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Avatar n tn I have always had strong smelling vaginal discharge that regularly smells strongly of ammonia. Over the last year I have noticed that the discharge has begun to stain my underwear as if I have spilled bleach on them. I am 21 years old and this is worrying me! Has anyone else had these symptoms?
Avatar n tn Hi I am 20 years old and ever since I can remember I have had a strong sometimes sour sometimes fishy smelling discharge. When it dries it dries a yellowish white color. I wash everyday with soap and the smell and discharge will go away for a little while but always comes back. It is to the point where I feel hopeless. I want to talk to my ob about it but I am scared. Can someone please help me! Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have all of these symptoms....bleached undies and strong smelling discharge. I am also very prone to UTIs and I have an IUD. Next time I go see the doctor I am definately talking to him about it.
Avatar n tn I had Mirena placed in December 07 and almost immediately I had this foul smelling discharge at random times. I went to the gyno and he swabbed and said everything is ok. Well the discharge continued and then I kept getting recurring bacterial vaginosis which I had to take several courses of anti-biotics. Then in July my period came and then never went away for a month. I had to remove the IUD thinking that it was just because of that.
377412 tn?1283813246 i am 7weeks pregnant and have slight discharge with a very strong smell....
Avatar f tn I just started to realise the smell of the discharge slightly smelling vinegary.
Avatar f tn You don't have an STD it sounds so you need regular gynecological care. BV has hallmark signs of foul smelling discharge and greyish, thin watery discharge. Without those symptoms, I would not worry about BV. I also wouldn't worry about trich which is pretty much a silent issue. What about something like you have a simple (non dangerous and common) cyst in your ovary? That's something most women experience from time to time. It can cause the dull ache you describe.
Avatar n tn Everyone has their own scent, like I said, but it shouldn't be extremely strong smelling or be able to be smelled by other people. I would stop using the soap and stick to just water and see if that makes a difference. Where you do you live? I know in the UK, where I am from, there is a product called 'Balance activ' which can help with this sort of thing and is available to be bought from pharmacies so could be worth looking into something like that.
Avatar n tn Contrary to some of the responses, yeast infections usually do not cause strong odor. On the other hand, your description of "white, lumpy" discharge sounds more like yeast than anything else. Nobody should use over the counter yeast treatments unless they know for sure they have yeast. You have no way of knowing for sure until and unless you see a health care provider.
15480 tn?1302533402 Last night a couple of times when I woke up my shorts were wet. It was not discharge and it wasn't sweat. Could it be amniotic fluid or could I be leaking urine in my sleep?? I hate to call the doctor because I call all the time!! Please help!!
Avatar n tn I am perfectly healthy, no medications being taken for anything, blood pressure is fine, kidney's are fine, and still I am smelling cigerette smoke for the past 8 weeks, sometimes it gets so strong it almost smells/tastes like ammonia. I am hoping someone Has answers here. I looked up phantosmia, and I am taking it with me to the doctors next week.
Avatar n tn My urine and stool have a strange odor, which smells like a plant in my garden (boxwood)- which has a very strong odor to me, while others do not smell anything. My stool is the consistancy of pudding, with too much liquid in it, and it never gets solid enough to form a mass. My bowel function has ceased to move, possibly because there is no mass for it to move. I have had this condition for about six months. Through extensive tests, my doctor has ruled out any bacteria in my stool or blood.
Avatar n tn i have this discharge everyday, the same fishy horrible odor, and sometimes it smells like ammonia if youput your panties to your nose and smell. i've been to the doctor everything is fine pap smear hiv test no yeast infection she give me medicine that may take the smell away for about a week but then it;s right back agein but the medicine is suppose to make it go away she says.
Avatar n tn The smell is strong. I used to notice it about a half hour after taking my Allegra-D 12 hr. tablets, but now I smell it much more often. Am I going crazy or is there something to this I'm not aware of. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help?
Avatar n tn What I have noticed, and what I have yet to read in my research is that WHEN ANY OTHER SMELL IS PRESENT, I CAN SMELL MY WEIRD SMELL IN PLACE OF IT. So, if a strong smell is present, I smell my smell stronger. It appears the smell comes and goes, but it actually gets triggered by other smells. I have spoken to my ENT and she hasn't got a clue. I wonder if there is some kind of study being done on this phenomenon?
Avatar f tn Bleach/Ammonia smelling pee in pregnant women = dehydration. Doctor told me to drink lots of water the next couple of days and I should see a change which I am already seeing (smelling) The water intake did not help my sleep though....I was up every hour in the bathroom...I guess that is a good sign. Thanks for your responses. I thought I would share the information just in case someone else has the problem in the future.
Avatar f tn It can be very faint, but at times will come on very strong like opening a garbage can and getting an intense wave of bad smelling stuff. I'm also getting a lot more drainage down my throat and have actually had to blow my nose more these last two days than I did the first three weeks after surgery. I have been using saline spray numerous times a day since my surgery, so I can't figure out why I would start having these problems now.
Avatar m tn Pickling and canning salt is the very best, because it doesn’t have any additives (calcium silicate) to keep the salt grains from sticking together. Avoid kosher salt, because the anti-caking agent may cause a strong burning sensation in your nose. The best saline solution has the ratio 2 grams salt for 98 milliliters of water. This is about 78 grams of salt to the gallon. Do the math, and make it practical, it works out to be 10 teaspoons of salt poured into one gallon of distilled water.
Avatar n tn Here are the things 1. You will experience little bit of signus congestion in the mornings 2. Mucus discharge will be there until your body gets rid of toxins. 3. After few days of doing this you will feel like reborn. Time to stop. And by doing this detox you may experience detox symptoms like headache and nausea. So pls dont wry abt that. And also its important to balance your intestine with good bacteria. So taking probiotics is the key for fighting candida and odor.
Avatar n tn The sweat under my breasts smells alwful. Even if I put a clean bra, in a few hours it will be smelling strong. Sometimes the smell reminds me of dry breast milk. Like the smell of your bra when you are breastfiding and some milk drips and you do not have a chance to change it within the next few hours. This smell started about 5 yearws ago, probably in the beginging of my pre-menopause.
1388445 tn?1289270988 Like, if I had a dress it would have puddled the floor a little, or soaked a pad. I have never had any type of discharge like this befor. It is clear and and very thin, like the consistancy of water, infact i almost couldnt tell the difference if i didnt know. It has No smell and No color. It really feels like when my water broke, but I have my tubes tied so.... I Is it possible to be pregnant, or ectopically pregnant? I am just starting to get concerned.
283175 tn?1295540865 dont ask me why I just did... it smelt like ammonia. I had my husband smell to, to make sure I wasn't smelling something weird and he said that it was so strong his eyes almost watered...What can that be from? I had a little of the smell yesterday as well... I plan on taking another one tomorrow hoping for the best... if it comes out negative I dont know what to do...
Avatar n tn Benz_alicia and anyone thinking of doing a cleanse, if you start the cleanse, do it exactly as instructed or at half strength- don't ever do more than the recommended dose- the reason is because Paragone contains wormwood which is very strong stuff. It won't benefit you at all to blast yourself with it (would actually be harmful)- you just have to be patient with it and keep taking it. I am going to give this lots of time and repeat the cleanse at least once more.
1932256 tn?1327949940 It just seems like he'd feel SO much better if he and everything around him was clean and smelling good. All I wanted him to do is get in the dang bathtub while I cleaned his room and changed his sheets. But I guess when put in perspective, has a dirty room and stinky sheets ever killed anybody? I don't think so - LOL. And maybe I will take adavantage of that empty bathtub and jump in it myself!!! (been a while since I've done THAT too!
Avatar f tn i had 3pt on 8/3/09. about 6 days after, i had strong cramps. only thing i could do to help was to sleep. after that, the cramps got lighter and lighter. dr. transfered 3 eggs that were A+, A-, and B+. with my 1st transfer, i had sottiong and blood clots. this time i have no spotting. my breasts were sore at the beginning, but today is day 12pt and my breasts are sore but not as much as they were at the beginning. i am naustious mostly during the day.
Avatar n tn I started to do a bit of cramping on today and saw a little bloody discharge. Wasn't alot of blood. I figure at this point, if I am pregnant, it won't come down too much, and if I'm not, then it will continue to come on down. But I guess I can't really go by that either, cause I know alot of women say that they bleed and still be pregnant, so really I guess it's just a waiting game either way you look at it, right?