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Avatar m tn HOw frequently does this happen? You describe the smell as being LIKE smelling salts, if I understood correctly? Or, have people used salts on you in this condition? Have you actually passed out...or just felt as though you were going to any minute? Surely sounds like you are experiencing panic attacks, IMO. When was the last time you saw a doctor for a check-up? Since this started, have you been to a doctor?
Avatar n tn hep c - type 1a, viral load over 3 mil, biopsy showed level 3 bridging fibrosis, gi showed no internal bleeding, high levels of ammonia in my blood.I've probably had this for over 20 years and looking back probably started developing symptoms about 5 years ago. I now have diarrea almost everyday, extreme loss of appetite, complete exhaustion, dizziness and confusion, along with abdominal bloating, occasional dark and light stools, dark strong smelling urine.
Avatar m tn if you really think a change in PH is helping, I'd suggest epsom salts, or even an absorbic acid (vitaminC tablet.) may be you are building up salts on your skin as your body tries to excrete toxins from every available avenue. this at least won't destroy all the good bacteria. also, are you hydrating and how is your kidney function? Itching can be worse if either isn't optimal. also, that's why I mix the benydry gel with another lotion...
Avatar n tn although Im sure you can't have too much garlic unless you start smelling, then you better cut back to one or two cloves a day. Also, careful if you're on blood thinning meds (im not) cuz garlic thins your blood a little- that's actually a good thing though- don' t take aspirin cuz it thins your blood too- you can over do that.
Avatar m tn It is saline solution—salt water—which you will make yourself, and administer to yourself in the most effective manner, and soon you will be breathing free, with sinuses as clear as you can remember. Perhaps, you may be smelling things that you haven’t smelled for quite some time. They may be fragrances that you miss, and some of them may be dreadful funks you wish you’d never experienced. If this technique does not work, then at least you can narrow down the real cause of your sinus problem.
Avatar n tn chemical (sometimes if they vomit a lot they need rehydration salts to rebalance the system otherwise the body gets in the 'vomiting habit'); alergic etc. Doctors can help you better when you help them because you know the child best.
1932256 tn?1327949940 They always think there is some magic chemical out there that will allow them to sleep through withdrawal and it never happens. If you can get him out of bed, have him soak in hot baths with Epsom salts as much as possible. It really does help; it's temporary but worth the effort. Make sure he has plenty of water available and encourage him to at least sip on it. Gatorade would be even better since his electrolytes are probably completely out of whack from dehydration.
Avatar n tn I made myself 2 glasses of Jaaps health salts and drank them. This remarkably stopped me from reaching the point where i was starting to get the sinking/about to faint stage, and after about 20 minutes relieved me of about 50% of the cramp pains. And within 1-2 hours the pains had nearly disappeared completely.