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Avatar n tn Noe its been about 4 days and the top portion of my foreskin is wollen making it hard to pull my foreskin down. i could urinate with no pain or problem, its just the swell that worries me. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar m tn Hi! Swollen foreskin can be due to frictional injury caused by intense training. It can also be due to balanitis or infection under foreskin. Please consult an army doctor and you are likely to be prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics (both oral and local). However, confirmed diagnosis is not possible on net, so please consult your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar m tn Today when I pulled the foreskin fully back I noticed a patch of redness on the upper part of inner foreskin. My entire foreskin itches at times. And I also have red dots on the glans which disappear upon pressure and reappear few second after pressure is removed. But these red dots are not permanent, appears sometimes and goes away. Please note pulling my foreskin back stings a bit on the frenulum and the outter foreskin usually appears flaky and dry at times.
Avatar n tn My foreskin is swollen and there like yellow liquid coming out from it. It has been like few days I am having this problem and there is pain when my urine hits the skin. please help me. thank you.
Avatar n tn It has been 3 - 4 weeks now that I've noticed the tip foreskin of my penis (not circumcised) is swollen. I have no pain but time to time it swells up and back down. The problem I endure is when I do masturbate it becomes a problem to pull back the foreskin. I'm curious what action or medication should I be recommended. I've tried to be masturbation free for a couple of days and when I do it swells down. Help Doc.
Avatar n tn About a few days ago my foreskin began to get swollen, and red. The foreskin has become so swollen that the urethra meatus is not visible. It currently itches alot, and when I try to put Triple Antibiotic on it, it begins to burns alot. I don't know what it can be, i have researched and found that it might be Balanitis or a fungul infection. I need help in finding out what this can be and if by any way not being circumsized has affected me with this manner.
Avatar n tn i have the opposite problem... my forskin is swallen and red at the tip and will not be pulled back as it pains alot. also i have this white dicharge when the foreskin is opulled back to be cleaned. i am really worried help please. further my sugar levels are extremely high and this only started happening once i found out same. please help.
Avatar f tn It doesn't cause any pain, and can be moved a bit, and it's appearance leads me to think it's a pimple or cyst deep in the foreskin. A couple days after it appeared my real problem started. I noticed that the foreskin had swollen slightly over the top side of the glans shortly after I masturbated. It didn't cause any pain, and felt like a buildup of fluid, so I assumed I went too rough on the poor guy and it was swelling due to irritation.
Avatar n tn And recently I developed swollen skin and some other yeast issues. the yeast was cured by using some fungal cream but the swollen foreskin doesnt go at all. It is very thick in the front and very dry.
Avatar n tn i have taken a 6 day zpac, followed by flucanozole (thinking it was yeast problem) the urinalysis was clear, but im still in real discomfort, as my foreskin is still overly covering my penis and i constantly feel the need to urinate. This has happened repeatedly in my life and its driving me mad, can anyone help?
1365641 tn?1291623743 I have had this recurring problem that affects my interest in sex. Any sort of friction, including masturbation will cause my foreskin to have this burning sensation and it turns red very quickly. If i ignore the pain and continue, the pain will turn into stinging and smarting pain. When I check, sometimes, I detect minor tear at the foreskin joint to the head of the penis. I saw a general practitioner on this and was given some cream to apply at night.
Avatar m tn I do suffer from a tight foreskin but can live with it . however what i find is the day after sex my foreskin becomes swollen and little tiny splits 2 mm long appear which bleed and are painfull like having pins stuck in , especially when passing water ! do i have a problem which means i can only be cured by circumcision ? as above the same symtoms also occur even in periods without sex , ie swelling and cuts !! whats happening !! please ?
Avatar m tn So lately my foreskin has been looking weird, the tip of the skin is swollen, red, tight, looks irritated and is extremely itchy at times. It has only been three days but I am highly concerned. I have recently taken Amoxicillin and I hope that it is some how related to the issue. If any one can give me an idea of the problem that will be great. If you can give me a specific name of medicine or a cream or something to stop the itching and swelling, that will be outstanding.
Avatar f tn My penis is not the same ever since. It has been a week ago today, and it seems like the foreskin is very slightly swollen, and uneven; it covers the gland more to the left now, just enough for me to notice. Of course I have learned a lesson ( perhaps a little late ) and haven t masturbated for a few days ( did do it once a few days ago just to make sure I still could...
Avatar m tn It has been three days since I have been taking the drugs and now my foreskin is very swollen and the blisters are still there. Is there any other explanation to this symptom? I would really like another explanation, it is no use for me to lie about this, but I really think its not herpes because I have been for a year now with my girlfriend and we have loyal to each other. I have been doing research and every reference says that Herpes usually develops within 2 to 20 days after contact.
Avatar m tn As far as I know only one of them was without condoms. Two nights ago as I was about to go to bed I noticed that my foreskin was getting swollen. Under the foreskin I found there was some clear liquid. I wiped off the liquid, but it reappeared again. It didn’t have any pain, smell or colour that was noticeable. When I woke up today the foreskin was much more swollen and it had stuck behind the head of the penis. It looked like a balloon-tire surrounding the head.
Avatar m tn After 2 days I noticed i had a swollen foreskin and there where some white discharge also. Its been two months My forskin is too tight and also has rashes on the tip. Its very painful at times. I have used betamethasone dipropionate 0.05% and Clotrimazole Cream but there is no improvement. I had no problems with my penis before this.
496075 tn?1209650344 and well im trying but problem is i am uncircumsized and as of today i cant pull my foreskin back...its super inflammed and looks a little swollen...what do i do...i seriously cant pull the skin back for the life of me..it feels like a knife is being carved into the skin as i pull it down will this get terribley infected if i go the night with out cleaning...im scared plz help how do i clean it now???? and yes i know i need to be checked out ..
Avatar m tn Woke up this morning, foreskin around penis is all softly swollen, quite large. Soft, pliable. No pain, no problem ruinationg? What is this?
Avatar m tn Any oral sex the other day, it seems the tissue under the skin on my penis, namely under the foreskin, and end of the urethra are swollen. There seems to be no color change, very mild discomfort. I'm on Zoloft as an anti-depressant, which causes ejaculation to be difficult and potenitially rigiorious process.
Avatar m tn Hi, I've been having this recurring problem that every time I have sex or masturbate my foreskin tears (i'm uncircumcised) and becomes quiet tight and swollen to the point that it hard to retract it from my penis head. There is some dryness as well on the broken skin area. Secondly, immediately after ejaculation, there is usually a lot of redness on my penis head and many a times I do see patches or red dots under the outer layer of the penis head as if something is about to erupt.
Avatar f tn I have masturbated today afternoon without lubricant and around 8, I realised that my foreskin was swollen. It does not look that serious. What should I do to make sure it comes back to its original shape? It is my first time experiencing this. Oh ya and before I started to masturbate, my penis was a tiny little bit swollen.
Avatar n tn Hi, Some history: Just to start off with a bit of background to my problem, my foreskin would not retract and so at the age of 18 I saw a doc who prescribed me some steroid cream and told me to slowly retract it everyday. This worked and I've now also gotten over the initial sensitivity of the glans. The doctor noticed that I had a short frenulum and so gave me a frenuloplasty. This was also successful.
496075 tn?1209650344 im scared to death ok well ive been reading that i should keep my penis extra clean...and well im trying but problem is i am uncircumsized and as of today i cant pull my foreskin back...its super inflammed and looks a little swollen...what do i do...i seriously cant pull the skin back for the life of me..it feels like a knife is being carved into the skin as i pull it down will this get terribley infected if i go the night with out cleaning...im scared plz help how do i clean it now????
Avatar n tn i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend (shes clean) about 3 days ago, it went fine but a day after i looked at my penis and on the right underside of the inner foreskin when pulled back is red and swollen, the 2nd day it started collecting puss in the sulcus.. please help because im very confused at the moment, i will go to a doc on wednsday to check.. oh, and also this swollen area is a painful itch.. the rest of my penis looks fine..
Avatar m tn You're not circumcised so that may be the problem. Do you have any problems with your foreskin, is it very tight? If so, it could be causing constant irritation to your urethra when you pull the foreskin back.
Avatar n tn hey i hav a lump similar this but mine is more 2 the side which is provin a nightmare as after i masturbate it seems 2 swell up on the end of my foreskin,had it 4 the past 3weeks after i masturbated 4 a while,it looks kinda like a knot under the skin? any1 hav any advice or any idea of what it is?
Avatar m tn The rash usually presents as a red ring or partial ring around of the opening of the inner foreskin. One time the entire foreskin was red with small red splotches on the glans, but most of the time it is just a partial ring around the foreskin opening. The reason I was so stressed is because a doctor misdiagnosed me as having herpes, which just shook me to the core.
Avatar n tn Hi, My problem is that place my sperm comes out of, that is if im correct the urinary meatus becomes very pronounced almost resembling lips but side ways wif you get what i mean. i did have unprotected sex a few months ago and was tested which resulted in a clean bill of health as far as i know. So im not sure whats causing it to swell/ inflamed , which last after the rest of my penis returns to normal, this also means my foreskin doesn't go back to normal making peeing a messy process!