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Avatar n tn Hi there! Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to comment specifically on the situation. Possibilities that may need to be considered include infections, inflammations, bursitis, further degeneration etc. It would be too premature to comment if a re-replacement would be required at this point. I would suggest considering a detailed evaluation by an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and suggestion of an appropriate management plan. Hope this is helpful.
Avatar n tn Today I CANNOT put weight on it and it is swollen. The pain originates on the inside of my knee, not in the soft spot next to the patella, but outside that. At this pt. the pain has spread all over my knee, but to touch it is super tender in that inside spot. I have iced it and put heat on it. Not sure what to do at this pt. My foot on the side of the injured knee feels asleep. Can someone give me advice. Should I see a doctor? Or can this be dealt with at home?
245460 tn?1238008096 Hello, I woke up this morning with and extremely painful and swollen knee. I don't remember hurting it in any way. I know it almost looks like there is fluid on it but not sure. Very painful when i walk. Could this be part of Fibro? Any suggestions or answers would be so much help to me.
Avatar f tn I have a feeling something in my knee doesn't fit, almost as if there was a bone more (or less). My knee can't really support my weight, it always bends. It is as if it lost the firmness you get when straightening the leg. Plus, when standing I have this horrible feeling as if my bones were squishing something they shouldn't. It's been over four days, at first it was only a mild irritance, but now I can barely walk.
Avatar f tn A couple of weeks ago, my knee snapped while I was going to run. I went to the hospital & they said it was a knee sprain. I could barely walk straight on my right leg. It still looks swollen. I can't straighten my leg at all. I go for therapy now & my therapy doctor said I have information in my knee. How do I remove the information?
Avatar m tn My knee was bruised and swelled up pretty bad but has gone down significantly since then. It's still bruised and kind of swollen so i can't bend it very far yet or put a bunch of pressure on it. I've been putting ice on it and taking pain relievers-the basics-and it has helped but i was just wanting to get an idea on how long the swelling and bruising will last.
Avatar f tn Still cannot walk with out a cane, can't work because my job is physical, literally have been at home for 5 months. Before I had anything done, was still working, should have lived with the mild pain, but Dr. said its what had to be done, so I trusted him. So 2 weeks ago I finished the 3 shot once a week chicken shots, and am hoping as I read on one post that it took 4 weeks to work, the Dr. also said that. I hope you are both right because so far not much improvement.
4390099 tn?1353875179 Since that day I can not walk correct and people say I look like Robo Cop or have a stick up my but. I can't bend my feet upwards and legs are very stiff and my knee cracks or makes that sound when I turn leg sideways, and my new problem is my ankles and feet, I have been walking on the outside of my left foot so much I have a corn the size of a grape next to my small toe and my toes have curled inward like Hammer toes.
Avatar n tn Like you i have just had TKR surgery and after five weeks of following all the exercise routines i have a badly swollen knee and restricted movement. My physio has informed that the surgeon will carry out manipulation some time next week ( like you i am not looking forward to it). I note that it was July when you posted your comments on this web site. I would be interested to know how you are today.
Avatar n tn This new injury is much worse. Today I attempted the ACL diagnostic tests myself, but I can't tell... The knee feels unstable, and it feels like it can't support my weight (I'm slim-average). I have full range of motion, but with discomfort. Nothing looks abnormal, just swollen. Since I'm unemployed and lack insurance, resting is all I can realistically do. Once I get a job and insurance, then I can consider surgery, if that's what I need.
Avatar n tn When I walk sometimes I get stabbing pains in my knee. I don't know if I'm taking too long strides, or what. My knees are often swollen, and when I bend them, whether walking down stairs, or bending them with no weight bearing, they make loud crackling noises. Not only is it gross, it hurts! I'm only 22, and I can't run, some days I can hardly walk without pain. Is this normal? What's wrong with my knees?
Avatar f tn that is created when you bend your knee (located above the tibia below the patella). I cant really tell if it is swollen because I had surgery on my other knee a few months ago and can't compare them. I felt and heard a pop. It hurts when I try to bend it but once it is bent there isn't as much pain. There is a lot of pain when I try to straighten my leg and it locks once I get to a certain point. I am also having pain when I put weight on it and/or walk.
Avatar f tn Pretty much where I left off, really. Can hardly walk, can't do much- is this my life now? Depression is setting in and I can't cope with the damned (sorry) pain-killers. They DO NOTHING but irritate and make me psycho. I haven't heard from the Dr.s or Physical Therapists, as of yet. I'm not liking this knee so far and I WILL suffer and not do surgery if my other knee goes. nor will I live my life this way. Right now- I'm just hanging waiting...
Avatar n tn It's not a burning feeling--it's more of an ache or stabbing/pulling pain. It's gotten so bad at times that I can't walk or stand up straight, no position makes it go away. I feel pressure and pain when I need to tinkle, and while I am, and after. Sometimes before the pain in the center starts, I feel what kind of feels like cramps on the left side... it kind of migrates down. I really hope some of this makes sence to someone. I'm 20 years old, and have no insurance yet.
Avatar m tn My knee cap and area above the knee cap are swollen and stiff. I can't walk well and have a lot of pain when bending the knee, like getting up and down from a chair. Recently my calf started hurting upon walking. At times, the calf hurts more than the knee. I don't know if it's because I'm walking differently to make up for the knee pain or if there is something else going on.
432097 tn?1318552340 Finally, it got so bad they re-hospitalized me and took a million tests, put me on massive amounts of antibiotics, but found I did not have an infection (by blood work), and sent me home not knowing what it was. That was last week. I am seeing the doctor today. I can't walk on my knee, it is swollen to double the size of my other knee, even my foot is swollen. The entire leg aches, but the knee hurts bad! It gets flashes of shooting pains, and it burns.
4615153 tn?1357189785 I had knee surgery, a lateral release and multiple pieces of cartilage removed both attached and not. I have had a slow recovery but returned to work full time a month after. I recently (three months after) fell onto my knee. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I went to the ER but all they could tell me is that I didn't break anything. My surgeon can't see me for almost a month. I am in pain, swelling a lot even in my feet.
Avatar f tn i had knee surgery in march about 9 weeks ago ,oh my my dull ache in knee and if i walk or stand too long during day i pay for it at night especially when i try to sleep,i rub rub it but nothing works and don;t put ice pack right on knee the cold makes it hurt terribly!sometimes i wish i didn;t do it!
Avatar f tn I can't walk without my cane for long periods, I can't sit, because my back now hurts, and I can't sleep too well. All medications and shot of cortisone don't seem to work well. I continue to search for a avenue of relief. Keep searching the halls of medical/alternative research for a solution, as I am. I will post news if I find the solution.
Avatar n tn I am a 30-year-old female and have been recently experiencing severe knee pain. First, I have to start by saying I have had chronic knee pain since I was 9 years old. At that age I began experiencing sharp pains in both knee joints. The pain was localized to the knees, with pain more often in the left knee, just under the knee cap.
Avatar f tn I am so glad I found this. I get the same burning feeliing in my right knee when I kneel on it. I am 36, Male & not overweight. I walk every evening for 30min. I stopped walking for a few nights & the pain stopped. I have sarted walking again & the pain is back. If anyone has any idea please post them.
Avatar f tn This never happened while I was sitting down. Although it doesn't hurts as bad as before, and there is no swollen knee whatsoever, I become very aware of the way I sleep (avoid moving too much and sleeping on my stomach more often) so I don't experience that piercing pain! At about 17, I fell on my knee once when I failed to do a 'hand stand'. I trained for long distance running only for a year when I was 17 too. Now, I walk bout 30 minutes everyday to and fro college.
Avatar f tn My doc advice me in order not to get that is to drink lots of water and stay away from slat and stay active thru my pregnancy. I will be praying for u ladys to get better.
Avatar n tn Hello. Did you visit the doctor when your knee gets swollen ? Has he seen the swollen knee ? This looks like a case of post-operative complications. I am not sure how I can help you with this. May be, you could write a letter to the doctor explaining your pains. And wait for his response.
Avatar f tn and work life is hell..sitting at a pc - I just can't take much more...I feel I am also losing my balance while trying to walk or...these days...limp..tremendous pain from lower back to knee and freezing from calf to feet and now spreading to other areas..arms..chest...hands...face. I have had a hundred tests and the neurologist said that a protruding disc in my lower back could be pressing on a nerve causing sciatica...but has nothing to do with the freezing and numbness in my legs...
Avatar n tn I see a councellor, I cant work anymore, can't walk very far and if i stand on my legs longer than 1 hr my knee swells dreadfully. The worse thing for me is that I loved to dance and now it seems my wings have been clipped. I am only 50 and have lead such an active life - endurance horse riding wore my knee out from hours in the saddle. My gut is to mix eastern with western medicine - find a 'middle ground' as there is no one answer.
Avatar m tn In 2010 I had an osteotomy (probably spelled wrong) which is where they broke my shin moved it over, plated it down and realigned my knee. That was unsuccessful, so the surgeon proceeded to try a clean out. Unsuccessful. Then he tried injections for the pain. Unsuccessful. He then referred me to another surgeon. I was told I needed a partial replacement and that was the only option to relieve my pain. So, I opted in on the procedure. After that surgery, I seemed to be worse off than before.
Avatar n tn However, if I spend anytime on the knee it becomes extremely swollen and warm to touch. I can't lay down and I can't straighten my leg.
Avatar n tn This new injury is much worse. The knee feels unstable when I try to walk, and it feels like it can't support my weight (I'm slim-average). I have full range of motion, but with mild discomfort. Nothing looks abnormal, just swollen. Since I'm unemployed and lack insurance, resting is all I can realistically do. Once I get a job and insurance, then I can consider surgery, if that's what I need. But, with only rest and home remedies, how soon can I expect to walk again without crutches?
Avatar n tn Just about 2 months ago I began developing strange allergic reactions. They have occurred on my feet, hands, back of knee, upper thigh, lip and now tongue. I have gone to the doctor before and they said it was contact dermatitis. I have not figured out what I'm allergic to yet and am still waiting for a call back from the allergy department. Last night, I woke up at about 3am with a swollen tongue. It really freaked me out.