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Avatar m tn If you have hypothyroid and are on medication (Synthroid) then iodine is not likely to help and may cause harm.
Avatar f tn 5mg of Synthroid daily, is it safe for me to take the supplements and reduce the Synthroid as l am trying to find away of reducing the effects of taking these drugs, not only can l not lose weight l also keep getting really painful mouth and tongue ulcers which research has suggested can be a side effect of thyroid problems.
901131 tn?1293748153 Anyone know if taking iodine supplements for thyroid problems have any effect on the liver. I just recently learned of a possible Thyroid condition and was thinking of trying thyroid complex before trying a prescribed drug. I would be taking 250 mcg a day.
Avatar m tn But I think it was probably a mistake to try to eat more iodine-rich foods AND use supplements - I now realise one or the other would have been sufficient and I'm going to lay off the supplements from now on. I think I just went into panic mode when I got the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Does anyone take Iodine for their thyroid, while on synthroid? Would it make nodules worse? I keep hearing it's ok to take.
499534 tn?1328707778 During this last week I stopped taking my iodine and supplements as my stomach could not cope with them and I doubt they would not have stayed in my stomach long enough to have any effect. Today, I am feeling much better so I will start back at my Protocol. After a week of hell I would have expected to look pretty horrible but my skin has started to look great and my energy levels are back so things have turned around very quickly.
776302 tn?1241095453 Will stay away from starches when I go on vacation. I read somewhere that you need to take iodine, iodide and selenium together for the iodine to work....Will keep you posted on how the pill is working.
Avatar n tn in general, take vitamins and supplements apart from synthroid (many recommend at least 4 hours). Iodine/kelp is not needed when on synthroid. Tyrosine, primrose, ginseng -- no covnincing data from a thyroid standpoint. Iron needs to be taken at a different time of day.
Avatar f tn It's maintained a pretty stable average of 97 degrees since I've been regularly supplementing with iodine whereas before supplements and only on synthroid, my temperature was jumping up and down, but consistently trending lower. Part of me is wondering if it's the thyroid medication finally kicking in and not due to the iodine. Did any of you get worse while on synthroid for the first 2-3 weeks? I could understand not getting better, but is it normal to feel worse?
711841 tn?1252146735 As far as Iodine, I have Hashimoto's and asked my Endocrinologist about taking Iodine supplements and he advised me not to, he did not explain why.
487969 tn?1249316891 after reading posts on here i have tried a multi vitamin and mineral and also a selenium tablet as im from the uk we only get t4 supplements and i read somewhere that selenium along with iodine and zinc can help with the conversion of t4 to t3 i must admit i do feel better after two weeks of taking it.
535822 tn?1443980380 Could you deepdiver or anyone else answer me this question, I am taking Adrenal supplements, and found them very helpful, I also think I may have low Thyroid, and no I do not wish to take any major drugs, I would like to help myself with natural supplements, there is a Thyroid capsule that I can take , I want to continue the Adrenal capsules, can I take both together.??Any advice on the Natural front would be welcome .
Avatar m tn FYI: If you have no thyroid, taking both T4 and T3 is better than just T4 like Synthroid. Most of the converting from T4 hormone to the cell consumable T3 hormone is done in the thyroid gland itself. Some conversion is done in other parts of the body. No thyroid- hard to convert - hard to feel optimal.
Avatar n tn You are taking Synthroid and adding kelp may really screw up the thyroid imbalance. If you want to exercise and bulk up, use common sense, stay away from herbal additives. They take your money and rarely deliver. Creatine over the counter is absorbed in the stomach and passes thru the stool/urine with little or no absorbtion. That is a good thing because a rise in blood serum creatine can cause kidney damage.
Avatar n tn I tried taking it sublingually and swallowing it, both ways gave me a stomach ache and made me nauseous. I am wondering if Synthroid and Cytomel might be an answer for me? I asked my other doctor about Thyrolar and he said he had never heard of it. Go figure. Now I see why so many people with hypothyroid treat themselves! Glad to hear you are doing well!
Avatar f tn When you have no thyroid is okay to have iodine? I'm having lots of hairloss due to the synthroid and I've been looking around online at options as far as supplements go. My doc told me to take Evening Primrose Oil which I do. But, I saw on a website that said if you have hairloss due to thyroid issues you should include iodine in your diet in the form of sea salt. I'm confused. I have no thyroid so is it safe to take iodine? I've noticed that lots of supplements have iodine in them.
Avatar f tn I have been eating a 80 % raw food diet with fresh water fish (5 x week) and two eggs (3-4 x week) and lots of sea vegetables ( dulse, kelp) used in place of salt, would this trigger a hyperthyroid response, if so, if I back off of these iodine rich foods,(also I noticed it was in my supplements and vitamins) could it return to normal? What is your take on Soy in relationship to the thyroid? Also if you have dairy allergies, would Synthroid with lactose bother you?
Avatar f tn I was at the ER on a nightly basis with panic attacks. Talk to your doctor about radio active iodine ablation. I had graves disease with a goiter and had the treatment done when I was 19. I am now 38 and I am glad i did it. I still have to take a thyroid replacement everyday, but it still is alot better than what I was going through. I still have PVCs and probably always will but other than that I am fine.
Avatar f tn All thyroid meds are made of iodide or iodine (I can't remember which) and are converted into iodine. That's what the T4 and T3 mean, it's how much iodide/iodine are in them.
Avatar n tn Normal medicine prohibits iodine supplements on top of Synthroid because too much iodine can contribute to thyroid cancer. What are your thoughts on this?
Avatar n tn The DO did not recommend cytomel, but sold DHEA , Iodine and adrenal support supplements. I am completely confused. Is Iodine safe? I had a severe reaction to contrast iv iodine prior to having a kidney removed in 2002. Also of note, there is a history of breast cancer in the family. DHEA raised a flag of concern, as well. Due to that history, I have not been on estrogen since a hysterecomy at age 37. Currently, I am on 112 mcg Synthroid 6 x wkly, tsh: 0.
Avatar f tn did you have thyroid surgery or the radioactive iodine ablation? I have experience with synthroid and compounded slow release T3. Could you answer my question first.
Avatar f tn Hi All! What are some good supplements for fatigue/ promote energy ( especially women)?? Thanks for all input.
Avatar n tn Iodine and tyrosine are essential components of thyroid hormones and selenium, zinc and vitamins A, C and D are involved in thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism.
317787 tn?1473362051 Looking at the ingredients of the supplement you've started taking, I'd be willing to go out on a limb and say it's the vitamin B-12 and other ingredients that's making you feel more energetic with less brain fog and not the iodine... Iodine would only make you feel better if your thyroid were still producing hormones on its own and considering how long you've been hypo, plus the fact that you've been through the HCV treatment, I'd have to doubt if yours produces anything anymore.
Avatar f tn I know there is a lot of iodine in synthroid, and obviously in the radio iodine treatment as well, can excess iodine cause this problem? Is there any disease I could have, even though I no longer have a thyroid that could be causing these problems? Help Please!!!! My doctor told me to use google scholar for ideas, he had no ideas!!!
Avatar n tn I have been taking an iodine supplement and have weaned off the synthroid. I have been off it for only a week or so, and I feel a lot less bloated already. My boyfriend said he has read all kinds of terrible side effects Synthroid has on your body. I'm really confused.
12511121 tn?1425685192 Did you switch back to synthroid? Did you have heart flutters? I am on synthroid and not doing well...wanting to try something different.
Avatar n tn Started out on 50 mcg Synthroid and was living in a new world. More energy than ever before, 50 lb rapid weight loss, facial hair disappeared, hair loss slowing, etc... My dosage was increased after quarterly lab tests while feeling good leveled off. After about nine months improvements had stopped, but I still felt better than I had pre-synthroid. Until a few months ago, when I began feeling like I had totally regressed.