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Avatar f tn Is there another non-generic for synthroid? It does not work for me. I was taking a pill that was not round and believe it worked better, levoxyl (sp?) Are these the same or is one preferred over the other? I have such exhaustion it becomes difficult to do anything.
Avatar f tn I looked at two bottles of 100mcg Synthroid and one of 75mcg, all less than a year old. They are all marked clearly "Synthroid" on one side and the strength is listed on the other.
10168 tn?1470592577 Is there a place where I can get allergy testing of inactive ingredients that's in my Synthroid? Thanks.
Avatar n tn You should not accept a generic if your perscription is for Synthroid. The generic contains different inert ingredients, and the strength of the generic is not as uniform as the brand name.
Avatar f tn I recently underwent radioactive iodine treament and have now been toying with various thyroid medicines. I have tried the generic levothyroxine and now i am on the brand synthroid. my eyes seem to be swelling in a circle around my actual eye ball and i am curious if this is an allergic reaction to the synthetics in the medicines. if so what should i do?? thanks.
Avatar f tn acacia, confectioner's sugar (contains corn starch), lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, povidone, and talc. The color additives used are shown in the following link. I also think you need to test your ferritin level to see if that could be a cause for your reaction.
Avatar m tn All the different manufacturers use different fillers (inactive ingredients). Some people are sensitive or allergic to those or will get better absorption with one than the other. If your script is for generic, the pharmacy can start buying from another supplier at any time, without notice. Name brands at least come from the same manufacturer every time, although they do also adjust their formulas periodically.
Avatar n tn had the radiation pill treatment and was rediagnosed as Hypothyroid. I have been on Synthroid since that time and have been followed by an Endo. She told me to not take any generic form of Synthroid as it is not the same effect. She said she had had some patients who had a bad reaction to generic form of synthroid. My pharmacy filled my Synthroid Rx with Levothyroxin but I had them change it back. I know the generic is cheaper but afraid to change. I take 75 mcg per day.
196896 tn?1189759421 Well one site said it was the inactive ingredients..another said it was the synthroid. I also found a site where it says the synthroid can cause fever. None of them agree with anything the other says.. I think I'm going to try to toughen it out until I see the endo. Give my body a chance to get used to it. Its day 10 of the fever though.......... dang! I just already have so many allergies I hate to add anymore to the list.
Avatar f tn I have Dysautonomia and Severe CFS and this all started when I began taking the Synthroid. All of the horrid symptoms I have (dizziness, weakness, palpitations, tachycardia, blood pooling, mottling of extremities, hair loss, etc) can be attributed to Dysautonomia, BUT - I have always said that this drug makes me ill. No matter what time I take it I end up having an "episode" precisely 1.5 hours after ingesting the pill.
Avatar m tn But I wouldn't go back to Synthroid if you paid me to take it. I guess some people are allergic to the inert ingredients... What it was about Synthroid for me, I don't think I'll ever know. If you are experiencing no problems with Levothryoxine, stay on it! And light headedness & dizziness are a symptom of not having enough thyroid hormone in your system... what are your numbers?
322357 tn?1194113075 everyone keeps saying not to use generic synthroid, is this true. My insurance wont pay for non generic.
Avatar f tn Can someone please explain to me what the difference is between Triosint & Synthroid. And is one better than the other for Hashimoto's thyroiditis?!?
Avatar n tn My question concerns Synthroid. On Dec 04, 2006 at 12:00AM, Mark Lupo, M.D. said in answer to a question: "Levoxyl is another brand -- there is no advantage to Synthroid. Protecting the brand has advantages over generic regarding consistency of levels. the generic is levothyroxine". Huh? What on earth does that answer mean? "Protecting"? "consistency of levels?
1107393 tn?1263421338 I started out on synthroid...then went generic....synthroid messes with me...I don't like some of the side effects...Levothyroxine made all of those worse with I went back to straight synthroid and I pay a heftier price as it is not on my accepted list with my insurance : ( Also sometimes there are issues with the dosage not being consistent. I don't know how often that happens, but I know the makers of Synthroid had been chastized in the past for that.
Avatar f tn My Endo has decided to start me on synthroid due to my slightly rising TSH since my lobectomy in December. It's still within the "normal" range but I have been so exhausted to the point that some days I can barely function! These are my latest results... 1/20/2014- FT4 0.97 (0.7-108) TSH 3.78 (.04-4.0) 1/6/2014- FT4 0.99 (0.7-1.8) TSH 3.19 (.04-4.0) PRE LOBECTOMY 2013- FT4 0.9 (0.7-1.8) TSH 2.55 (.04-4.0) 2012- FT4 1.1 (0.7-1.8) TSH 1.55 (.04-4.0) 2011- FT4 1.2 (0.7-1.
12511121 tn?1425685192 Did you switch back to synthroid? Did you have heart flutters? I am on synthroid and not doing well...wanting to try something different.
Avatar f tn But still some stomach problems - probably just the NT non-active ingredients? My stomach tolerated synthroid fine when I was on it for three years by itself. You are wonderful to take the time to reply to those "searching" for answers...
219609 tn?1210351714 I actually had to switch from Levoxyl to Levothyroxin and then to Synthroid because the Levoxyl and levothyroxin was causing me to have heart pulpitations. My Doctor said he doesn't like to prescribe generic because it doesn't give a continuous flow of hormone; he said it "dumps" hormone all at once during the certain times of the day, which was causing my heart rate problems. I feel better on the Synthroid.
Avatar f tn 06 after being on it for 2 mos can anyone please tell me if levo is 20% less and will synthroid 88 lower my levels better I really need hep I've tried 3 different dose in the past 7 years and they keep going up in down on levo I need to know if synthroid levels out your thyroid better please and thankyou
Avatar n tn If anyhting is bothering you it would likely be in the inert ingredients in that particular brand. Synthroid et al have a long half life so skipping one pill would not make a difference. It's just thyroid hormone your nody isn't making adequately anymore, it's not a "drug" per se.
Avatar f tn The most I could tolerate was 0.375 grain. I started Synthroid 2 weeks ago and took .25mcg for a few days then moved up to 0.50mcg for the last week. Then I felt totally wired and restless. My doc recommended taking .25mcg for 4 days then moving back up. I still feel so tense today. My energy is fine and sleep is ok. Am I on too high of a dose to start Synthroid?
Avatar f tn The dosages of some ingredients were not exact they were off by 10%. I went to the docs and got on synthroid and I was able to tell a difference immediately. So, I have been taking synthroid since. Oh, I should add, I will be 47 in a month and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was 22 yrs old. I had complete thyroidectomy and right neck dissection of lymph nodes. Trust me I know it isn't the same and my understanding is it is like this in many generics vs.
Avatar f tn My son has been on Synthroid since birth. When kids are little, they learn to chew the pills, and the taste is obviously familiar. When we moved to the states, the pediatrician did not specify Synthroid on his prescription, and we received a generic. My son did not like the taste, and he didn't feel well for a few days (I think he was about 6). I had the doctor write a prescription for Synthroid, and all was ok. Shortly thereafter, I was (coincidentally?
6322039 tn?1380731598 I recently changed from Synthroid (past 22 years) to Armour (July 2013) after a heated discussion with my GP. "You won't feel any better," she declared as she wrote the prescription. Gee, thanks.... Comparing my January test results while on Synthroid with my current labs on Armour, I am puzzled. I hate to admit it, but after longing for it all these years, Is Armour the right med for me?
Avatar n tn One of the ingredients of Synthroid brand levothyroxine is acacia. Acacia is a family of shrubs and trees, and it is used as an ingredient in some medications to provide form and shape to tablets. Some people who have pollen allergies and hay fever -- especially to tree and grass pollens -- may also have an allergy to acacia, including when it's an ingredient in a medication.
Avatar f tn The only difference between the two is the inactive ingredients (fillers and binders), and since you've already taken Synthroid successfully, you know those don't cause you any problems.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had high blood pressure while taking Synthroid and Levothyroxine? I am hypo and I was given .50 Levothyroxine and I started filling shaky and light headed, I had trouble breathing and felt pressure in my chest, stomach cramps, headaches, and high blood pressure so my doctor told me to stop taking them and referred me to an endo who put me on .
Avatar f tn I am a 35 year old female with hashimotos's Thyroiditis. I have been taking synthroid for 4 years with no problems until about 2 weeks ago. Broke out in hives. I know it is the synthroid because right after I take it I begin itching and stinging, and now some chest tightness.. Tried Armour and am having the same problem. Could it be an inactive ingredient in the meds? And, if so, what other options do I have?
4256522 tn?1351803698 I am calling my doctor in the morning and have her switch me over to Synthroid. I have noticed that generic drugs usually have twice the inactive ingredients that brand names do. Even "over the counter" generic medications have far more inactive ingredients than brand. Also, most generics use chemical/synthetic ingredients, whereas brand name inactive ingredients are more natural. Most likely because chem./syn. are much cheaper.