some not.