Swollen foreskin and discharge

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Avatar f tn When my foreskin isn't retracted, I can see that a bit of my prepuce is higher than the other part, because the foreskin is swollen. In addition, retracting the foreskin and the vice versa is a little bit harder now, but almost painless. What do you think ? Is it a STD ? What should I currently do ? I need advice, please.
Avatar n tn I suspect that your son noticed this swelling after swimming, because the sensitive penis skin absorbed water while he was swimming, and that is why it looks swollen. If it still seems swollen when you get home, you can have a urologist look at it, but I would be very surprised if you discover that there is anything you can or need to do. Take care. Dr.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply. I don't have any discharge or skin lesions. However the small lump seen was only after i had sex, then it went off. Presently i keep checking and have realized that since i am uncircumcised my foreskin gets stretched more on right side and the left side is pretty tight. Seems like this might be the reason there might be some blockage while having sex which led to the lump on the right side. Moreover i do feel its still there under the skin but is painless.
Avatar m tn I looked at it and his foreskin was red and slightly swollen. I gave him baths and garlic piils (natural antibiotic). but the next day he said there was pain so I took him to the doctor to get meds. That was yesterday. I gave him his 1st dose of antibiotics at six last night. by 9 the tip of his foreskin was really swollen. I called to nurse on call and she told me what constituted and emergency and my son still seemed fine. the at 3:30 am he started having a bit of smelly discharge.
Avatar m tn I have recently noticed a growth on my Foreskin, I am circumsized, It does not hurt or have any discharge and is slightly firm when squeezed...It almost looks like a small nipple.... I could send a picture to the MD who responds to my posting.... I'm 45 and married and don't fool around so I would doubt it could be a STD.... Thank You....
Avatar f tn Apparently if you gently rinse/wash away (just with warm water) the smegma (waxy white natural secretion that can build up under foreskin) on a regular basis (in the shower or bath) this fluid discharge will decrease or disappear. Of course this entails pulling back the foreskin which can apparently require time and patience; if it hurts, stop and try again later, with gradual progress leading to improved access to the area where smegma is collecting in excess and thus trapping sweat and etc.
Avatar m tn Over the past few days I've had a reddened area on my penis (foreskin, I am circumcised). It appears to be slightly swollen, and from what I can see there is one or more very small bumps. I do not know if this is an STD, or some type of contact dermatitis or eczema from friction, caused by sex, clothing or masturbation. I do have eczema on my hands and legs, and have extremely sensitive skin. I have attached 3 pictures to my profile.
Avatar m tn So far while browsing the web I have not found a diagnosis that satisfies this description. There is no discharge It's not any kind of STD and It doesn't hurt to urinate. I am uncircumcised.
Avatar n tn when i wake up i jack it and go back to sleep then i wake up again and jack it and go back to sleep. now when i fully wake up i notice it was red and a bit swollen around the head and the under the foreskin but with the forskin pulled all the way over nothing visible. now i just thought it would go away on its own. its a about three days, now it just feels uncomfortable doesnt burn when i pee no discharge no fever slight back pain but then again i am a mechanic.
Avatar n tn Did you have a complete STD panel done and also got your urine tested for pus cells. The discharge could also be ‘smegma’. Small glands in the surface of the head of the penis produce cheesy white material (called smegma) that may accumulate under the foreskin in males who have not been circumcised. If the discharge is cheesy white, you need not worry. It could also be due to prostatitis or an infection under the foreskin of penis. I think you should discuss this with your doctor.
Avatar m tn Last night as I was about to go to bed I noticed that my foreskin was getting swollen. Under the foreskin I found there was some liquid. I wiped off the liquid, but it reappeared quite rapid. It didn’t have any smell or colour that was noticeable. So I went to bed a little worried and put some toilet paper around the glance to suck up the liquid. When I woke up today it was much worse and the foreskin had retracted behind the glance (head of the penis).
Avatar m tn my foreskin has become swollen and its very painful....it is even impossible to retract it....I have no burning sensation while urinating....there is no visible smelly discharge from my penis.....its very painful....when the swollen area touches the shorts it pains a lot....this is the first time such a thing has happened....am very scared and nervous ......
Avatar n tn that was a week ago, now theres not that much sensation but towards the end the tip of the penis becomes extremely itchy on inspection earlier the opening in the penis (meatus) is very red and almost swollen and the area around (glans) has a lot of small red spots and scar-like cuts on it. there is still some of the yellow (yeast i presume) fluid under the foreskin which i have cleaned.
Avatar m tn First off about 4 weeks back I noticed that the Dorsal vein under the head of the penis was protruding which it has never done before. It felt very hard and swollen. Anyway I didn't think much more of it. Next thing I know, I have the worst sore throat of my life, so I went to my GP and was diagnosed with Pharyngitis (Throat/Ear infection) and given a 10 day course of Penicillin.
Avatar m tn After 2 days I noticed i had a swollen foreskin and there where some white discharge also. Its been two months My forskin is too tight and also has rashes on the tip. Its very painful at times. I have used betamethasone dipropionate 0.05% and Clotrimazole Cream but there is no improvement. I had no problems with my penis before this.
Avatar m tn I slept with a woman over 3 months ago, and for the past 10 days my foreskin and has been swollen. The head of my penis seems to be slightly affected as well. It started when I had a slightly extended masturbation session about a week and a half ago (like an hour). This has happened a couple of times before but usually it goes away after a couple of days. What's different this time is that I've noticed that when urinating, the stream is not solid. It's kinda spraying a little...
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex a couple days ago, the girl said she had thrush about 5 years a go but that was it. Today I noticed my foreskin was a bit sore and swollen and the head of my penis is a bit red with a few small flat lumps. There's been no discharge so far. I'm not sure if I have caught something or if it could just be sore from the sex. Any help would be appreciated to calm me.
Avatar m tn A week in and I started having this discharge under my foreskin, it was white and chunky and looked like smegma but with clear liquid, it came out after urination. I believe I have phimosis, I'm not able to retract the skin, so I was thinking smegma might have built up and caused an infection. I'm only 17 years old and I've never had sex with anyone so I know for a fact that this can't be an STD. I've never been able to retract the foreskin fully, only a little bit.
Avatar f tn my clitoris is swollen and irratated, and some what dry. it hurts to cross my legs and even walk. ive been just wearing sweat pants. some people have said it may be an STD but i've never had sex, or done anything sexual. i dont know what to do, please help! thanks, :) .
Avatar m tn Meatus was bigger than it was before and it looked inflamated, after ejaculation it gets really big (like puffy lips). No pain, no discharge, no discomfort. The swelling seems to fade with change of temperature and blood circulation. So at times its bigger (eg erection) or smaller. I attributed it to the swab irritation. But in the meanwhile my GF developed some vaginal inflammation.
Avatar m tn I had no discharge or sores but after 1 months and fifteen days my penis was cleared( although everything was cleared with in 2 to 3 weeks but my penis skin was peeled off so doctor advised me to keep applying the cream for some more time because my penis head feels a bit raw after peeling of the skin). I just have one problem that is a bit swollen penis lips with slight pain while urinating and some two or three times in a day and it lasts for 25 to 40 seconds.
Avatar m tn It remains swollen but i don't know if swollen is the right word for it. Its like its protruding and its only 1/4 of my meatus toward the bottom. i haven't had discharge at all except those 2 days. All my std tests where negative and I had a urine culture. I think I will see a urologist but anything anyone could tell me will really help.
Avatar n tn Inflammation has many possible causes, including irritation by environmental substances, physical trauma, and infection by a wide variety of pathogens, including bacteria, virus, or fungus—each of which require a particular treatment. Retract the foreskin daily and soak in warm water to clean penis and foreskin. Apply bacitracin (not Neosporin) for pediatric patients if bacterial infection is suspected. Apply topical clotrimazole for adult men with probable candidal balanitis.
Avatar n tn But don't cause any pain or discharge. There just there. And I'm too embaressed to tell someone and go see a doc. Even though I know they see it everyday.
Avatar n tn Since June I have had irritation around the tip of my penis and a white fluid under my foreskin (almost like semen). In August, I had swollen glands in my throat and was tired for about 10 days. The symptoms were similar to mono but I never went to the doctor. I also tested negative to an at-home HIV test in December.
Avatar m tn On 02/October/08 after stopping the Lotrisone cream for a day, I noticed what seemed like white creamy discharge on the inner foreskin and redness around the edges of the glans, I used the Lotrisone cream and it immediately calmed it down. On 07/October/08 saw another GP, was advised to switch from Lotrisone to Pevaril cream twice a day for 13 days (until 20/October/08).
Avatar m tn The whole head is incredibly painful to the slightest touch, the foreskin/head is much more swollen and there is a lot more discharge. I have no idea what's going on under the foreskin since it's too swollen and painful to pull back. I also haven't gone to the toilet since the urine sample because I know it's going to be agony. Is this normal? Does this sound like a reaction to the medicine? Or could it be this is the natural progression without treatment and the medicine hasn't kicked in yet?
Avatar f tn Where urine comes out is a bump that's red and swollen and its tingling hurting and sometimes it itches not really so is it herpes
Avatar m tn In addition I have pain in the epiditimis (right side only) and joint pain (right side only) mostly in the hip and knee but also the hand back and ankle and this has been getting worse progressively. Most recent tests have also shown slightly raised ESR levels, CRP and white blood cell count normal.