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Avatar n tn OOOOh some supplements I forgot? when already on synthroid? fish oils/ or flax oils? Selenium? if on synthroid and do not have thyroid antibodies?? Benefit by taking or not?? Vitamin E? good or bad brewers yeast? helpful or not?? when already on synthroid??
Avatar n tn I know before medication there alot of supplements out there you can take to hopefully treat hypothyroidism, but I always forget or get confused what supplements you can take and will benefit from after you are on synthroid L-tyrosine--will benefit or not matter once on medication Evening primrose?? Benefit or not--I heard great for hairloss, but not sure if you can take on synthroid Iodine or kelp?? good or bad once on synthroid Iron?? Good or bad once on synthroid Vitamin A??
Avatar n tn I compete in figure bodybuilding and reqularly take creatine, glutamine, whey protein powder, and BCAAs. What effect will synthroid meds have on these supplements and should I continue using them?
487969 tn?1249316891 after reading posts on here i have tried a multi vitamin and mineral and also a selenium tablet as im from the uk we only get t4 supplements and i read somewhere that selenium along with iodine and zinc can help with the conversion of t4 to t3 i must admit i do feel better after two weeks of taking it.
535822 tn?1443980380 Could you deepdiver or anyone else answer me this question, I am taking Adrenal supplements, and found them very helpful, I also think I may have low Thyroid, and no I do not wish to take any major drugs, I would like to help myself with natural supplements, there is a Thyroid capsule that I can take , I want to continue the Adrenal capsules, can I take both together.??Any advice on the Natural front would be welcome .
2192208 tn?1346529432 Synthroid, zoloft, methotrexate, diovan, metoprolol,and folic acid. of course it is not hard for me to miss a few per day!....
Avatar n tn Seems like the big hazards are supplements and meds taken too soon before or after the Synthroid, but the Physician's Desk Reference also includes this: "A high-fiber diet, soy-containing supplements, and walnuts can also interfere with the effects of levothyroxine." The PDR's list of meds and supplements that can interfere with Synthroid is here (though you've got to scroll down a way):
Avatar n tn Synthroid is the replacement hormone that you once were getting naturally that your thyroid is no longer producing. Expect the same weight issue as before synthroid and/or what weight issues will come to you in the future per other situations. Thyroid hormone supplements are not diet pills nor meant for weight loss.
Avatar n tn 088MCG synthroid. I feel very emotional and depressed in the last few weeks. How long before I feel better?? I did not feel like this the first few weeks after surgery.
1063764 tn?1272824664 I'm currently taking synthroid and on the pamphlet it says to wait 4 hours to take calcium or iron supplements. But what about taking B-Complex and Flaxseed oil supplements around an hour or so after?
Avatar m tn If you have hypothyroid and are on medication (Synthroid) then iodine is not likely to help and may cause harm.
Avatar n tn a multivitamin and perhaps b-complex, otherwise nothing specific. There are other benefits from vitamin D and omega-3's as well, but not necessarily proven in this setting.
Avatar n tn Hi All Does drinking herbal tea or taking multi vitamin supplements interfere in any way with synthroid?.I am a very early riser so i usually take my synthroid dose around 430am and usually eat breakfast around 615am..i have a cup of herbal tea with breakfast and then take my 1st multivitamin around 1030am 6 hours after taking synthroid..then i have more tea and multivitamins in the evening..
Avatar f tn 5mg of Synthroid daily, is it safe for me to take the supplements and reduce the Synthroid as l am trying to find away of reducing the effects of taking these drugs, not only can l not lose weight l also keep getting really painful mouth and tongue ulcers which research has suggested can be a side effect of thyroid problems.
Avatar n tn You are taking Synthroid and adding kelp may really screw up the thyroid imbalance. If you want to exercise and bulk up, use common sense, stay away from herbal additives. They take your money and rarely deliver. Creatine over the counter is absorbed in the stomach and passes thru the stool/urine with little or no absorbtion. That is a good thing because a rise in blood serum creatine can cause kidney damage.
901131 tn?1293748153 Anyone know if taking iodine supplements for thyroid problems have any effect on the liver. I just recently learned of a possible Thyroid condition and was thinking of trying thyroid complex before trying a prescribed drug. I would be taking 250 mcg a day.
393419 tn?1228450993 how/when do you take your supplements? I also take .
565581 tn?1217448351 I've been told there are certain foods that we should not eat a lot of - that being foods in the cruciferous family, such as broccoli, cabbage, etc, because they can block the absorption of the thyroid med. I've also been told (and read numerous articles on, including the instruction sheet of my synthroid) that calcium should not be taken within 4 hours of thyroid med as it also blocks absorption of the med.
Avatar f tn I am ready to give up, I have finally decided to try natural supplements and still keeping with my 125 mcg of Levoxyl but now adding a dosage of HGH. Is there anything I need to worry about if I start on a Apple Cider Vinegar diet and HGH?
Avatar n tn Maybe this is a silly question - but why, when a supplement, synthroid (thyroxine) exists to treat hypothyroidism, do you think it is preferable to take all these natural supplements? Interferon knocked my thyroid out of synch and now I take a supplement. Is this bad for me? It is nice and easy (and free); does anyone know of any reason why I should be taking licorice and ginseng instead?
Avatar m tn I have conceived 3 times, the first time was july 2011 and miscarried just after 4wks. The second was Aug 2011 and miscarried just after 5wks. and the last was May 2012 and miscarried at 6wks. My doctor doesnt seem to think this is an issue but if the synthroid controls my hormone levels, then I would imagine I need more hormone supplements as the pregnancy advances, especially in the first trimster, is that not right? so confused about this and just need some answers.
219609 tn?1210351714 I had thought as so,,Plus my endo told me to take 800 a day on vit D but I take 1000, I take all my meds like multi vitamins at noon and D before sleep,,I take my synthroid at 6am and go back to sleep,Most of the time I always get eight solid hours of sleep but my internal clock wakes me to take meds, plus there are still lots of times I wake first thing nervous, so my zanax is in order, I was at 175mcg for a while but am slowly going back down to 137mcg because my numbers are to high in the fre
Avatar n tn I take birth control pills, Mercette, how long do I wait to take it and I take a multi vitamin and a bunch of supplements how long do I have to wait to take them as well.
Avatar f tn Calcium, soy, cruciferous vegetables, and anything really is bad right before and right after synthroid medication. Calcium and soy is a no no, im afraid. I don't eat past 8pm and end up taking my Synthroid at 11pm. If you can take it before bed, its better. Flourise toothpaste also interferes with Synthroid.
Avatar f tn Did your doctor test FT3 and FT4, which are much more important than TSH? If so, please post results and reference ranges from your own lab report. How do you feel? When your meds were bumped, were you feeling hypo?