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Avatar n tn hi, im just wondering what i can do while taking Imigran like can i still drink alcohol while taking them or will it make me sick?
Avatar f tn 2 times in a day, only twice in a week). My mom has her own medical problems, which include migraines, so I'm switching to her neuro. I've been waiting about 6 months for my appointment, which is finally coming up in March. This guy is very popular, so getting your first appointment is a long wait. I used to feel like my migraines were controllable; they didn't own me, I owned them kind of thing...
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed me trazodone hydrochloride for anxiety, sumatriptan succinate for migraines, zopiclone for sleep, I've been told I can take the trazodone with zopiclone, but I have the new sumatriptan tablets, it says in the medical pamphlet that it is an MAO-A inhibitor and can't be taken with antidepressants/anxiety tablets. Would it be ok to take both the trazodone hydrochloride and the sumatriptin succinate together?
Avatar n tn have you tryed sumatriptan for the pain? i have the same thing your describing, but i do have periods of remmission.. maybe only a few hours at the most. for the most part i take sumatriptan for the pain. i have no idea why it works but it works for me. if you've been on it than maybe it doesnt work, but if you havent been on it, ask your doc about it. hope any of this helps!
Avatar f tn There are some types of migraine that present with numbness also and even with the absence of headache and presence of just aura symptoms like sensitivity to light and sound, nausea or vomiting. Was the sumatriptan effective in reducing the pain? Check with your doctor if it does not improve for proper evaluation. Take care always.
Avatar n tn for the past 4 years i have experienced a sharp headache in my front right side of my head after a few minutes it turns into a numbing of my right side of my face. he comes and goes and i get nauses. i take excedren and it helps a lil. should i be concerned?
Avatar n tn Apo-Indomethacin and Pms-Sumatriptan was prescribed to me by my doctor. I am also on progesterin to help reduce the amount of headaches, I have been using nasal sprays as well. Month six, no change. Blood tests shows no diabetes, Thyroid, liver or kidney problems. I have been sleeping about 13-14 hours a day. I have a swollen gland on the left side of the back of my neck and has been swollen for about five years, I don't know if it is related.
Avatar f tn I should also note that the very first time i started getting these facial pain attacks, my first doctor thought it was migraines and prescribed me Sumatriptan. And the sumatriptan did take the pain away. And I have learned that sumatriptan helps with cluster headaches. Is there any other trigeminal neuralgia sufferers out there, who suffer the same symptoms as I do? Help me please I am very confused about this condition!!! Sarah.
Avatar f tn Hi.. daily simple activities and everything can be trigger for me. Once I'm awake in the morning migraine alredy started. Cold winds, aircon, dust, perfume, rains, heat, heater, humidifier, lights, food smells and many other things... everyday at least I have two triggers and sumatriptan help me so far together with topamax and many other beta blocker medicines..I've not try botox yet...
Avatar m tn Alcohol can be a headache trigger for many people. It is for me. I don't find that all types of alcohol triggers my headaches. Wine always triggers my headaches, and does for most people... so wine would probably not be better. Beer is another big headache trigger. BUT! Everyone is different. If wine doesn't trigger your headaches, then... you can drink wine without too much worry as long as you don't drink enough to get hung over the next day, right?
Avatar f tn Hi Jenny, I went to see my GP this morning and he has put me on sumatriptan. I took one and got quite a tight chest and throat and felt a bit dizzy but after an hour that subsided. I still have my headache but the dull throb definately has improved, thanks for the suggestion. I have also been put on 900mg of gabapentin and I have to see him again in 2 weeks. If there is no improvement with that then I have to see my neurologist again.
Avatar f tn I would like to know how long after taking Sumatriptan/Imitrex could any drowsiness side effect be considered to have worn off for when I get a migraine away from home and have no reasonable option to get home without driving myself. A few years ago, I got a migraine while some distance from home. I do not drive with a migraine.
1102283 tn?1257817472 But, for cost reasons, fill the generic Sumatriptan tablet prescription first! (as long as the doctor at the clinic agrees) And, try to get samples of what ever triptans the clinic has to hand out if possible, regardless of the brand.. all triptans have been proven effective in clinical trials, so they are all worth trying as long as your doctor agrees, especially if it is a free sample.
Avatar f tn For the past 11 weeks i have been getting daily (some times more that once a day) headaches which at best can be described at feeling like I have been shot in the head just above and behine my ear and at worst in my head, into my ear and right down to my neck and sholder. I have been to the doctors 3 times but they just keep telling me to take paracetemol/codeine. Ordinary pain killers dont help.
Avatar m tn The only thing that seems to work in any way are the Sumatriptan tablets, presumably because they shrink the blood vessels meaning he doesnt get the swelling and therefore no pain.
Avatar f tn I get a serious migraine every October and March that has to be handled with 1 to 2 rounds of steroids each time (the sumatriptan and daily preventive medicine are not enough) and alternative therapies like acupuncture and applied kinesiology. I eat an autoimmune paleo diet and it still doesn't prevent/reduce these migraines episodes. My question: Is there a seasonal component to these migraines?
Avatar f tn Can a (OTC) Optical Coherence Tomograph picture cause eye pain and headache after the test is complete? If yes what is the care prescribed to patients for relief?
Avatar f tn I am now taking sumatriptan injections which masks the pain and also have gone oxygen. I am still suffering daily and have had no success with any medication . I am still under a neurologist who are still not sure why I am getting these horrendous headaches , I have told them I get them when hot . My body overheats and doesn't cool like my temperature gauge is broken.
518798 tn?1295212279 HOWEVER, the tablets take an hour to work as compared with fifteen minutes for the injection. I get a migraine every day, and as soon as I feel it coming on, I take a sumatriptan tablet. As you might guess, I too have been wondering if I am dependent on the medication! I would like to hear from others who use it as often as I do.
1761287 tn?1313824787 Migraines usually respond to both preventive and acute medications as well as avoidance of triggers. If Sumatriptan does not work all the time, you need to inform your doctor for proper manageemnt. There are plenty of migraine medications available and sometimes you need to take several to determine the best medication for you. You may also benefit from evaluation by an ENT doctor to rule out ear issues as well. Biofeedback mechanism and other relaxation techniques may also help.
2124631 tn?1335166144 It is the med that my HA specialist put me on and every time I take it I have this horrible burning sensation, tightness and stiffness from my head down my shoulders and arms. It is so bad, I would almost rather have the HA, than this pain.
Avatar f tn I actually dont drink alcohol and dont smoke (due to religious matters).I always have these types of migraine/cluster headaches around AF (periods). Not sure, why but I sleep like I normally do and just before having the headache I get restless and sleepless. Its even more difficult to treat it in early stages since I dont have any clue when the headache people can if they follow an aura and headache.It just could be hormonal imbalance/stress.
1487040 tn?1288078267 Cervical spondylosis is usually caused by chronic wearing away of the cervical spine and may lead to nerve compression over time. Aside from neck pain and loss of sensation, headaches, particularly in the back of the head may also be present. These symptoms my get better with conservative measures such as medications, physical therapy, and cortisone injections.
621465 tn?1221537588 ve gone longer with less) and pain? Or should I be worried that there is still something else wrong, and that it might happen again? I try not to bother my GP too often, and he already knows about my migraines... but if it's something that isn't related to migraine and was just a coincidence, then I should go see him.