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Avatar m tn Second reason for properly done exchange of bags. Although we went for laproscopic operation, the doctor seems to have used some surgical forceps leading to more cut at exit site and it's still not healed up completely. But a baxter fellow said generally they use something such as 'ROD', instead of forceps, to have a whole for the catheter to come out. But one baxter nurse was present at the time of operation in the OT, I do not know whether she knows about this.
Avatar n tn Hello, I hope you can help me.In March 2007 I had an Inguinal Hernia repair operation on both sides after I had experienced bad groin pain for about six weeks. About three weeks after the surgery, I developed testicular pain in both left and right testicle with the left one swelling up dramatically. After going for a scan it was observed that I had a hydrocele on my left side. Six weeks after My original operation, I was hospitalised after I developed severe pain on the right side of my groin.
1815939 tn?1377995399 // instruments-a-growing-problem-in-the-or Today Investigates: Dirty Surgical Instruments a Growing Problem in the OR A new report suggests doctors across the country are using surgical tools contaminated with blood and other debris and because the FDA doesn't require hospitals to report it, many incidents are unknown. NBC's chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.
1140722 tn?1266356279 Though long-term results are not yet available, doctors believe POSE will be an effective surgical option for patients who need to lose between 50 and 100 pounds. Incision free weight loss surgery is performed under general anesthesia entirely through the patient’s mouth without any external incisions into the body. In addition to the absence of visible scars, this technique results in fewer complications, less trauma, and shorter recovery time.
Avatar m tn i think its excessive what they are trying to charge me, and i was thinking about poping them with a needle and applying a week of antibiotics or something... because the operation basically is to remove the contents of the chalazion and then the curettage, so, by poping them i will be removing the contents but no curettage will be made. I have tried the hot compresses but there isnt any change after 4 months...
Avatar m tn Given the potential problems that adhesions might cause it would behoove you and your pulmonologist to request feedback from doctors who have had extensive experience with this operation. The following is the abstract of a medical journal report of physicians' (in Indianapolis) experience with a relatively non-invasive technique for surgical plication. You might want to share it with your pulmonologist.
Avatar n tn Since I have a back injury, I was quite interested in a TV show within the last year or so, I think it was on the Learning Channel or perhaps one of the Discovery Channels, a documentary about a child who had scoliosis and had the operation you're referring to. You could do a search at their websites and see can you get the video for it.
Avatar m tn The answer is the two professions are complimentary. Square "one" is what is called "conservative therapy". This involves learning how to lift properly, avoiding abnormal lifts (or lifting at all for a while) and avoiding riding in a truck or a car without an inflatable cushion. Avoiding lifting is a MUST. Generally anti-inflammatories are prescribed. In addition maintaining good hydration is recommended.
Avatar n tn If neck lymph nodes are enlarged as a result of papillary thyroid cancer, you will need to have them removed in an operation called a modified radical neck dissection. This operation involves removing the lymph nodes along one side of the neck. After the operation, this area of the neck is usually numb because the nerves to the skin in this area are purposely severed in order to remove the diseased lymph nodes.
Avatar m tn The risk of getting the toric would have been the possibility of the toric rotating out of alignment, and needing another operation to realign, with the attendant risk that goes with any eye operation.
Avatar n tn The doctor's idea of surgery is the best route - I just completed mitral valve repair. Try to find a doctor who can perform an operation called 'minimally invasive video assisted mitral valve repair'. I was fortunate that one of the best practices here in Greenville, NC. Dr W. Randolph Chitwood is one of the pioneers in the field and has the nation's best equipment. He has taught all over the world and chances are that a doctor in your area can perform this procedure.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm looking at a possible lung cancer (never smoked, though, or been around smokers; it was picked up when I had pneumonia last Nov & hasn't changed despite antibiotics). May 5th, the lung surgeon is planning to do a wedge resection, and if necessary, a lobectomy.
Avatar m tn so if there's no requirement, then I just wonder why not. Anyone who's getting a surgical procedure on their nose to request a CT scan (Big word meaning Xray) from their doctor and do their homework. CT scans allows the Doctor to explain in detail what he proposes to do and to explain it in an understandible way for the patient. It's a few hundred bucks vs, going through the surgery for a few thousand (all covered by insurance). I just don't consider any surgical procedure minor.
Avatar f tn Umbilical (around the bellybutton) can cause abdominal discomfort. Surgical repair is generally avoided unless there is severe pain suggesting the intestines or tissue may be pinched or twisted along with a persistent bulge from the hernia. Best of luck to you and your relative!
Avatar f tn Your past surgery might not have caused you these chronic headaches directly but post surgical stress you undergo can be the cause. Since you are not getting a permanent relief from headache, you need to get investigations as to know the probable cause and plan for the treatment thereon. Are you on any medication currently? Keep posted of your doctor visit and advises. Take care.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was diagnosed with chiari and syrongymalia (2 syrinxes) in August 2009 and had the decompression straight away as it was so severe, but then I got worse and my dura patch got infected which gave me meningitis, so was on a drip of anti biotics for 5 weeks then they decided to repeat the decompression to remove the dura patch and replace it with a part of my brain, I can't remember what part now, but then I got hydrocephalus so then they inserrted an vp shunt, was back home for 5 months b
Avatar m tn Following the surgeries I felt like my intestines were bruised. The doctor told me to give it sometime as during the second operation he noted the right side was bruised internally. 10 months later I have debillitating pain stabbing me in the waist and shooting into my testicles, they do not appreciate this. If I hit the spot in the shower, take the stairs, hit a bump driving it hurts insanely bad.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm looking at a possible lung cancer (never smoked, though, or been around smokers; it was picked up when I had pneumonia last Nov & hasn't changed despite antibiotics). May 5th, the lung surgeon is planning to do a wedge resection, and if necessary, a lobectomy.
233488 tn?1310696703 a physician Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy that has been to medical school, medical-surgical residency and in many cases taken a special surgical fellowship. Ophthalmologists provide a complete range of medical and surgical services. Eye MDs must be distinguished from non-physician optometrists (OD) and opticians). This discussion is not meant to be encyclopedic nor to give you “the answer.” As stated previous “the correct” answer will be different for different people.
Avatar m tn I just cancelled the operation scheduled out of fear of the outcome since if I lose the 8/10 vison i know have i wont be able to work ( in front of a computer the whole day). I am seeking other opinions, one stating that foveoschisis should be observed until it causes a retina detachemnt or vision deteriorates to 3/10.
Avatar n tn With my case, is timing a big issue? Should I have an operation as soon sa possible or I can wait several week or a month to get second opinion and more tests or see other doctors? Very nervous about all the bad test news puring on me. Your help is most appreciated.
Avatar m tn This is making everything worse I can tell, I’m scaring myself out of doing it. I had to call the surgical booking to see what time my surgery is, and it is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow yikes. 8:00 p.m. the night before, my stomach has been upset and I been cranky all day from reading about other people’s pain. Few more hours and I will find out if it’s as bad as they say.
1539238 tn?1292865243 Question: For the last six months I have been diagnosed with primary HPTH due to high calcium (10.4 - 10.8) and PTH 88-110, vitamin D 10-11; Finally I was sent to a surgeon for removal of the parathyroid adenoma (s), the Sestamibi did not show adenoma...scan done at the Veterans Hospital ....and was poor. Thyroid still lit up on second set of film so no adenomas could be seen, so then they said, well you have four gland hyperplasia...
Avatar f tn What are the benefits of having the operation? What are the risks of having the operation? All surgeries come with risks for bleeding, infection, reactions to anesthesia, and other negative outcomes. Be sure you understand all of the possible complications before you consent to have any surgical procedure. Talk to your surgeon about any side effects after the surgery, like swelling, pain and how these will be managed. What if I choose not to have this operation?
Avatar n tn Please look into intraperitoneal hyperthermic Chemotherapy. It is a surgical technique in which they put the chemotherapy agent ten times as strong and heated (heated is also more potent)directly into your peritoneal cavity. This is a new procedure that can be used for women with late stage ovarian cancer. I was only a 1c, because my 13cm tumor burst into my abdomen so that is why I had the procedure performed it is really quite an advanced treatment. My doctor's name is Jay W.
Avatar n tn Laser treatment to break them up has not proved useful and an operation called a vitrectomy to remove the floaters is far too risky to do for routine floaters. As the vitreous strips off the retina in some cases it will 'snag' the retina and jerk on it. The retina responds to pressure with a flash of light. Because the retina is so much more sensitive to light (and pressure) when dark adapted the floaters are usually seen at night and in the dark.
Avatar n tn I typed a lengthy reply and between getting used to a new keyboard and sporadic internet access, I lost most of it. So let me start over. You are right to be concerned about the treatment recommendation since hysterectomy is one of the most overused surgeries in a number of countries. Ditto for ovary removal. Also, it is one thing to have an unnecessary surgery but much worse when that surgery is medically proven to do more harm than good in the great majority of cases.
Avatar n tn As said above there is a learning curve and you would ideally like to have a surgeon with a 100 eyes using these techniques. That being said the standard cataract operation using monofocal IOLs is an enormously successful procedure and the incidence of complications is less than 1%. It is also a huge bargain as in most metropolitan areas a cataract/IOL plus 90 days of care costs about half of what dentists charge to put on a crown.
442027 tn?1209869942 00am I'm having everything out. I want to CANCEL for fear of all I learned. I heard this video about the things that happen from having a hysterectomy at this website: I need to know what to do. Hearing about taking vital parts out that support other organs and causing everything to shift and move and create other issue's has me SCARED TO DEATH. Can you help me with the reasons why SO MANY women DO AND SHOULD have Full Hysterectomys?????
Avatar n tn And I suffer from attacks, not sure why I have them but the docs think its nerve damage... Here is a link to a video my wife took when I was having one so I could show the doctors because they were telling me they have never heard of it... The attacks started out only two a night but soon got to seven or more... it was unbearable I even asked my wife to shot me one night...