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Avatar n tn i was diagnonised with migraine headache.sometimes when i dont take the tablet at night before sleeping i wake up with a headache.i get severe attacks every 2 or 3 times a month.and the attack can last 2 to 3 days non -stop.thogh i take tablets,so the pain stops on the third day.what should i tired of taking tablets.
Avatar n tn These include Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) or aspirin to help relieve mild migraines and combinations of acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine specifically meant for moderate migraine attacks (Excedrin Migraine). The drug of choice however are triptans such as Sumatriptan (Imitrex), rizatriptan (Maxalt), naratriptan (Amerge), zolmitriptan (Zomig), almotriptan (Axert), frovatriptan (Frova) and eletriptan (Relpax).
Avatar f tn Headaches with excruciating pain in vicinity of eye may be caused by cluster headache. This is one type of primary headache which is often associated with migraine headaches also. Pain frequently develops during sleep and may last for several hours. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages or excessive smoking because this can trigger it. Treatment may include oxygen, ergotamine, sumatriptan or intranasal application of local anesthetic agent. Check with your doctor for proper management.
Avatar f tn Am having a throbbing headache along with pain deep down my eyes...I went to see my doctor who gave me other medication and checked for nerve palsy.and said it's nothing but's been 3 weeks since am suffering from migraine ,have been taken migraleve, diclofenac & sumatriptan. Which do give relief but whenever i watch tv or using the computer the headache come back and i feel my eyes tired and aching.Do i need to see an optician or need glasses?
17339814 tn?1489801676 If you have no other SX and your pain is bilateral (both sides) than it sounds more like a nasty headache. There are Headache and Migraine Centers and/or Physicians that specialize in the treatment of Headaches and Migraines. If you are obtaining no pain relief or reasons from your current Medical Practitioner than it may be time to consult the specialists. I'd use your Search Engine to locate information on Migraines and Headaches. There is a lot of information available.
Avatar m tn If it did If he does have chronic headaches he should see a headache doctor. Different types of headaches require different treatments. There are many different types of beta blockers. I don't know what beta blockers you are thinking about that are harmful to liver liver but either Nadolol and Propranolol are harmful to the liver as they are taken by almost all patients with with moderate to servere cirrhosis. Good luck.
2112931 tn?1335102002 I'm going to have my first LP on May 15th and have been reading about taking lots of caffeine as well as drinking lots of water to help prevent the horrible headache that some do get. Since caffeine helps with migraines due to vessel constriction, I was curious if anyone has taken Sumatriptan for that? I have a prescription of that for migraines but haven't taken it yet. Just curious. I will probably just drink lots of water, take excedrin, drink coffee, and lay flat as soon as I get home.
Avatar n tn Only lasts for about 10 or 15 seconds. Afterwards I get a pretty intense one sided headache that I usually can manage by laying down and taking a few OTC pain relievers. But when it hits its bad -- I have had to grab on to my desk at work. Id this a symptom of migraine or another symptom af an aura?
Avatar f tn None of these gave me complete relief, and often made my headache worse. I was amazed when Sumatriptan came out in the 90's, as this is the only medication that really works for me. I take it in the form of Imitrex and Maxalt. I wish you and your son the best.
Avatar f tn still suffering from dizziness alto not quite as severe, but this weekend developed what can only be described as the worst headache of my life, over right eye and temple, waking me in night from sleep, pressure/pain in eyeaball, intermittent swollen eyelid and redeye for one hour, pain was excruciating and lasted for four days. Had emergency appt with neuro who has diagnosed Vestibular migraine, altho none of my symptoms really match the required for vestibular migraine.
Avatar m tn Sometimes, another primary headache- tension headache, may occur together with migraine, especially if you have had emotional stress for the past weeks. Try to rest, relax and manage the stress at this point. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I am a 28 year old female and have had a few health problems in the past. I have graves disease with was treated with radioactive iodine in 2006. Now I have an underactive thyroid gland, which I am taking 150mcg levothyroxine to treat. I suffered from glandular fever in 2007 and shingles in 2005. In October 2007 I went for a routine eye test and was told myy eyes were except I had a slight deterioration in one eye, my prescription wasn't changed.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had success with Zanaflex as a migraine or chronic headache preventive? If so, what dosage worked best, and with or without food? Also, how long did it work for you? I am specifically interested in preventing migraine/headache pain that comes on mostly while asleep (3-5 days a week). Sumatriptan (Imitrex) is an effective abortive, but tends to cause rebound headaches.
Avatar n tn Hi, What medications did you take for your headache? Are you able to identify a trigger? The headache does appear to be migraine but a clinical examination is important to rule out other causes. I would advise you to schedule an appointment with a neurologist. Meanwhile if the headache appears please lie in a dark quiet room, apply cold compresses and take OTC pain killers.
Avatar f tn hello... ive been believing that i have migraine for quite a long time now. pain on one side of the head, usually the right side, that starts from the eye, then goes down to the jaw, back of the head, same side. before i took dolfenal 250 and now that im here in uae, im taking ponstan 500. that's the prescription of the physician that i consulted. along with taking the medicines, i sleep and most of the times i put cold pack on the headache.
783371 tn?1237891061 Its generally Pulsating/ throb. headache sometimes worse, but never goes always, it is daily headache from the onset, no change in nature of headache for last 10 years, no sinus problem , No overusage of analgesics medicine as have not used any medicine for last three years and tried message therapist ,aqua pressure, acupuncture , but again no change in nature of headache. Affecting my concentration & career as it is persistent headache daily always for last 10 years.
411939 tn?1281602044 00 p.m. and the hangover lasted into the next day) Note re: symptoms: have been fighting a cold/sinus infection for the past two weeks; ears clogged up today after the migraine; shaky around 12:00 - migraine side effect or due to not having eaten breakfast or lunch yet?
Avatar n tn a standard migraine medication by injection such as a triptan (specifically Sumatriptan) or an ergot alkaloid (usually DHE); an opiate such as morphine, hydromorphone or Demerol; and an antiemetic such as Metoclopramide. If the hospital gave you the antiemetic Zofran and it was not helpful, you might want to suggest Metoclopramide instead (or vice versa). If the hospital gave you morphine and you did not find it helpful, you could suggest hydromorphone instead.
1487040 tn?1288081867 Hi, Even i'm suffering from migraine and cervical spondylosis. I'm having pain similar to migraine. I'm not able to differntiate on whether i get headache due to cervical problem or cervical problem due to head ache. Also dr, can you please tell me on what will be the treatment for cervical spondylosis with migraine?
621465 tn?1221541188 Several days ago I was trying to rest off a migraine headache. I had not taken any medicine for it since most pain killers upset my stomach, and it was already mighty upset. I guess I got up to go the bathroom and fainted on the way. My sister found me face down in the hallway, and she said I was non-responsive for about 5-7 minutes after she found me. At first I refused to go to the ER because the ER is bright and noisy, but eventually I let someone talk me into going.
1635132 tn?1305067530 But I have noticed that when there is wind, whether here or in the high desert, I am more likely to get some sort of headache or migraine. I used to get them a couple of times a month. Since menopause they have lessened, but not stopped. I can't stand the idea of ever having another one like Sunday. Maybe the right kind of depression and or anxiety medication will help me. Thanks for your input.
Avatar f tn It is probably not something more than a migraine... it is usually very rare for someone with migraines to have a migraine-like headache and have it not be a migraine BUT if your migraine pattern changes it is important to go to the doctor to let them know this because even though it is rare, there is still the very small slight possibility that it could be something else if it is different from normal.
1103688 tn?1257898152 Another possibility is a class of medication called the Ergot alkaloids, which were the first line of acute treatment for migraine headache prior to the invention of triptans. A famous migraine medication in the class of medication is called "Cafergot". Cafergot may be an option for you, it contains ergotamine tartrate and caffeine.
Avatar f tn I will say I felt soy aggravated headache in me, though not sure it gave a migraine... I eliminated it for another medical condition I have-IC. Re: the beta blocker -do you have high blood pressure (even episodically) or a somewhat erratic heart rhythm? If so, go for trying the beta blocker the dr. suggested as a preventative, starting out at an extra low dose, since you are sensitive to medications- hopefully you will have a dr. who is sensitive to pts.
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Avatar m tn Have been diagnosed with migraines but the correlation of cracking my neck then having a wretched headache (with migraine attributes--which yours sounds like as well--bilateral/suborbital pain) is just too odd AND Yet occurs too regularly to be coincidence!!! Have you found a solution and/or come across any medical literature that explains a link btw the two?
768044 tn?1294227036 --- IMPORTANT! Go to your nearest hospital immediately or call EMERGENCY services immediately if you experience any of the following NEW and UNDIAGNOSED symptoms: - Sudden pain that you would describe as the "worst pain you have ever had." - Sudden vision change or loss of vision. - Paralysis on one side of your body or paralysis of part of one side of your body.
Avatar f tn Sumatriptan. - Ergotamine tartrate: is sometimes prescribed. - Caffeine (Warning: can also trigger a headache) --- If you are talking about DAILY medication because you get MORE THAN 15 migraines a month, there are 3 types of DAILY medication. They are all PRESCRIPTION ONLY: - Antidepressants. Example: amitriptyline. - Anticonvulsant. Example: topamax. - Betablockers. You must talk to your doctor.
Avatar f tn If they stab you and you massage it and it goes away it is usually tension. If it lasts all day it may be a migraine headache. Since you are still a teenager I don't think you are supposed to take NSAIDs like Ibuprfen. So try two Tylenol and see if that helps lessen the pain. If they last all day or you are getting them every day I would then see a neurologist to get a electroencephalogram or EEG to see if it is a migraine.
Avatar f tn Started to get a headache but went away without sumatriptan so that was good. Sleep is messing me up again, not getting enough and getting migraine because of it. Need to talk to psychiatrist again to see if more serouel is needed.