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350555 tn?1196587877 Well, I feel like I have symptoms of a stroke. Today my left side of my face and my left hand and fingers feel like they are tingling. More like pins and needles. I feel this on the left side of my body. Pins and needle feeling down my left arm, and my face on the left side and cheek is really tingling. I go see the Dr. this next week. I have had symptoms like this before and it comes and goes. I do have an anxiety disorder, but I don't consciously feel as though I'm having anxiety....
Avatar f tn about mid july i started having fatigue with boughts of nausea..later on tingling in my my arms and sharp pains in the back of both calves...later comes pain in my right knee along with tingling in mt head with pressure and numbness and headaches...i went to the doctor blood test are great..i'm scared to death here..please help..could it be me having a stroke?
Avatar f tn Over the past year, I have been experiencing periods where my left side of my face will become numb and tingly similar to when you get a novacaine shot at the dentist. Also my ear feels like there is something in there that is affecting my hearing.I had my sinuses checked and my ENT said they were fine. Recently the symptons have started to come more frequently. The new sympton is the tip of my nose gets really cold and sometimes my ear.
Avatar n tn Lots of tingling and horrible back/neck pain
Avatar f tn Has anybody experienced stroke symptoms? All day Saturday my left arm was kinda numb and tingling and the that night out of no where the tingling went up my neck to my face, my lips and tongue went numd, got hot and my heart was beating fast...laid down and it went away.
Avatar n tn On its own dizziness with bilateral hand tingling is not very suggestive of a stroke and may be more realted to blood pressure, heart causes etc.
1906398 tn?1323301623 today was perfect, no more pain or tingling in the morning
Avatar f tn These do not appear to be symptoms of stroke as of now. Your symptom could very well be due to stress and lack of sleep. However there are other possibilities like B 12 deficiency and thyroid dysfunction which can cause peripheral neuropathy which in turn can cause symptoms like tingling numbness. I would still advice you to get a clinical exam done by your GP and let us know if you have any further questions.
Avatar n tn Pain comes and goes. Tingling increases/decreases but never goes away completely.
Avatar n tn left leg numb, hand shakiness in right hand/thumb again.
620877 tn?1282764097 still have left eye twitching. left arm tingling. fatigue. legs/hips not as stiff & sore.
338734 tn?1377160168 Went to hospital ER due to stroke symptoms. Had CT and MRI as well as bubble echo. Suggestion of shunt. To follow up with TEE.
1166523 tn?1264364643 numbness and tingling in feet, tremors in hands...hard towalk even with crutches..
1654941 tn?1323045664 Bbs full headache when I woke up 98.5.
Avatar n tn Agree to test cholesteral based on history of stroke symptoms
248167 tn?1220363690 The symptoms and signs of TIAs are similar to those of stroke. For example, numbness or tingling or weakness of one side of the body, difficulty speaking, difficulty with grabbing objects (i.e., difficulty controlling where hand goes), vision changes or loss, asymmetry of smiling, etc are all presentations of stroke. Stroke is a neurological emergency. The treatment for stroke is time based. Thus, if a person has the symptoms of a stroke, they or someone else should call 9-1-1 ASAP.
Avatar n tn The causes of stroke may be atherosclerosis, thrombosis or aneurysm rupture.. Symptoms after stroke mostly include - numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg on one side of the body , confusion, trouble speaking, swallowing, seeing , trouble walking, dizziness , headaches .Symptoms of stroke may or may not last for long . Proper rehabilitation may relieve the symptoms within a few weeks to months .
Avatar n tn I am a 26 year old female and have been having tingling and "electrical sensations" throughout my entire body for a few weeks now...well today i have been experiencing slight nausea and alot of lightheadedness that feels almost like my head is very heavy. Nausea seems to get worse when i move my head around? anybody have any insight? It's really scaring me!
Avatar f tn t say how old you are, but regardless of age, these are not normal signs and may be TIAs or transient ischemic attacks or what some people call mini strokes or stroke warnings. They can also be symptoms of other things that can involve your neurological system. If you continue to have symptoms and they get worse, please get to an ER whether you like doctors or not, as if it's a stroke, the earlier the treatment, the better the outcome.
Avatar m tn However the possibilities include stroke, migraines and neuralgias. Stroke is usually associated with other neurological symptoms also like blurry vision, dizziness, weakness and numbness in extremities. But the possibility cannot be ruled out completely. Please consult a neurologist at your earliest. Take care!
1230582 tn?1268064522 Lots of tingling down heels. Shaky and slightly twitchy inside. Week and unstable especially in line up situation. Some tinnitus. Head feels full- not really headache, maybe fog? Lots of tingling down the legs.
667923 tn?1421462724 I have been experiencing intense pain,numbness on the whole left side of body. The weakness has been so bad that I can't even move my left hand or foot.I felt like a 40lb. weight was laying on my hand and foot to keep it from moving. I felt like I was having a stroke and after doing research on it, I did. Maybe it was an Ischemic attack or TIA. I have had 3 or 4 of these attacks and don't want to wind up having a full blown STROKE.