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Avatar n tn 00 I looked at my left knee and is it all swollen above the knee cap and on the right side and it hurts to move it.(it's my left knee). I have done nothing to injure myself. Is this just symptoms of anemia or could it be something completely different..
Avatar f tn I go in to have Arthroscopic surgery on my knee and come out looking like a bull frog. My right side of my neck/throat is swollen to the size of a golf ball. 2 days later, it is swollen to the size of a softball and my throat fells like it is closing. What the heck happened to me?
Avatar n tn ) had resolved somewhat and I was weight bearing w/a limp, but NOW it has moved to the RIGHT side of the left knee. If I lie down and try to bend the knee, drawing it up to my body it feels very strange, as if there is cotton all around the inside of the knee. It feels swollen, too. Can ANYONE tell me what's going on? The 2nd physician wants to do arthroscopic, BUT I can't take the time off work, and I have a bad history of not waking up from anesthesia...
Avatar m tn Hi, I was hoping you could assist with the following problem, Following a fall in football, landing on the right side of my left knee, I experienced immense pain and heat across the knee. Immediately after bruising spread up and down my leg and a fluid filled sac developed on the top right side of my knee cap. I visited the doctor and initial was assessed by the two nurses who said they didn't know what it was and asked me to come back to see the doctor.
Avatar n tn If it's that swollen, for safer side, I think he should find someone check the neurovascular status as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn She is a 68 y/o African American female. January 21st, she had total knee replacement surgery to her right knee. She stayed in the phys rehab center for 8 days post-op, and was fine. The surgeon sent her home with oxycodone for pain management. She only took it 3 days because she developed hives and swollen lips. We attributed this to an oxycodone reaction. However, it is now 3 months later, and the hives have not subsided. They are manageable with prednisone and other antihistamines.
Avatar m tn I was unable to walk on the knee for a few days and the pain has mostly been on the left side of my right knee. I know this is where my MCL is located. Its been two weeks and the knee still feels 'fat' and has mild pain. I've also had some mild pain/discomfort at the point where my hamstring meets my knee. I'm guessing i've done a grade 3 tear of my mcl but am unsure. Its a 3 week wait at my local GP so i'm kinda looking for some advice on here.
Avatar n tn The right hand side of my left knee, around the top and slightly to the right of my knee cap is very pain full when walking, after walking for a minute or so i get very sharp pain every time my knee passe's a certain angle of being bent and when i put my foot down, it is especially bad if walking down a slope so my weight is on my toes and im stoping my self sliding.
Avatar f tn The pain is getting worse, it hurts when its straight as well. I've also noticed that my knee cap on the left side has gotten thinner and kind of feels like its not there a little.
Avatar f tn Lately I have noticed my right knee seems to be slightly swollen and it will get worse n feel stiff when the weather is damp, and if I move my leg a certain way or lock up that knee it just doesn't feel right ...
Avatar f tn Lately I have noticed my right knee seems to be slightly swollen and it will get worse n feel stiff when the weather is damp, and if I move my leg a certain way or lock up that knee it just doesn't feel right ...
Avatar n tn It is swollen, very sore on the outer side of my knee and I can hardly bend then knee. Can you give me any advise?
Avatar n tn Hello Dac! Is that true? About knee pain... can it be side effect from RAI reatment? Do you remember where and when did you find this info.. If this is - side effect from RAI? My 24/ 7 knee pain and cracking noise. It can explain a lot of things. My knees pain started at the same time when my saliva glands start to swell time to time... And ENT doctor said --it is side effect from RAI. Maybe, maybe... Thank you very much for your idea. I did have TT and RAI 8 month ago.
Avatar n tn I was playing football when late in the game i got (badly( tackled) from the side knee high. adrenaline and sheer enthusiasm enabled me to complete the game but when i'd finished my left knee on the outside was extremely painful and swollen. i used ice (and beer) that nite and because it was the end of the season rested for about two months. when i started back training, the same left knee in the same place, outside left, was still sore. Stupidly i continued to play and play and play.
Avatar m tn Hi, About four weeks ago, i twisted my right knee inwards while playing football. i felt as if my whole knee dislocated but i didnt hear any pop sound or anythng. Really painful for like 5 min but swelled up later. Went to doc, put ice pack and it all seemed ok. Its 4th week now...all seems okk except its still little swollen and feels little different and the leg feels as if it doesnt have enough power. I can run slowly, bike, clim stairs with no problems except its uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn Expenese made me stop with the osteopath but continued with ice treatment to reduce the swelling but both knees are continueosly swollen. If i squeeze my knee below the knee cap this 95% stops the ginding when i extend my knee. I dont think thre is anything else but i'm desperate to start playing football again. Please help. Oh one other thing my mother has had bad knees for years but she is (and i hope she wont mind me saying) overweight.
1587585 tn?1309435860 I slept with a pillow under my knee and tried not to move around a whole lot. My knee isn't swollen, nor is the area around it. I can straighten my leg all the way (but its sore) When I bend my knee back it really hurts. The pain seems to be coming from behind my knee. What do you think is causing the pain?
Avatar n tn Could the awkwardness off walking on it also of caused injury to my left knee as it is now swollen and painful. I can't make it straight. I'm due to go back to work tomorrow after workers comp for my ankle but I dont know what to do right now. Thanx for any help.
Avatar n tn Like you i have just had TKR surgery and after five weeks of following all the exercise routines i have a badly swollen knee and restricted movement. My physio has informed that the surgeon will carry out manipulation some time next week ( like you i am not looking forward to it). I note that it was July when you posted your comments on this web site. I would be interested to know how you are today.
Avatar n tn I was able to walk if I kept my left knee from moving, I couldn't straighten it anyway it was too swollen. I woke up a few times last night and found it difficult to get back to sleep because of the pain anytime I moved my knee or left it still for a while. This morning its still really swollen its sore, especially to walk(which is difficult but not impossible). Its swollen all around the whole knee area, at the front, back and sides.
Avatar n tn My knee has this lump that is hot, tender, hard, swollen and red. Its on the right side of my right knee. I havent bumped it on anything, there doesnt seem to be any "bite" marks. and the redness is spread over my knee cap and up my leg. What is this?
Avatar m tn Hello thanks for taking some time to answer my question ever since my knee injury my ankle in very weak if I jump and come down my knee feels like it is going to pop out then it starts to get swollen and I can't not bend it fully for at least a couple of days this all started when I dislocated my knee I never had knee problems what could I do because I have this bump on the side of my knee and my other knee it's completely flat and smooth thanks agin
Avatar n tn Hi, The image appears as if your brother's knee is swollen. Is this correct? One differential for your brother’s condition is contact dermatitis. Allergic and irritant dermatitis should also be considered. Are there other similar rash in other parts of the body? Does the rash present with scales or white lines over them? What triggers the rash? Psoriatic lesions may also be considered here as they also occur on the knees.
Avatar n tn I was forced backwards while kneeling down (legs underneath me). My knee was forced to been to the side while completely bent. I heard a loud pop sounds. The next morning, I was in tremendous pain. My knee hurts to bend at about the half way point. I can't manuever it sideways and it hurts to put pressure on it. I feel sharp pain if I move it the wrong way. The odd thing is is that it doesn't not appear swollen. What type of injury do you think I haave?
Avatar n tn I am not voiding much at all, the knee is still swollen and I am exhausted.....wondering if my body is hanging on to the potassium? The edema is due to my osteoporosis they say. I have healthy heaart, although bad pvc's...........take inderal for that.
Avatar n tn There is inflammation and hematoma at the site. Give her rest (bed rest) till the inflammation subsides. Also anti inflammatory drugs are advised for her. The nausea and head reeling is due to the injury, inflammation and also might be due to the medication. Stop the medication after checking the adverse effects and take an Orthopaedic appointment for proper advice and faster recovery. Take care!
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, Four days ago I was cleaning my garage and was in a sqautting position and when I tried to get up I felt something in the right side of my left knee sort of give-like something moved and it hurt slightly...as the day wore on the pain got worse and it was just on the right side of the knee. Now it is in the front and it hurts only when I am walking ..it really hurts and burns.
Avatar f tn that is created when you bend your knee (located above the tibia below the patella). I cant really tell if it is swollen because I had surgery on my other knee a few months ago and can't compare them. I felt and heard a pop. It hurts when I try to bend it but once it is bent there isn't as much pain. There is a lot of pain when I try to straighten my leg and it locks once I get to a certain point. I am also having pain when I put weight on it and/or walk.