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89559 tn?1234883865 Thank You! I'm still trying to resolve the tired issue for a couple of years now. I forgot to mention that I'm Vit D deficient as well and was started on 50000 IU for a month and then 2000 IU for fall and winter & 1000 IU for spring & summer.
548780 tn?1233773202 The free t4 should be tested each time the TSH is tested. Also you may consider aking to be tested for anemia (ferritin and CBC), B12 and Vitamin D. These deficiencies are fairly common in thyroid disease. You'll be fine. Take the meds and keep up with follow up tests. Make sure to get your TSH down to 0.5-2 as recommended by the ATA. Look in the Health Pages section of this site in the upper right hand corner for more info.
Avatar n tn i am 28years old female. i have anemia and recently i have been treated with hypothyroidsm. i am taking synthroid. the levels are in the normal range now. i have been anemic for last year or so but i never used to be fatigued. lately i am feeling very fatigued all the time with knee pain, etc.I am not sure whats going on. the doctor feels it anemia which is causing the fatigue but i dont think so. any ideas.
Avatar n tn The doctor could not confirm a positive diagnosis for Pernicious anemia but said it could be. Started me on B12 Shots weekly for a few weeks and then once a month for a few months. B12 in 10/03 went up to 1234. Doctor said I didn't need shots anymore. B12 test 5 months later in March dropped to 495. Doctor still said normal. I have been feeling very fatigued with tiredness in my legs and arms.
Avatar f tn "Iron deficiency anemia, a major public health problem in developing countries, is associated with higher HbA1c and higher fructosamine [3]. Consistent with these observations, iron replacement therapy lowers both HbA1c and fructosamine concentrations in diabetic and non-diabetic individuals [3-5]. HbA1c, but not glycated albumin, is increased in late pregnancy in nondiabetic individuals owing to iron deficiency [6].
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease in February and opted for the RAI treatment and was hypothyroid within a month. My endo started me on .1 mg of Synthroid and then increased it about a month later to .125 mg and then again a month later to .15 mg. But within 4 weeks of being on the .15 mg (which is what I am on now because my TSH levels are in the range) I started to lose my hair by the masses.
Avatar m tn Autoimmune diseases tend to run in families, but not every family member will get the same disease. For instance, I have Pernicious Anemia and Hashimoto's, my son has Type I diabetes and my daughter has Lupus. All autoimmune diseases. All, often, presenting symptoms of fibro....
Avatar n tn HI, I am a 30y/female with former graves disease and thyroid cancer.(had thyroidectomy) and I have Celiac Disease. Among many other things. Anemia and yadda yadda yadda. I am constantly having to readjust my synthroid because of the absorption from the Celiac. I was on 450 mcg of synthroid for 4 1/2 years. My endo had never heard of such a high dose. And I have had many since that have not heard of it as well. Well, that was because I have Celiac and my body is no absorbing the way it should.
Avatar m tn Your triloddothyronine Free Serum is Free T3, that would be the bottom level, When you were on Armour, Did anyone advise you to split your dose and take 1/2 in the Am and the other half in the afternoon?
Avatar f tn i'm the subclinical hyper on synthroid girl that you suggested tapering off synthroid since my thyroid should be healed from the silent thyroiditis. my cbc shows a little abnormality. is this anemia/pernicious anemia? i've been having shortness of breath that i attributed to being a hypochondriac/anxiety/thyroid issue. am i overreacting about these results? should i take iron or something? wbc 5.1 (4.0 - 10.5) rbc 4.14 (3.8 - 5.1) ***hemoglobin 11.3 (11.5 - 15.
Avatar f tn Diagnosed hashimotos 3 years ago, current treatment with synthroid been on 88mcg dosage for 3 weeks after a very high TSH and very low Free T's... My next endo appointment is 1 1/2 weeks to check thyroid levels..
Avatar f tn I have pre-existing thyroid and am on synthroid. I have pre-exsiting high cholestrol and am on zetia 10mg (because of liver). Just did finish all check ups just before I started tx and all was in check. my endocrin wants me to fax him my labs on thyroid through this and maybe see me sooner than 6 months. I am going to fax over a copy on Monday to him.
Avatar n tn I was put on 50 mcg of synthroid per day. In January, 2007, I was very tired and had symptoms of carpal tunnel. I had a complete blood work, and my thyroglobulin ab was found to be very high (980 iu/ml). I had follow-up blood work on February 23, 2007. My results were as follows: %T4 - 5.8 % Thryoid microsomal - 841 % Antithyroglobulin - 744 %TSH/Ultra Sen - 2.45 %WBC - 8.
1175284 tn?1263976683 Is it possible I can just get a hysderectomy (sorry about miss spell) and stop all this bleeding and anemia problems? If I do I can NOT tell my husband because he still hopes for a child someday... I am not trying to be mean but I love my husband and I can not lose him. He is all I have.. :(...
1139187 tn?1355710247 levo is a generic for synthroid and has been proven to not absorb as well as brand name. i felt like crap on levo all the time. try switching to name brand.
Avatar f tn I have been taking synthroid .75 for last 3 years, I was having bouts of dry hair and fatigue but my TSH was only 2.8 but my enocronologist decided to treat me. Since then i have lost more than 60% of my hair, I tryed ARMOUR for 8 weeks and while i thought i was feeling better I think i lost even more hair and my tsh came back at .81 and T4 free on the low "normal" side of range. Should i go back to synthroid ?
Avatar m tn Hi - my mom is 80 and she has been on Synthroid for quite some time. Her doctor is reducing her medication because of bone density and her age. She is in excellent health. Since they have reduced her medication she has had horrible depression. Is this something anyone else has experienced? Also, after reading several posts, I noticed that a lot of people mention that the T3 and T4 levels are important. I am asking for myself on this one.
393419 tn?1228450993 150's . How will I know the difference between general fatigue and not enough synthroid. Would the .175 have caused my anxiety attack? help! thanks!
Avatar f tn and she wanted to keep me on Synthroid .125mg but added 5mcg of Liohyronine right away. I got so upset and called the Dr. and got in to see her after I complained of side effects 10/23. She ran a couple of blood tests right away on 10/10 Results are: TSH 0.102 range 0.350 - 5.000 FT3 3.0 range 2.2 - 4.0 FT4 Reflex 1.2 0.8 - 1.5 She likes these results and wants to test me in Dec. with no changes.
6322039 tn?1380731598 I'm an example of that, with Hashimoto's and Pernicious Anemia and am now being tested for more autoimmunes. I wouldn't give up, both, gluten and dairy without solid evidence that it's necessary i.e. show me labs that say I have celiac or a proven sensitivity to dairy!! There are no scientific studies that prove giving up any food group is advantageous, unless one has an allergy or sensitivity to it. I know you really like this doctor and pinned a lot hope on him.
Avatar m tn I'm hypothyroid and I am on 100 mcg levothyroxine daily plus arimidex 3 times a week and .5 mcg lexapro daily. I am a 26 year old male. Recently I had bloodwork done and everything was fine except in my blood counts. The doctor said I could be bleeding somewhere, because it looks like i have anemia: Uric Acid 9.2 mg/dl 2.6-7.2<-------------------HIGH White Blood Count 6.8 3.8-10.8 Red Blood count 5.55 4-6.2 Hemoglobin 15.1 14-18 Hematocrit 27.
Avatar n tn I take Synthroid .1 and 5mcg Cytomel every day for hypothyroidism. I have been taking them together in the morning an hour before any other medications, foods and 6 hours before any iron, calcium, or zinc. Should the Synthroid be taken by itself completely? I can take the Cytomel with breakfast and other meds later in the day, but wondered if taking the Cytomel at the exact same time as the Synthroid was somehow lowering the effectiveness/absorbtion of the Synthroid.
Avatar f tn Turns out that I had both of these problems and had to treat with Cortef for adrenals/cortisol, and iron for anemia.
1827436 tn?1339540508 I got a new doctor who told me right off the bat that if I want Armour, he refuses to be my doctor, because he doesn't believe in that nonsense. He gave me Synthroid, 50mg, and I've been on it for a year, and have also found a new doctor, which makes this one my third endo. Is it me, or is finding a good endo akin to looking for the Holy Grail? In any case, it's now a year of this medication, and I have effectively put on about ten pounds of stomach bloat.
975998 tn?1248152623 Shortly after I stopped taking the pain meds, I stopped taking the antidepressants and noticed no difference in my mood or tiredness at all. Now that I am on Synthroid (and that's all I take) the anemia has decreased, too (low normal) -and my tired symptoms, while not 100 percent better, are a lot better than before. You have to be careful on Trazadone. That is a powerful med and I don't think it is safe to just end that medication abruptly.
Avatar f tn I've recently been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and anemia. My TSH was 7.0 and ferritin was 28. My physician had prescribed me synthroid and Nu-iron. I've been taking it for about 5 weeks now and for the last few days, I've been breaking out in severe hives. I've been trying to monitor my intake but everything but I really believe it is either the synthroid or Iron med.
Avatar f tn 89 NO WEIGHT LOSS, STILL losing tons of hair, and my Triglycerides and everything is still bad. So why continue to take the synthroid? What is it helping? I just can't see putting a drug in my body if nothing is improving. I can be fat, without synthroid or with it.