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Avatar m tn If I leave the urine in the bowl and leave the bathroom I can smell it wafting from just outside the bathroom door (some 10 feet away from the actual toilet bowl). The color varies depending on how hydrated I am, most recently it's been a pretty normal light yellow hue. It has been occasionally especially turbid. I have been told in the recent past that my liver enzymes were elevated (mostly due to alcohol consumption, 2-4 drinks, usually beer, per day).
Avatar f tn Hi If ur problem is really related to ur feet not urinary. then acco. to me u may have the problem of more seceation of ammonia in ur occurs in sm people bt rare. first aid solution is the, if u rins ur feet in hot water not so hot,for 10 min.before sleeping. it will help u.u can add some common salt to water.or u can rub ur feet with lemon will surely help.
Avatar n tn The minute I had discontined this supplement my perspiration had ceased to smell like a horse, (ammonia). Are you taking and supplements that might be affecting your body chemistry? I think the other person is right in, (just basically), saying drink your water!!! Hope this helps.
152660 tn?1291759171 She's been trying to bury an area of about 6 square feet- pretty much the entire area I cleaned. I'm going to do it again this weekend and got an enzyme cleaner from the industrial cleaning place here in town- I can't find any of the stuff we've talked about on here. It should be a much better cleaner than what I used. My question is that once I clean it, if I put furniture there and stop her from getting to that area or is that just going to send her somewhere else?
258127 tn?1223128840 In the last month, I have begun smelling burning rubber and smoke that no one else can and tasting ammonia. I have severe allergies which lead to chronic sinusitis at least twice a year, if not more. Traditional allergy meds don't always help. (Claritin seemed to help for about a week and then stopped helping.) I have an ovarian cyst.
258127 tn?1223128840 In the last month, I have begun smelling burning rubber and smoke that no one else can and tasting ammonia. I have severe allergies which lead to chronic sinusitis at least twice a year, if not more. Traditional allergy meds don't always help. (Claritin seemed to help for about a week and then stopped helping.) I have an ovarian cyst.
1986676 tn?1329866071 I used to kind of enjoy going to Used Clothing stores, but would never be able to go into one now! I alos keep smelling a strange mildew odor, coming form my side of the bed. My mattress is brand new, so it's not that (I keep smelling, just ot checkm, though) and I smelled my lamp, nope...although, at one point I thought it was my heating pad, but that has dissappeared, and I still smell the old mildew smell waft my way, while I'm in bed.
Avatar m tn like smelling cooking Chinese food while in the shower in the basement and home alone...or smelling ammonia in my shampoo that is so strong it takes my breath away but the next time I use it, it smells normal! I went to the neuro/psych consult mainly because of my speech gp thinks it might be due to the CIS I had in 1993 when I was diagnosed but it only showed up in 2007...she is a little clueless my gp...
Avatar n tn i can attest to the increased STINKY FACTOR, with 'smells'.....if you have dogs....smell thier feet....TRUST ME ON THIS....and also.....if you wear slippers or socks.....BE SURE TO WASH THEM OFTEN.....this may sound funny....and OH IT also is very very, bend down darlin and 'sniff' those socks, slippers, dogs pads......i speak from tramatising experience...... happy washing and deoderising...spl?
Avatar n tn Currently I am having either constipation or diarrhea constantly. Stools are always somewhat foul smelling (almost ammonia like) Arm falls asleep during the night. When I wake up, my arm is sometimes completely asleep. Sensation returns completely within a couple of minutes. I have noticed that I sleep on my arm or hand quite a lot, which might be causing it. Joints seem to be clicking all the time in all parts of the body.
Avatar n tn Alcohol Hangover (formaldehyde from methanol impurity), Robert M Swift, Dena Davidson 1998: Murray 2004.11.17 "One specific congener implicated in hangover effects is methanol, which is an alcohol compound found in alcoholic beverages along with ethanol. The two compounds differ slightly in chemical structure in that methanol contains one less carbon atom and two fewer hydrogen atoms than ethanol.
Avatar f tn I smell odors (bad smelling) that no one else smells. I feel like I smell, my house and anything close to me, but no one else smells it. What is happening? This has been going on for several weeks. It was weeks before I realized no one smelled it. This discussion is related to <a href=''>I smell things no one else does</a>.
Avatar m tn I know in the very old days even before my youth, people used to use bleach for soaking feet, like atheletes (sic) feet. I heard that it used to be in writing on the old Clorox bottles, I don't know for sure but I have done that and it works very well. I haven't treated my HepC yet but if I get the attack of the "itch bug", I'd be open to it. It sounds like a very cheap way to treat yourself and there's very good reason for it to work.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Homemade Carpet Powder You may already know that baking soda works wonders in getting nasty smells out of carpet, rugs, and car upholstery, but the addition of essential oils leaves your home smelling fresh, just like the commercial carpet powders you can buy at the store, only cheaper and much better for you to be inhaling! Mix several drops of essential oil in with a box of baking soda in the container you plan on storing it in (an empty parmesan container is a good choice!).
363281 tn?1518219421 Allergy problems, increase in allergies (number, sensitivity, reactions, lengthier reactions) Back pain, stiffness, tension, pressure, soreness, spasms, immobility in the back or back muscles Blanching (looking pale, loss of color in the face or skin) Blushing, turning red, flushed face, flushed skin, blushing, red face or skin Body jolts, body zaps, electric jolt feeling in body, intense body tremor or “body shake” Body temperature increase or decrease, change in body temperature Burnin
Avatar n tn The only other thing I have heard concerning this, and I do not mean to be an alarmist, is that a smell of something burning can be related to brain tumors. I suppose if you start smelling it all of the time you should probably be concerned.
541196 tn?1293556536 I thought that having Henry (the newest) gone for a few days at the vet getting neutered and declawed would help the situation and when he returned he hasn't been playing much due to his feet being sore. Yet, the peeing and pooping continue! HELP!!!!! It's becoming very stressful!
12773 tn?1328916786 Last time we talked you were cooking up a Thanksgiving storm! I read of the constant ammonia scent you've been smelling as well as the problems you've just now posted. I really don't know if your problems are treatment related or not. It just doesn't seem fair that some thrive after treatment and others do not. You may remember I went through a rather grueling 73 weeks of daily infergen. I'm one who thrived after treatment. I'm so sorry for you Dana. I did do some research.
Avatar n tn I have never had an abnormal pap, never had any burning or itching, just a discharge which is sour smelling at times. Next time you go to the gynocologist ask if this may be why its happening to you. I asked if there was anything I could do but basically he said that this is more of a nuisance than anything and even with getting surgery on my cervix the chance that it could be corrected was about 60-40 and those are not good enough odds for my to have surgery, especially on my cervix.
Avatar m tn If you had no past tests - you could have had HCV any time for any length of time. YES - HCV does cause Neuropathy in some people. I have incredible pains in my legs, hands and feet - lower back and neck - plus connective tissue pains. Whether it was caused by HCV or the TX for HCV - it's really no different. But it is common in patients with HCV. I have been diagnosed with Neuropathy.
Avatar f tn Bleach/Ammonia smelling pee in pregnant women = dehydration. Doctor told me to drink lots of water the next couple of days and I should see a change which I am already seeing (smelling) The water intake did not help my sleep though....I was up every hour in the bathroom...I guess that is a good sign. Thanks for your responses. I thought I would share the information just in case someone else has the problem in the future.
604197 tn?1292308636 This really sucked because my job requires 20% of smelling . I'm a chef. so smelling is pretty important. I went to a ear,nose and throut specialist where I did a smell test in which I bombed. He told me I may never have smell again. I can taste. I miss the smell of grass, food and my sweetie but I'll settle for tasting things. Maybe god can help me with this for I know it's in his power.
Avatar n tn I too have BAD sinus odor. I have suffered for more than a year. At first I kept taking showers thinking it was my body. My grandaughter mentioned I smell like "Poop". I started getting paranoid when I had a temp job and heard a girl say" It smells like **** around here". The other girl said she started smelling it on Monday. That is when I started the assignment. I did not return. Now I have a permanant job and I am starting to hear some comments.
Avatar f tn It can be very faint, but at times will come on very strong like opening a garbage can and getting an intense wave of bad smelling stuff. I'm also getting a lot more drainage down my throat and have actually had to blow my nose more these last two days than I did the first three weeks after surgery. I have been using saline spray numerous times a day since my surgery, so I can't figure out why I would start having these problems now.
Avatar n tn Same problem here. Started 2 weeks ago. The odor that I am smelling is that of fumes. Feels like I am sitting in a closed in garage with a car running. Help!
Avatar n tn Sometimes women can get a fungal or yeast type infection underneath a generous bosom. It does smell. Kind of like feet. Gets worse in the summer, when it is hot. My mom has used baby wipes to "freshen up" underneath, and she has also applied deodorant to the under breast fold. Baby powder with cornstarch may also help.
Avatar n tn damn gurl im the same way i wish i could find the 99% ive always just smelled the 91% since i was about 14 im about to be 20 but its addicting and my boyfriend dosent know either only some friends and ive even got them addicted to smelling it to idk y its hard to stop i just got to smell it evryday i go through 2 bottles a week
Avatar f tn I can remember smelling the newspaper before it entered the house on sunday morning and hurling before the first page was pulled back. this at age 7.As an adult i was given so sort of dye injection for a stress test for my heart and smelling the iron or whatever was in the syringe as it entered my bloodstream.Not only do i smell it i also taste what i smell and the hurl untill i loose the lining of my stomach.After which i get cold sweats and chills for the next 3 hours.
Avatar n tn 4)without deoderant/antiperspirant, my odor is unbearable to myself after 12 hours, a point where i smell like pure funk, (not fish or ammonia, JUST ULTRA CONCENTRATED HUMAN FUNK.) 5) my body is cut, my complextion attractive, I am a fraternity vice president, leader and date the hottest women. my parents are key religious people in my state.