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Avatar m tn I got all better but 1 week ago i used some baby oil while masturbating which was also was applied while playing analy. Foreskin once again got itchy red and swollen and in addition to that all the anal area is itchy too. I read sth about applying yogurt on my foreskin could make it all better so I did. It feels ok now but the itch to the anal area remains and its spread to the whole buttcrack. Its really annoying and I dont know what to do!!!! Is it a yeast infection???
Avatar m tn Throughout this process I have considered to apply the stretching methods to correct the phimosis problem, but first I need to clear the yeast infection and the puffy foreskin or it won't work. Yes, the white thing is normal apparently thank you for go into detail. Addressing the last part of your reply, when you say apply "Canesten or Neosporin" could I use Polysporin instead? That's what I have only and if so where do I apply on the glans or on the foreskin this time.
Avatar m tn Yeast is fungal, and yes, it makes it even more likely to be a fungal infection.
Avatar m tn Last night tho, it was just really itchy, and i noticed that my foreskin is very swollen. Now that i think about it, this started when i went to ukraine last september. Ever since then, my foreskin has been secreting a lot more of that colorless fluid. I remember this happening to me when i was a child and my doctor gave me a cream and it went away. I was too young to know the name of that creme and my dad is no longer around to tell me what that was. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn He asked me right away if i had a yeast infection due to the fact that he had a similar reaction to his x wife when they had sex and she had a yeast infection. I checked all the sites for yeast infections and what they look like on a male etc but nothing looks anything like this. it;s not raw but it was hurting to pee when it was swollen. We are both very clean ppl. no std's . can you give me an idea of what it is. I am currently taking a yeast treatment to be on the safe side.
Avatar f tn I noticed that the foreskin had swollen slightly over the top side of the glans shortly after I masturbated. It didn't cause any pain, and felt like a buildup of fluid, so I assumed I went too rough on the poor guy and it was swelling due to irritation. The swelling went down considerably by the next morning, but after sitting on the toilet, I found it had become even more swollen than before.
Avatar m tn It's been a week and my symptoms improved but have not gone away. The red/swollen meatus is still there and there is still a little redness in my foreskin (the part is located near the opening when folded over when flacid). Basically the consistent symptoms are the meatus/urethra, while the skin problems seem intermittent as they respond to cream.
Avatar n tn Hi, i have recently masterbated quite a bit, and one day discovered a dark yellow stain on my underwear, and from further observation, i have found that the stain resulted from a discharge that came from either under my foreskin or possibly the tip of my penis. Also, my foreskin seems to be a little swollen and red. My penis is somewhat more red than usual, and it sometimes iches during the day. If i stop masterbating, the symptoms clear up in less than 5 days.
Avatar m tn I researched quite a bit, and thought i might have a yeast infection and possible balanitis. I bought over the counter monistat and applied for a few days. The swelling went down and my foreskin began to produce this whitish patch on my foreskin. When i applied the topical antifungal and allowed the foreskin to cover the head overnight, and the next morning when i pull the foreskin back, i have quite a bit of "yeast' or "smegma" covering the white patch.
Avatar m tn I researched quite a bit, and thought i might have a yeast infection and possible balanitis. I bought over the counter monistat and applied for a few days. The swelling went down and my foreskin began to produce this whitish patch on my foreskin. When i applied the topical antifungal and allowed the foreskin to cover the head overnight, and the next morning when i pull the foreskin back, i have quite a bit of "yeast' or "smegma" covering the white patch.
Avatar n tn And recently I developed swollen skin and some other yeast issues. the yeast was cured by using some fungal cream but the swollen foreskin doesnt go at all. It is very thick in the front and very dry.
Avatar n tn I am pretty sure the red rash is a yeast infection, but I am concerned about the swolleness of his penis. Is this a common symptom of a yeast infection? We are treating it with lotrimin spray. He screams with pain if we try to apply cream or put on a diaper. Is there anything else we can do? Thank you..
Avatar n tn i was on leave when i noticed my penis right where my foreskin was (im circumsized) was very swollen and kinda itchy. The next day it went down but was very itchy and red. Now it looks nasty! the skin right before the tip has a nasty rash and is painful. the rash is kind of on the tip of my penis also. there is a white kind of slimey layer on some of the rash also. i have been struggling with jock itch for some time now. also my right big toenail is very yellow.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend has HSV I&II and was recently diagnosed with a yeast infection which she has had to take a few different medicines; first antibitoics Diflucan and now a cream. I had symptoms and went to get a full panel STD check which came back negative for everything, so I assume I had yeast infection too. I do not have insurance at the moment and want to know what I can take to make sure symptoms which have subsided do not reoccur. Can I take Diflucan?
Avatar n tn Based on the sexual events you explained as well as those of who you were with, I would suspect either a yeast or bacterial infection. Yeast infections can be unbearable. Birth control can also cause yeast infections. Bacterial infections can be the same but are treated a little differently. Did your gyn give you diflucan or did you just try over the counter medications? If it does not clear up, I would suggest asking your physician to prescribe diflucan.
Avatar n tn but if so, the blisters would turn into open sores with a day or two, with lots of pain. So my guess is that your penile rash isn't herpes. Maybe a yeast infection, triggered by the antibiotic (that presumably you were prescribed for the UTI). On the other hand, anything that looks normal at first but can only be seen by careful inspection probably is, in fact, entirely normal. So on balance, I very much doubt you have herpes.
Avatar n tn hmmmmm u probably got a yeast infection from her, or a UTI. The penis is very sensible to infections cuz its always wet down there, well humid and since ur uncircumcised its more prone to infections. Its not something out of this world, just go to ur doc and have him check it out, he's prolly gona give u cipro 500mg every 12hrs for 10 days. Im sorry to ask but did u get oral sex from wife?
Avatar n tn Or.....your partner can have a yeast infection and you two keep passing it back and forth, have him checked too.
Avatar f tn hi only testing would confirm but it for sure appears yeast and got irritated from scratching. With all the harsh things your putting on it, its a wonder its not competely inflamed esp with oitment. You might want to talk to your pharmissit about some "cream" that would help if you cant see a doctor.
Avatar m tn On the 17/Jul/08 I had my very first –supposed- penile yeast infection (last sexual intercourse around 25-Jun-08?), saw a GP, he looked at it and prescribed one tablet of fluconazole 150 and Lotrisone cream for 14 days, it cleared it well.. On the 11/Sep/09 I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin for another infection (urine analysis showed bacteria), during which I developed what seemed like slight thrush on the middle of my tongue (still have it, didn’t get any worst).
234669 tn?1189759428 I recently took my 12 month old to the Dr. and they diagnosed her with a yeast infection. She hasnt been on any antibiotics or other meds since she was born. I have never heard of a yeast infection in babies! What could have caused this so i know how to prevent it!???
Avatar n tn To start off, I'll give some background to my situation then describe my problem. I'm straight, in my early 20's, and uncircumcised. I've been having protected sex recently with this one girl. I've been totally careful and I am a very strong believer in using protection every time. Anyways, I had another visit with this girl last week (Wednesday, Aug 29th) in which we had protected sex as usual. The sex consisted of protected intercourse and I received unprotected oral from her.
Avatar n tn i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend (shes clean) about 3 days ago, it went fine but a day after i looked at my penis and on the right underside of the inner foreskin when pulled back is red and swollen, the 2nd day it started collecting puss in the sulcus.. please help because im very confused at the moment, i will go to a doc on wednsday to check.. oh, and also this swollen area is a painful itch.. the rest of my penis looks fine..
Avatar n tn I am uncircumsized and I think that maybe it is a yeast infection. Also, my right testicle is a little sore, has been for weeks.
Avatar f tn Since then iv developed small rash, near the urethra and my foreskin is a bit swollen and itchy. Just when to the doctor prescribed me yeast medication and something for infection causing swelling. My question is with it dry and peel is that a normal thing with male yeast.
Avatar m tn I was dating a girl for a month, one month ago and when I was in her bathroom I noticed Yeast infection medication, so chances are she has/had vaginal yeast infection. I assumed that she has gotten rid of it, since the vagina was dark in colour but nothing else was weird about it. We had unprotected sex for a month. After that, just over a week ago I had unprotected sex with another girl, which did seemed to be slutty. This was Fri/Sat.
Avatar f tn Or, I'm thinking that she had a yeast infection ( she had yeast infection powder in her bathroom counter ) and that maybe I got an irritation or infection from her having a yeast infection ..... some mornings after we have had sex , I never showered and just went straight to work. So with me being uncircumcised and her possibly having had a yeast infection at the same time .... maybe I too got one and or a bad reaction to having it stay on me all day without showering and washing it off.
Avatar n tn Acouple days after I noticed the rash and burning discomfort, my wife also began to experience a burning sensation on her vagina. She took 3-day over the counter yeast infection medicine, and she says that the buring sensation has almost completely gone away. If it was Herpes that I transmitted to her, would the yeast infection medicine that she took aliviate the burning sensation? Could it be that both me and my wife just have a plain yeast infection? Please help!